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Elements of Successful Trading

Trading the stock or commodities markets provides an opportunity for ordinary people to accumulate extraordinary wealth.Trading is not difficult to learn and many consider this to be the ultimate home business.Trading is a business that allows you to take control of your financial well being.However, if you are going to be a trader of stocks or commodities the following elements are essential to your success.Mastering these elements will not ensure your success, because there are other factors that influence markets that cannot be covered in this article, but if you don’t master these elements you will ensure failure.1) Money ManagementMoney management is taking the necessary steps to protect your capital, at all times.It means knowing when to get out of a trade that is not going your way.It means only trading an amount you can afford.It means you do not fall in love with a trade so you are stuck with it no matter it does.It also means knowing when to leave a market with a profit.Money management allows you to stay in the markets so you can profit handsomely from proper trading techniques.(Money management is so absolutely vital to successful trading, and investing it cannot be expressed enough.)2) The trend is your friendThe “trend is your friend” is an old trading expression that’s been around for generations, and is as true today as in past years.The laws of physics states that a body in motion stays in motion, in the same direction. This also holds true for market trends.Market trends keep moving in the same direction until they stop and reverse themselves.So, if the trend is up, you want to be “long” the markets to profit from the trend.3) Do not argue with the marketMany traders and investors have trouble accepting the fact that the market will always do what it wants to do.If you are “long” the market you want it to go up, but, if the market decides it wants to go down…guess what will happen? That’s right, the market will go down.This seems so obvious but many lose sight of this simple fact, and end up losing money.Then, they blame the market for their losses.

Build Your Passive Income Business the Right Way

These days the word integrity is not the first one that springs to mind when talking about the business world. It seems that everyone is looking out for number one, and unfortunately, the rights of consumers, employees and customers are often an afterthought. Looking at the news, you may understandably be left with the impression that there are no honest businesspeople left.Fortunately, this impression is an erroneous one. There are still plenty of honest business people in today’s world. People who make a great product and sell it for a fair price. People who treat their employees like human beings and not cogs in some giant corporate machine. These types of business people not only survive – they thrive – even in the competitive marketplace we find ourselves in today.This is because consumers respond to integrity. If a businessperson is honest and forthright, the customer will return, and tell all their friends. The recent slide in business ethics can actually work to the advantage of the honest businessperson. When your customers see that you are honest and that you deliver what you say you will, they will tell their friends, and those friends will tell their friends and so on and so on. This type of word of mouth advertising is impossible to buy. It must be earned by honest dealings and hard work.It may be tempting to cut corners on quality or take advantage of a naïve consumer. But these dishonest strategies simply will not work in the long term. If you treat your customers and employees shabbily, believe me the word will get out. You may enjoy a short-term gain, but your reputation and your business will suffer in the long run. There is no shortcut that eliminates the need for hard work and perseverance, either in business or in life.

Attitude is More Important than Age to a Home Business Entrepreneur

Does an older person has a chance to become a successful home business entrepreneur?Your attitude plays a very important in determining whether you can be a successful Home Business Entrepreneur and make money out of it.A positive attitude person who start his Home Business career at age 65 can be MORE successful than a young person at age 25 who has a negative attitude.Do you know that Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken was turned down about a thousands time trying to sell his secret chicken recipe. He maintain a positive attitude despite his many rejections and firmly believe in himself and hissecret chicken recipe. At the age of 65, he manage to find his success and KFC is now a world wide brand name, creatingjobs for zillions of people around the world.Starting a Home Business requires Colonel Sanders kinds of positive attitude.First, determine whether it is a viable Home business to commit into by doing some research on the company that you areinterested in.- Does the home business provide you with the necessary business tools to conduct your business?- Does it provide a good support system such as a company business forum to allowed NEW Home Business Entrepreneur toseek help and asked questions as well as to learn about marketing strategy from those experience Home BusinessEntrepreneur?- Does it has a good compensation scheme that pays well and rewards those hardworking Home Business Entrepreneur?- Has the company been existence for many years and does it practice good business ethics?Once you determine that the business is workable, go all the way and LEARN whatever it takes to make it a success.In life and in business, adversity will make its appearances. Obstacles and frustrations are created not to destroy you but toMOLD you into a better person.The most important attitude a Home Business Entrepreneur MUST adopt is to get into ACTION even if might be a bit MESSY and scary at first.Successful Entrepreneur JUST DO IT. They might not know how to swim at first but they have the spirit to fight till their lastbreath and that alone kept them from sinking into the water.To an Entrepreneur, failure is not a choice. They don’t depend on luck and are not afraid to learn no matter how old they are. They believe that the mountains they wish to conquer will not grow taller as they climb closer and closer to the TOP.Thomas A. Edison quoted: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls, and looks like work.”Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) quoted: “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”Therefore, maintaining a positive attitude is VERY important for a Home Business Entrepreneur and don’t let age destroy yourEntrepreneur dream.Wishing you success in achieving your goal as a Home Business Entrepreneur with many profitable years ahead no matter howold you are.By © Arthur, The Online Internet Home Business Opportunity

