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How Beets Changed My Life

If there was one thing I hated as a kid, it was beets. I couldn’t stand the look of them. Or the taste of them… although, I’m not sure I remember ever actually eating one. I just knew I would hate them.And so, my whole life I’ve held to the belief that I hate beets. Until recently. I was at one of those huge salad bar restaurants and there they were. My husband loves beets, and he was heaping them onto his plate.”Come on, try one. You’ve never even had one, have you?”, he cajoled.So, I did the unthinkable. I ate one.And it was good! To think I’d been missing out all this time just because of a stubborn opinion I’d formed as a kid.So what does this have to do with working at home? My point here is that I once felt the same way about home business opps.When I first quit my job to stay at home with my kids, I wanted only to find a telecommute job. No business opps. No Network Marketing. No way. For reasons that escape me now, I had no desire to start a business. In fact, I had a negative impression of business opps in general. I thought most of them were thinly veiled pyramid schemes (even though I’m not sure I really knew then what constituted a pyramid scheme).Eventually though, I succumbed to one of those “Mom’s Needed!” ads and I signed up with a –gasp– Network Marketing company. I liked their product, which had educational value for kids and I actually made a little bit of money. In fact, this is where I got the money to start my current business, 2Work-At-Home.com.In the beginning, my husband was beyond skeptical (yet this was the very same person who convinced me to eat beets….), but after a year of toiling my efforts were really starting to pay off.I was able to pay bills. I was even able to start getting some of those extras that we wanted.So, here I was a home business owner, even though I had started out with the firm and non-negotiable goal of securing a telecommute job. And you know what? I think I’m much happier running my own business than I ever would have been working for a company.Who’d have thought that beets could change someone’s life?

Visualisation and Your Home Business

My first experience of using visualiation successfully was when I was employed. It was not something I had read much about, nor consciously practised. It happened qu black porn ite by chance, and it was only many years later that I realised what had happened.I was on a week long management training course, surrounded by some very bright, mostly younger, sparks. On about the third day, we were given an exercise to do. It was an individual exercise; each one of us had to think about, and then write down, what would be our perfect day in 5 years’ time.What all this had to do with management training I was not sure. In fact, I’m still not sure to this day. But, it was something I was quite happy to do. I have a strong imagination, and this was an “easy” exercise to do. We had an hour, so no rush; I just let my mind flow. It was quiet, as everyone else was doing the same.I sketched out honestly my perfect day. I was living near the sea, and had control over my own life. I was not employed, I was self employed. Goodbye career; that was not given one second of the perfect day. It was quite a relaxing sort of day, but I was working at home. I stopped when I wanted and strolled around for some exercise and air. My beloved sea was always in sight.What shocked me about that exercise was, that when I read back what I had written, it bore no resemblance to my life at the time I did the exercise. My life 5 years ahead, on my perfect day, was transformed.It was only some time after what I wrote down became a reality, about 5 years later, that I realized the possible significance of that exercise. In that short time of concentration, had I given enough instruction to my subconscious to ensure that I would go on and achieve that perfect day? I cannot know for sure, but I have no need to. It is enough that it happened.By all means, try that exercise for yourself. Give your mind the freedom, and do not allow anyone else to read what you have written.If you believe that what happened to me then was not pure chance, and you have a home business you want to succeed in, why not apply similar visualization techniques to your business? There is no need to follow a specific formula, you can adapt to your own needs. Try the following:1. Find a quiet place and time to think in broad terms about how you would want your business to turn out. Once you have a clear vision, write it down. Visualise it as you write it down. See yourself as you would hope to be when the business is a big success.2. Think of the major barriers to your success, and write them down. Then, for each of those barriers, visualize how you would ideally break down those barriers.3. Think of the new skills you need to acquire to aid your success. Write them down, and visualise yourself as being in command of those skills.Once you have completed your list, hopefully you will have 6 – 8 items. Now read through again, and rewrite them until they are worded as positive statements. Uncertainties, like “I may”, should be avoided. For example, instead of “I may be good at using a word processor” write “I am good at using a word processor.” There is a certainty about that, which you want your mind to get used to.When you are happy with your list, get into a routine of going through it very day. Early morning, lunch time, and evening before bed, are good times. Read the list to yourself, visualise for each item one at a time, and repeat up to ten times, more if you have the time. Concentrate as hard as you can with the visualization, it is like you are drilling deeper into your subconscious.Since I moved to Palawan in the Philippines, I have come to think of visualisation as like going for a walk in the jungle. If it is unfamiliar territory to you, somebody will usually walk ahead, hacking down any obstructive plants and tree branches. They are clearing the way to make it easy for you. If you do that every day, the path becomes well trodden, and eventually you can just stroll through with ease without anyone clearing the path ahead for you.Visualisation can be used to clear the path to the future you desire, and any detailed aspects of that future. Each time you practice the visualisation as I have described above, you are making it that much easier for yourself to walk that path to success in the future.

