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Explore Home Based Income Opportunities and Make the Most of Free Downloadable eBooks

According to a study by the University of Texas’ Center for Research in Electronic Commerce,The Internet Economy generated an estimated $301.4 billion in U.S. revenue and was responsible for 1.2 million jobs in 1998.It is known for a fact that Professional Internet marketers are now earning $100,000+ per year but the average InternetEntrepreneur would be struggling to make a few dollars. Finding home based income opportunities is becoming harder as competition becomes fiercer with everyone marketing similar products. Having said that,the internet offers huge profit-making possibilities.The number of net surfers is increasing exponentially while more and more people buy goods from the internet. In fact in 2003, it is estimated that business-to-consumer sales has reached $108 billion or six percent of retail sales (currently at two percent ) and business-to-business sales will reach 1.3 trillion.Most internet marketers are earning a fortune by selling affiliate products on the internet. An Affiliate program is an arrangement in which a company pays you a percentage of the sale for every online customer they get through a link from your website to their sales page.Commissions range from 1% to 75% and are determined by the publisher of the product. The commission can be as low as $0.25, but as high as $100.00 per sale.One of the most successful and best affiliate products to market nowadays are ebooks. The Key Benefits of marketing ebooks being:1. Cheap Buying Cost- between $5 – $2002. Full Resale rights – You can sell an unlimited amount of ebooks3. No Shipping Cost – In fact, Electronic products are downloaded onlineIn order to make the most of online products, one has to be aware of the essential steps.These are:1)Shop around – there are so many websites selling ebooks on theinternet. While one site may be selling one ebook for $200, you can get the same ebook for less than $20 on another site.2) Buy in Bulk as it costs cheaper.3) Don’t let yourself be fooled by ebooks’ covers – some sites just change the covers of ebooks to make them more attractive in order to charge higher prices.Having gone through the steps above myself, I have come across this exceptional website: http://www.ebooks-marketing.comIt is one of the best ebooks websites by far!The advantages of buying from them are HUGE. It has one of the widest Collection of eBooks ranging from Internet Marketing Strategies to Cooking Recipes. The key benefit is that you can buy all those ebooks in bulk for only $30. Nowhere else can so many ebooks be purchased at such low price. Moreover, the current deal mentions that as the Collection is updated, members have free access to ALL new eBooks added.The unique feature of ebooks-marketing is that you can also Request eBooks of interest to you. While eBooks-marketing purchase rights for these ebooks you don’t have any fee to pay and get Free Downloadable ebooks for years. It is definitely a MUST for those who wish to kick-start their own home-based online business and those who simply enjoy reading!

We Do Eat Our Young: The Story of a Successful Home Business

Whether it is in the world animals, recovering drug addicts, or business if the truth were told we do eat our young. As when I was young I would watch Wild Kingdom every Sunday night, sure enough there it was a big strong fast Cat would be chasing down and eating some young antelope.As a social worker I work with clients with addiction problems and have noticed they display a similar trait as the cats. Once a person gets in recovery for just a short while they tend to be the least tolerant of the new people struggling to get into recovery. In the market of Home Business I have noticed a similar occurrence with the people that have struggled and found they way to having a profitable Home Business.When I was hunting for a legitimate home business to start up, (which is no small task) I found what appeared to be a real business. The definition of a real business is a business that does not make any claim to be fool proof takes real effort, takes at least six months to start making any profit, and one that requires an investment of my own money.Now when you read that definition you may feel confused, however if you stop and think about what has made anything you have ever done successful and real it would include all of the above criteria. Now back to eating our young, just how does this pertain to people in the home business? When I was starting out I knew very little about the home business and nothing at all about how to be a successful marketer in the Internet business on a meager budget.I thought if I want to know how to do these things then I need to ask the people that are already doing it and having some success. Seemed reasonable, however what I found was that most if not all of the people running a successful internet business from home where not only not open but more than glad to sell me all kinds of programs that were to be the root of all my success.Sadly what I found was that these people were making money off of me and not wanting to help me what so ever. I felt very frustrated with not being able to find anyone that was willing to share with me or help me repeat what they had been able to do in their home business. Yes they were eating their young.I finally happened across a group of people that thought like I did. This group believed to be successful them selves they had to pass along all they had been taught by others. This was it, I began to get real marketing ideas that cost very little and took a lot of work. I do not mind the work and the great thing is that with the help of successful work at home business owners I soon become successful in my home business.Of course the only way I can continue my success is to pass on what I have been taught and as long as I do that I will be successful. My success is your success and when you learn the method you pass it on to others. It all seems so simple and the idea is simple the work is hard and it is not free so if you are looking for this type of success, a real home business drop in and let me tell you how I did it.Copyright© Joe Saddorishttp://extra-income-internet-network-marketing.comI grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included, with a live link, and the article is not changed in any way (grammatical corrections accepted).

How To Make Easy Money on the Internet — But This Time It’s Actually TRUE!