How Envelope Stuffing Scams Con

Here’s a legitimate looking advertisement found in the classified section of a local newspaper.”Our Company will pay you up to $5 per envelope stuffed! Hurry this opportunity will not last long!”Most work at home envelope stuffing scams look legitimate. A perfect way to make fast cash!Now the hard cold facts: It’s practically impossible to make several hundred a week stuffing envelopes a few hours a day. This is what the promoters of these misleading ads want you; the unwary victim to believe.Here’s how the scam works: The promoters of the envelope stuffing scam run an ad in a local paper offering great opportunities with their company stuffing envelopes. To get further details about this opportunity they request respondents send in a fee.They further state the small fee is to separate the serious applicants from the non-serious factor. And they also assure you that you will quickly earn back the money.Once they mail you the information you realize they were not offering a legitimate work at home job. And you will have to find your own customers/victims!The fog clears, you realize you’ve been scammed!You realize for your “fee” you’ve received a flimsy brochure and a letter instructing you how to place your own ad in local newspaper describing this great envelope stuffing job. You realize the only way you will recoup your fee or make any money is to recruit more victims for the company!Avoid Scams-Use Your “Noggin”Use your head. What company would pay an individual $1 or more per envelope stuffed?Business owners would much rather purchase a letter folding and envelope sealing machine for a few hundred dollars than to pay you thousands per month for the same task!Beware of these ads promising unrealistic salaries, amazing profits, without disclosing background information. Like how you will actually be paid. Weekly, monthly, quarterly. Are you considered an Independent Contractor or Company Employee. All very important things to consider.Be wary of companies that request a fee up front before they will send you information on the opportunity. Most legitimate companies will not request a fee up front.The Real Deal. The only true way to make money stuffing envelopes is to start your own Direct Mailing Service. Where you are the BOSS and are operating a legitimate business serving other small/home business owners. More on that in a future article.If you’ve been scammed contact the following places.The Federal Trade Commission. www.ftc.govYour local Consumer Protection Agency.Your local Better Business Bureau.BB Lee (C)2004

Ready To Make Your Living Online?

Have you thought about starting your own business on theinternet? You’ve looked, you’ve studied, you’ve talked toothers that have done it.You’ve decided you’re going to do it too. You’re ready totake the plunge. You’re going to start your own business andmake your living online.Then what happens?The first thing that comes up are all the “What if’s!”Where do you start? What if it doesn’t work? There’s so muchto do. So much to learn.Why is it that all the negatives always start popping to thesurface?The reason!…A decision without immediate Action!When a decision is made… START!… Do something. Take astep. Get into Action.You’ll see all those “What If’s”, negatives, and fears fadeaway.So many are looking to start their internet business forfree. They want the business to be automatic so it takesvery little of their time.The success of your business depends on your ability andwillingness to explore, test, track… and to realize ittake your time AND your money to start or improve anybusiness.As you take action and move forward, your path becomesclear. You discover new steps to take and you’re willing totake them.Everyone comes to the Internet with different experiences,education and ideas. If you’re just getting started, youmust realize that it will take your time and money beforeyou get your website, newsletter and infoproduct just theway you want them. This is part of the process.The most important thing is for you to just get started.Take A step, get into action, click on some links, look, trysome of the ideas, buy some programs, some ebooks. Any ofthem can move you forward toward making your living in yourown business on the internet.”It’s not how fast you’re moving forward, the importantthing is make sure you’re moving forward.” -Ken EvoyDon’t wait until you feel everything is just right. It won’tbe. It never is. You’ll make changes as you move forward.Everyone does! When you’re changing, you’re growing… andyour business, will be growing and moving forward, at thesame time!