Start A Business For Under $100

There are a multitude of magazines and websites devoted to the sprit of Entrepreneurs, who by the way provide almost seventy percent of private sector jobs. The dream of almost every employee is to fire their boss, and start a business of their own. The best part about this dream is that it can be accomplished, and most ventures can be started for less than $100.The hardest decision to make is which business opportunity to start, because there is an abundance of proven business programs at their disposal, one night of watching late night television will prove this point. But, they have to ask themselves are the business programs or just income opportunities that may only last a short period of time, and with the amount of advertising the opportunity receives is everyone watching the same program.An Income Opportunity is basically the ability to take advantage of a cookie cutter method of generating income, and very rarely is there the need to establish a business presence or identity. Because of this fact, there is no need to obtain employees. Whereas a Business Program is set up as a separate entity used as a means to provide employment for the owner, and any employees they may wish to hire. A true Business Opportunity provides the best of both worlds, by combining the opportunity with the program.To illustrate this point, Consumer Mortgage Reduction Service provides a business opportunity that can be started for under $100 through their website at http://www.consumermortgagereduction.com, which gives the entrepreneur the choice of operating with or without hiring employees. Plus, the service the owner of this type of business provides is in great demand, because it demonstrates to homeowners how they can save thousands of dollars on their mortgage, while building equity in their home up to 300% faster.Now that cartoon porn you have the idea of the differences between an income opportunity and a business program, it is time to choose the business enterprise you want to start for under $100. This decision is based on several factors the most important being, will you be happy operating this type of business? The fact is that if you do not like what you are doing, you will not succeed at it, and the business will become another statistic.The object of finding a good business program to start is that it will teach you all you have to know about getting the business up and running, so no need to waste time discussing all the details involved with starting a business on a shoestring budget. Just be sure that you choose a business that will be able to walk a first time entrepreneur through the steps of starting a successful business, and provide support to help them succeed.To start on the road to success pull out you favorite entrepreneur magazine or go to a search engine and type in “Business,” Under $100, and a multitude of offers will present themselves. Remember, the hardest part is not finding a business opportunity, it is making the decision to venture out on your own, but if you are not ready to devote yourself full-time to running a business, many of the programs can be started as a side venture in your spare time.