Top 10 Steps for Harnessing Your Emotional Power for Business Success

Do you find yourself trying to make sense out of the emotions you feel at work? Do you wish that you could get rid of the “negative” emotions that you feel? Do you wish that your boss or co-workers or clients and other people involved in your business could change so that you don’t have to feel the way you feel? If you answered “Yes” to these question, you are not alone. Emotions are a huge part of your work life. Whether positive or negative, it’s important to not only feel your emotions but pay attention to them. In truth, your emotions are a flashing red light, warning you that it’s time to take your life to the next level.Here are 10 steps to help you harness your emotional power:1. Be aware of and identify your emotions.So many of us were taught that certain emotions were good and certain ones were bad so we try to ignore the “bad” emotions. In response we learned all sorts of ways to ignore or bury the emotions we didn’t want to feel, ways like overeating, smoking, drinking, becoming a workhaholic, and so on. The truth is that there are no “good” or “bad” emotions. All emotions have something to teach us. So the first step is to get in touch with what you’re feeling. Are you angry, frustrated, happy, or sad? Give it a label. Notice, too, how the feeling manifests in your body. Are your shoulders tense, your teeth clenched, or your stomach jittery? These physical symptoms are proof positive that emotions impact our physical lives. They teach us also, that it really is important to take charge of our emotions, instead of letting them take charge of us.2. Trace the emotion to its root cause.You may need help from a coach or friend to do this step. The trouble is, it’s not always easy to trace the emotion back to its root cause. Often, what we think is the cause is actually a decoy taking us away from the real reason we’re experiencing a particular emotion. Say, for example, you feel pressured and tense because you have been given a project that is supposed to be someone else’s responsibility. Do you feel pressured because it is a project outside of your expertise or do you feel pressured because you hate the fact that your colleague always gets good projects and you don’t? Or do you feel pressured because you never get the projects you want? You can’t resolve the situation until you know what’s really bothering you.3. Interpret the situation.Positive emotions tell you that your needs are being met and satisfied. They reflect to you what you like and what you dislike, what fits you well and what doesn’t. Negative emotions signal you that change is needed. Get incredibly curious about what the emotion is telling you. It may be trying to signal you that adjustment is needed in order to cope with the future or to move to the next level.4. Clarify what you want & design solutions.Once you’ve interpreted the meaning of the emotion, determine what you need to change to make your life better. Maybe you are no longer happy in your current position. If so, can you talk to your manager or whoever is appropriate about changing to another group within the company? Maybe you don’t know what you need to do in order to change the situation for better, and that’s okay too. Admit it and find ways to get clarification. Maybe you need to work it out with a mentor or a coach.5. Set a realistic deadline.Time frames and deadlines make plans come alive. Once you have a plan for changing, set yourself a realistic deadline. Then, based on the deadline, work backwards and set short-term goals for yourself.6. Take on the challenge and start moving.Too often, we spend all our time in the analysis of the what’s and the why’s and the design of the how’s. While important, these are just the beginning of the whole process. Real change happens when you are determined to make it happen. So make the commitment to change and go for it. No more talking. Just do it!!!7. Get support.If you are serious about making big and important behavioral changes, don’t do it alone. Get whatever kind of support you need from a friend, a family member, a coach or a mentor. Then help your support team to help you by communicating your plan as clearly as possible. Communicate what you are doing, describe your desired outcome, and ask your supporters to help you achieve your goals.8. Take action and more action.Follow your plan and take action. Don’t stop. If it looks like your original plan may not succeed, consider other options, and adjust your plan. But do not go back to dwelling in the emotion. Repeat the steps, and keep moving and moving. Do not stop until you get your desired result. Adjust, change, start over, and keep moving.9. Stay focused.Many times, it takes a season for a change to happen. Especially, when you are feeling negative emotions and when circumstances aren’t changing, it is easy to loose sight, get discouraged and give up. Stay focused. Be patient and persistent. Picture in your mind the feeling you will get when your outcome is fulfilled. It takes a while for a seed to germinate and grow into a plant. You don’t stop watering the seed after a week just because you have not seen any leaves. You keep the faith and you keep watering. In the same way, be patient. Don’t get discouraged. Stay focused on your outcome. Keep taking actions. Most people fail in this step. If you are can visualize your goal, make it real, and keep moving towards it, you will win the race.10. Reward yourself.Don’t forget to reward yourself along the way. You are mastering the use of your emotions as a tool of empowerment. Give yourself a lot of credit for that. Write down your successes. Share them with friends. These will serve as your fuel the next time you need to face another emotion and turn it to your advantage. You will remember that since you successfully used this process the last time to create a better life, you can surely do it again and again. You will have a positive outlook on what comes to you, knowing that you will come out of it stronger and more powerful. You will become more and more confident that you are capable of becoming Emotional Intelligent and shaping your own life for better.