10 Best Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Home Business

Picture this!When your neighbor must wakeup early morning and run for their live to avoid get angry for their bos, you can wake up what ever you want and go to your office without worrying about what the “BOS” said.Or maybe, when they mass up with their work and they scare to dead that they will get fired, you can just relax that you won’t be on their place.And how about not to worry about “pay the bill?” long vacation 4 times a year with your family? And the best part is, what do you think that you can have six – figure income?WOW, it’s all sound to good to be true??? Well my dear… The GOOD NEWS is, “That is Possible! Your dream may come true!!!”I won’t lie to you, by saying that build a home business is easy, HELL NO! It’s not! I’ve been there! After decide to start, I don’t have a picture where to start, no clue who will buy my product, got headache about building the traffic, advertisings, etc…But all I can say that all the trouble is worth it!! Ask all “guru” about online business, I bet they will say the same, it’s not easy, but now all worth it, and they can reach their dreamAnd if is it not enough, this is the best reason why you should start to think to have your own business.1. You can start part Time – The best part is, you don’t have to jump suddenly without any safety, you can start it part time, and if after you get enough money to get Retire from your Job, than it’s your choice to fired your boss… but I suggest to start it part time first, so you don’t need to gambling to much, but believe me I know a lot of people who full time in this business.2. Freedom at Time – Just try to speed at last 2 hour a day to build your business, and you can spend much more valuable time with your family or spend it in your hobby, or anything else that you want.3. Freedom at Place – All you need just your PC and Internet Connection, and you can work at any place, your home, your parent house, library, café, etc, it is nice or what?4. Six Figure Incomes – Have you questions this to your self, “I give all my live to my job, but I feel that they don’t pay me enough?” Well, that is a classic questions, but if you have your own business, you will be paid as much as what you give to your job, so the answer is YES it’s possible to make six figure income on online business.5. It’s Cheap – I mean Chap here is, that you don’t need much money to start your business, you can event start it FREE if you join only for the affiliate program or if you want a web site for your own all you need just a domain name (which you can have it for around $9 – $ 20 / year) and hosting fee ($24.95) and you ready to start, compare it with if you have start your own offline office (I have one, so I know exactly..) the office building, the employee, electricity, phone, tax, etc…etc… Can you imaging that? To be honest, if know early about this online business I won’t event think to build my offline business To get more information about that GREAT opportunities please visit http://www.MakingMoneyGetRetire.com6. World Wide – this is another benefit about online business that offline business it’s WORLD WIDE, it’s mean that you may have consumer for around the world, you don’t need to worried about lacking consumer, it’s enough consumer for all, because you have the world! The survey said that everyday around 5,000,000 people have their first time with internet, how about with the people who already familiar with internet and ready to spend their money to buy your product?? Well for me, it’s mean that I don’t need to worry about don’t have enough consumers.. 7. It’s all ready for you – When I try to build my own offline business, one of the main issue is “The System”, the system for training the employee, the system of shipping the product, the system how the client will pay us, etc..etc… If you have your own product and your own website maybe you will still got headache because of that, but if you join one of the MLM program you don’t need to worried about that, I give example from SFI, one of the most outstanding company in internet, all the system from the training until all the resource that you need to build your business are already done for you, all you need just to follow they system, and event if you dream to have your own website but you don’t have the money to pay a webmaster to build your website, I will build it FREE for you for just 24 hours, and Guest what? I also will build the 400 day email marketing newsletter, just to make sure that you don’t need to have a headache with that, just visit [http://www.MakingMoneyGetRetire.com/pips.html]8. A lot of Support and Help – Before I decide to jump in into this business one of my biggest fear, is that I DON’T HAVE any experience on this, I mean NOTHING! So how if I need some help? Where I should start? And thousands other questions, but then when I finally decide to give it a shoot, I found out that every time I need help there always somebody helping me, give me courage, give me millions tips how to start, all I need to do just join the forum that have something in common with my business. And now that after you know me, I’m ready to help you…  just email me at: odilia_paula@makingmoneygetretire.com9. It’s for everyone – It doesn’t mater that you just 18 years old, or maybe 60 years old, are you blonde or brunet, are you disable or not, or any other condition, trust me I know a lot of people in this business get their dream with all the condition that I mention above, all they need just build and stick with their business and they get the success.10. Retire Rich it’s not a dream – I’m not saying that, just right away you join and build your home business, you can get rich instantly and get retire. But after you read this article and visit some interesting site that focusing in home business, you’ll realize that get Retire Rich is not a dream, but it can be true, if only you make a step, and for the start you just can subscribe FREE news letter, at my site and I’ll tell you all about Home Business, just send blank email at : makingmoneygetretire@getresponse.comSo… after you can see all the benefit that you can have with your own online home business, you must be kidding if you said that you don’t start to think about have your own online Home Business, Right???

A Home Party Business Could Be Your Ticket

The home party business (HPB) in the United States is growing and growing! This type of home-based business draws busy moms and housewives as well as professional saleswomen who are tired of the daily grind on the normal business world. The Direct Selling Association estimates that total industry annual sales for this type of business was over $8.5 billion. This figure represents an increase by more than $2 billion from 1998 to 2003. These numbers are expected to soar in the next few years. With more and more women looking for a business to call their own, the HPB industry will continue to grow by leaps and bounds!Operating a home party business (HPB) is simple and easy to get into. Since the 1960s, when Tupperware and Stanley Products held a large chunk of the home party business, this form of HPB remains popular. Most home parties follow a similar pattern. A hostess opens their home to an independent representative. She allows the representative to promote products that the guests can purchase and have delivered to them at a later date. The hostess receives free products just for hosting the party and the representative earns commissions on each sale.There are unlimited choices as to companies that offer sales opportunities for those wishing to start a home party business. Home shopping parties of today offer plenty of fun and chitchat. That’s one reason they are rising in popularity. Another is the great variety of home party businesses that offer a wide selection of products to choose from.Here’s a sample of home party businesses.-Home & Garden Party is a home party business that featuring a variety of home decor items. Available for purchase is quality stoneware pottery, candles, beautiful floral products, and home decorating accessories.-Shavonne Jewelry offers high quality jewelry products at below market prices. There are no significant fees to start selling as there are with many other party-plan companies.-Girls Night Out For Fun is a HP business that specializes is lingerie and other fun items. Its “for ladies only” format is a great opportunity to talk with other women and shop for intimate apparel is a cozy atmosphere.

Image is Everything!