Take Advantage of the Internet Power

The Internet has become a huge market place, and the recent explosion in online retailing and e-commerce prove it. Merchants now have access to a world wide consumer base (no longer limited by their geographical location). People have become comfortable buying on the Internet and are looking for products from all over the world 24 hours a day — think of the different time zones. The total number of Internet users now stands at about 500 million and it is estimated that by the year 2005, this number will triple. Imagine this number of people in the world as your prospect customers or e-customers to be precise. This is a very powerful concept!Anyone with a computer and access to the Internet with basic skills can setup a home based business and tap into this huge market and sell virtually anything they wanted right from their home or anywhere they have Internet access.Many have taken advantage of the Internet’s power; they are working at home using the Internet’s many work at home opportunities. You don’t have to quit your job to start your own home business.So what e-business can you start? how much money is needed to start?Before being a huge market place, the Internet, since it’s inception, is the place for Information. People surf the big net looking for Information even when they are looking for a product to buy online, they are looking for Information on that product before they buy it.There are many home e-business ideas you can explore. It all depends on how much time and money you want to invest to start your own small e-business. The key is to start very small with as little money as possible. Anything come to mind? you got it; selling Information is a great idea that cost little to no money to prepare into an e-product and sell it.Selling Information or e-products has many advantages. You won’t need products to stock, no warehouse, no office space, no employees, no merchant accounts, no shipping (instant delivery), and you don’t need to go open your store every day. You can go to work if you like and let your small e-business run virtually unattended. Selling e-products is the perfect fit for the Internet.Your e-product can be in the form of e-book that is downloadable instantly or it can be in the form of membership based website where you set-up a protected directory with your HTML pages in it.You are not limited by a certain type of Information product. You just need to think about one that will fit the reality of the Internet. For example, you might be a programmer. You can sell your knowledge in programming plus develop your own application software and sell it. Actually, you wil have an edge here since Information products come only second to Software products in terms of demand and sales.Another way of using Information to generate income is to become an affiliate with as many companies as you choose. You can set-up a free website about needed information and put your affiliation links for people to click on. The more visitors to your site, the more money you get from commission.You can work your way up to becoming what is called a Super Affiliate. Super Affiliates make thousands of dollars each month by choosing the right affiliate program once their web sites reach traffic count of thousands of visitors every month.It is not as easy as “build it and they will come”, but is certainly possible. If others could do so can you.The key here is to get as much knowledge about starting your own eBiz as possible. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power” very true, but “knowledge with ACTION is much more powerful”. Your action should be fast for example: more and more search engines are starting to charge for web site submission. Some are still free, but not for long so you need to act fast.How much money is needed to start?Not a lot, there are one time fees and recurring fees. You may choose to create your own e-book, and to do that, you will need e-book compiler software at a one time fee of as little as $29. Your domain name and hosting fees which are anywhere from $50 to $100 annually, are about your only recurring fees. If you choose to set-up a membership site, then you can choose not to buy the e-book compiler software thus reducing your start-up costs. That’s about all the money you will need to pay. The Information itself will be coming from your brain unless you elect to resell other people’s e-products given the proper resell rights.

So You Don’t Have a Marketing Plan – Why Not?

“In today’s world of business it is more important than ever to reach, connect and communicate with your customers, because if you aren’t, someone else is,” says Pauline Tonkin, Principal and Marketing Director of Hunter Marketing Group. This is especially true for a small or home based business trying to create a place for themselves in today’s extremely competitive market.Looking at the big picture can be overwhelming. There’s an endless supply of marketing options that small or home-based business can take advantage of, such as pres releases, telemarketing, ad mail, brochures, web sites, e-mail campaigns and much more. But without a solid plan, you’re just be spinning your wheels.The sad reality is that the majority of small and home based businesses don’t approach their marketing in a strategic way. They may promote their business without clearly identifying their target market, or regularly use marketing campaigns without monitoring the results.Today we are bombarded with technology and new tools for reaching, connecting and communicating. But when putting these new tools to work, remember that the same basic marketing principles still apply. “Understanding and including these principles in your day-to-day approach to business is crucial to your success,” says Tonkin.In order to take your business to the next level, a solid marketing plan is required. Marketing is basically the key function directed to your target market customers that addresses them specifically.According to Tonkin, marketing communications fits into your overall marketing plan because it represents a collection of all the activities necessary to establish a consistent message to your customers. Although many of these activities can work well alone, the best results are achieved when they are coordinated with other marketing activities.This means that every customer directed activity is well defined within your marketing plan. That includes how you answer the phone, create mail, advertising or product packaging. It all must fit together to create a cohesive impression in the eyes of your customers. This consistent image should reflect the bestaspects of your business and what you have to offer.Before you can even begin to put together this cohesive image, you first must know your customers. How can you effectively communicate a message whenyou don’t know who the message is directed at?Don’t just assume that you already know your target market, take a moment to ask yourself the following key questions:
Who are my customers?
What do they need?
Why will they buy my product or service?
You’ll probably find that these are difficult questions to answer. If that’s the case, make a point of asking your customers through a survey. As an incentive to fill out the survey, you can offer a free draw with the prize of your product o service for the winner.Your survey can find out what they like most about your business, what they would change, if they have additional needs you could meet and much more. Use this information to create a solid marketing plan.Once you are familiar with your target market, put this information down on paper and start writing your marketing plan. A marketing plan should cover oneyear and be evaluated at the end of that year. Down the road you can create two to five-year plans, but for now, stick with one year at a time.When creating your plan, put it into a three-ring binder so that it is easy to refer back to on a regular basis. Try to check in with your plan monthly. Add a tab for monthly reports so that you can track the success of your marketing efforts. In this section, put monthly reports on sales and your return on marketing investments. If a specific activity is costing much more than it brings in, it might be pertinent to re-evaluate that activity and make changes as necessary.If you think you’re too small to create a marketing plan, think again! You can take your cue from some of the business giants out there in order to take your small or home based business to the next level. McDonalds, The Gap and Coca Cola wouldn’t be where they are today without an incredible marketing plan, pulled together with cohesive marketing communications.These companies know that effective marketing is not just about creating catchy jingles or funny commercials, but rather that’s it’s about understanding their customers can communicating key messages clearly while maintaining a consistent identity that corresponds to the values of that target market.Although not all work at home moms are planning on being the next McDonalds, you can still use your marketing plan and cohesive marketing communications on a smaller scale to reap similar benefits.So in conclusion, take some time to get to know your customers, write down what you learn and then plan strategic marketing strategies to best reach and communicate with them. Review your plan regularly to make sure it works and plan to succeed. With a well thought out plan, your small or home-based business will soar.