Marketing is an integral part to any business, especially for a Virtual Assistance who has to rely on a professional and creative image. How you get the word out about your VA service can have a tremendous impact on the success of your business. Just throwing together a business card or brochure to hand out, or a quick website is not enough. You need to create a marketing strategy, one that will portray you as capable of creating an image for your clients.Your marketing strategy is all about creativeness and communication. How you communicate your message will have an effect on how you are perceived in the minds of your customers. If your own marketing material is not enough to get the attention of your potential clients, or if they have a negative perception, then how can you expect them to have confidence in you being able to help them with their needs?Having a clear idea of what drives your customer to buy can help you to communicate to them why they need your services and how you can create and maintain their image.So how do you go about making sure that you are saying the mobile porn right thing and portraying the right image, and that your potential client will keep you in mind?1. Determine the objective of your marketing material. What do you want to accomplish with this piece of advertising? Do you want your client to call you for further information, do you want them to cash in a coupon or to bookmark your website for future reference? Give them a directive.2. Decide who will be your target market. Are you trying to sell to a large corporation or to the mother of small children? ‘Who’ is going to buy from you is ‘who’ you need to focus your message on.3. Compose a positioning statement. In a single sentence convey exactly how you want your customer to perceive you, something that will stick in their mind. (ie. “We specialize in word processing…..”)4. Now, add a primary benefit to that sentence. (ie. “…so you can get experienced help when you are short staffed or overloaded…”)5. And then, throw in a supporting benefit. (ie. “…saving you time and money on your staffing needs.”)6. Now, work with this sentence to get your main message across. If you only had space for one message, what would it be?7. Add any other supporting messages that will convey the benefits of having your product or service. (ie. “No need to provide equipment. We do everything in our office.”)8. Give your customer an opportunity to provide a desired response. How do you want them to react to your communication? (ie. “Wow, this is a great service that will save me money” or “I could really use this service to get a handle on things.”)9. Make sure to project the right tone in your communication. Use a number of adjectives to describe your product or service, expressing how you want to be regarded. (ie. professional, innovative, exciting, friendly, newsworthy, creative, etc.)10. Last, but not least, consider how you are going to execute your message. Does it fit best on a 3-fold brochure and what kind of paper do you want to use? Do you need a tear-off coupon on it? Does your message fit best on one page of a website or several pages? How are you going to turn your marketing strategy into hard copy or virtual copy?All in all, you are designing and executing your marketing strategy to attract potential clients and to show them your creativeness and capabilities. Always have them in mind when putting ideas down on paper or on the web. What you think is appealing may not be appealing to your customer. Ensure that your message will catch their eye and impress upon them that your service can make their lives so much easier in more ways than one…. and better than your competitor!

Whiteboards Can Increase Your Daily Productivity?

Whiteboards are most often associated with an educational setting or maybe even with boring sales seminars. You rarely associate them with anything else. It’s amazing how very few entrepreneurs have a whiteboard in use at their home office.It’s an essential business tool!Why would a business person working from home need a whiteboard? That’s easy to answer with one single word – organization. A whiteboard gives you the single best way you can have to stay organized in a hectic world.You all know how it goes. You get a phone call or have a sudden brainstorm of ideas. The idea or note gets scribbled on a piece of paper and left on your desk. It may or may not get actioned by you. Later in the day you have another idea which also gets scribbled on a scrap of paper and left on top of your other notes on the desk. Tasks, jobs, callbacks and customers get lost, missed and forgotten.Now switch things around. If you had a whiteboard in your office the next idea or appointment you have gets put up there instead. No matter where you sit in your office you can see it. You’re constantly reminded of it. You have to do something about it. One thing is certain you most certainly won’t forget it.You can easily section off your whiteboard into two columns and a single header row. The header row can contain one or two long term goals so you’re constantly reminded of where your business is going and why you’re working so hard. Column one then contains urgent appointments or tasks. Column 2 contains ideas for new products, service or promotions. The act of actually standing up and writing on the whiteboard stimulates even more ideas so your biggest problem might be running out of space.Of course if you’re going to to buy a whiteboard you’ll need to get some accessories like whiteboard markers, a whiteboard duster and also some cleaner for the board itself. The expense involved is considerably less than you might imagine with some large whiteboards on sale from office suppliers for as little as $40.Another alternative is to use whiteboard paint on a blank wall space in your office at home. This amazing paint converts any flat, dry surface into an instant whiteboard of any size you want. There’s a certain childish freedom to being able to scribble on walls that many of us “grown ups” can appreciate.So if you’re tired of missing appointments and losing important notes then invest in a small whiteboard. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it makes your working life.