Are You Hitting Your Target?

Interesting question huh? I’m not talking about hitting target sales, hitting your target budget, or hitting your target margin. I’m talking about hitting your target market. If you can find your target market and hit them dead on then the sales and margin will be sure to follow.Every business owner knows who their target market is but where most fall short is knowing how to reach them. If you can unlock this mystery your business is sure to flourish. Unfortunately, thousands of marketers have been led to believe that by advertising their products and services to hundreds of search engines and FFA links, that millions of people will see what they’re offering and thousands will buy it. Sounds reasonable right? No! Think about it for a minute; would you try and sell an ice maker to an Eskimo? Heck No because they don’t need it. By posting to thousands of FFA sites you are precisely doing this. You need to think more like your potential customer and narrow your focus.Whats the easiest way to find out how to reach your target market in the most efficient manner? Take a walk in their shoes! Think like your potential customers and how you can reach them online. Think beyond search engines and search engine optimization because cracking this puzzle could take you years to figure out.Where do your potential customers hang out? You really have to become your customer and figure out what trips their trigger. It has been my experience that people like to feel like they are a part of what they are interested in. They will want to interact with other people with similar interests as them. For instance you are reading this article likely because you are interested in earning money on the internet. This article is a part of an ezine I have put together at my website [http://www.home-biz-wiz.com]If someone who had similar interests as you wanted to advertise a product in my ezine they would be reachingtheir target market. YOU:)Discussion boards and Ezine advertising really do work. Most subscribers to these types of services havevery targeted interests depending on what the subject matter is. With the internet growing like it isthere are hundreds of ezines and discussion boards out there that pertain to your particular business. All you have to do is find them and harvest them! If you can find a large targeted market for your product in an E-zine it is definitely worth your time to check out and possibly work out some sort of advertising deal with the Ezine owner. If you have your own list many Ezine owners will exchange a one time email marketing campaign with you. You blast their list and in exchange they will blast yours.So think about who your target market is and figure out where they hang out. You will be doing yourselfand your business a great favor by doing so. Become a part of your particular business’ community and make friends. Who knows they could be your next best customer or a super affiliate themselves!I wish you all success.

Guidelines for the Ideal Home Business

There is bad news and good news in starting a home business.The bad news is 95 % of all new businesses fail within a short time.The good news is the home business industry has reached $427 Billion annually, and is growing at an amazing rate. And, 80% of all millionaires today are self made.So, there is a chance your home business will succeed but only after you have given careful thought as to what that business will be.Here are some of the attributes of an ideal home business that will improve your chances of success.The Ideal Home Business:1- Sell to the Entire WorldThe ideal business must have an unlimited global market,not just local or regional exposure.2- Is not cyclicalYour product/service does not rely on cycles to be in demand. The demand is constant, regardless of time, or price.3- Product is OriginalYour product must be unique. It cannot be easily substituted or copied.4- Minimal Labor RequirementsA large portion of capital is not tied up in high labor costs.5- Low OverheadTotal overhead cost must be minimal. No high priced rent,power, labor, shipping, etc.6- Does Not Require a Large Cash OutlayThe ideal business does not tie up capital in all kinds of equipment.7- Cash OnlyThe business should be cash only. No money is tied up, or lost, in accounts receivable, and bad debts.8- Free of Government RegulationsNo business will ever be 100% free of all government regulations, but these should be kept minimal.9- PortableThe ideal business should be easy to relocate, and can be operated from anywhere in the world.10- Intellectual SatisfactionIt must be a business that challenges your intellect in order to provide self-satisfaction.11- Free TimeThe ideal business should allow you to have lots of free time for other interests that are important to you.12- Unlimited IncomeYour income is not limited to your direct output. In other words, you work less…but earn more.13- Easy to LearnThe ideal home business should be one that is fairly easy for an ordinary person to learn, no matter what their age, or level of education.So far I have found only one business that fits the above criteria, and that is trading the futures markets.