Introduction:On the World Wide Web, domain names are the equivalent of real estate. Owning a domain name lets you stake you claim to your piece of the Internet. For several years, many people from all over the world have been making a good living from the comfort of their own home through the power of domain names. Many domain names have sold for thousands of dollars, and some have sold for hundreds of thousands or even millions. For example, one of the names I registered recently was appraised at a value of $6,000!Contrary to popular belief, the “dot com crash” has not spoiled the domain name market. There is still a very strong demand for quality domain names. The biggest sales have all come in recent years, as the market continues to grow. Selling names remains one of the easiest and least expensive internet businesses available. It requires a minimum of time and little or no initial investment. It is an ethical, no-nonsense business which avoids the most common pitfalls of other work-at-home ideas.There are a lot of technical details about how domain names work, but it is not necessary to know these details in order to profit from the names. There are many kinds of domain names, but for the purpose of making money, only “Top Level Domains” (TLDs) are important. The best TLD extensions for making money are listed here:





Making money with domain names can be one of the easiest businesses around. There are really only four steps involved:
Search for names.

Register the names.

Sell the names.

Collect easy money!

Let’s go through each step in more detail…Step 1: Search for names.The first step in making money with domain names is to search for available names. Your goal is to find high-quality names that have not yet been registered. This is not as difficult as some people may lead you to believe. I do it all the time, and so can you. There are still plenty of valuable, high-quality names available for the taking.To search for names, you need to use a domain name registrar. At my site, Domain Doctors, we offer a availability check and registration service. On any other registrar’s website, you should see a similar search box that allows you to type in a name and find out if it is still available. Doing this is as simple as typing in the name you want to search for and clicking a button. You will see the results of your search in a few seconds. Checking for availability is completely free.When you are looking for names to register and re-sell, there are a few simple guidelines to keep in mind:
Shorter is almost always better. The fewer letters a name contains, the more valuable it is likely to be.

Similarly, the less words the better.

You want to pick names that target markets which are both large and specific.

Stay away from hyphens, dashes, numbers that replace words, intentional misspellings, and all other gimmicks.

Don’t try to be too clever, and don’t try to “invent companies by registering names.”

Finally, watch out for trademarks. Don’t register names that infringe on the trademarks of established companies.

If you are having trouble thinking of names to re-sell, Domain Doctors offers an inexpensive suggestion service. We guarantee that every name we suggest will appraise for at least ten times what you pay us, or you get your money back. I do not know of any similar services available elsewhere, although you can always use Google to research other options to help you find good names.Step 2: Register your names.After you have some names you think will be valuable, the next step is to register them. Most names will cost you $15-35 each to register. You may find a few places that offer registration for less, but you should keep in mind that as with anything in life, you get what you pay for. Domain Doctors registers names for $19.95. Other reputable services should be in a similar price range.Step 3: Sell the names.Once you’ve registered your names, you can list them for sale immediately. There are two ways to do this — through listing sites and through brokers.If you want a faster sale, go through a broker. Because they make money from the sale, brokers will list your name, promote it, and attempt to get you the best possible price. In exchange for those services, they will deduct a percentage of the sale price when the transaction is complete. 10% is a typical broker’s fee.If you are willing to potentially wait a bit longer for a sale in order to avoid paying a broker’s commission, you can list you names for sale at a listing site. To find brokers and listing sites, you can type “selling domain names” into Google, or you can find them at the Domain Doctors site.Step 4: Collect easy money!After a name sells through a broker, you get paid the sale price minus the broker’s fee. If it is a private sale through a non-broker listing, you get whatever price you and the buyer agree on. Unless you invested in a huge number of names, a single sale could easily repay all of your initial costs and leave you some money besides. If you like, you can use part of this money to register more names, and keep building your business this way.Taking Action:You should now have everything you need to get started. As you make progress and do more research, you will learn many tips and tricks to increase your success, but the most important action step for newbies is to jump in and get some good names listed for sale as soon as you can. Again, be sensible and don’t spend a fortune on registering names before you get some experience, but do get a few names on your plate as soon as you can and use them to learn the ropes.I think you’ll find that speculating on domain names is a fun and rewarding business. It is not a get-rich quick scheme, but with a good eye for names, you can make a comfortable income without leaving home. Remember, if you like the idea of the business but you aren’t sure you have an eye for names, Domain Doctors can help.We guarantee that every name we suggest will appraise for at least ten times what you pay us, or you get your money back. We also offer domain name registration and appraisal services. A version of this article with a lot of additional tips and informative content is available at our website, through the link below.Best of luck, and please do drop me a line if you make a good sale or get a name listed for a good asking price!-JC

The Home Business Dilemma – Success vs. Failure

Regardless of your career or goals in life, no one wakes up, gets out of bed, and says to themselves “I’m going to fail today!” It’s the same in business whether you’re a brick and mortar store or a home based business owner.I think what makes the Home Business owners unique is their drive and desire. For any of us, there are certain things we need to evaluate prior to undertaking such an endeavor as home based business ownership. What do I want to accomplish, how will I accomplish this goal, what are the demands I need to make upon my time to help me realize the goals I’m laying down, and the list goes on and on, but you get the idea.Something as basic as why do I want to go into business for myself needs to be addressed well in advance of any other considerations. In my life experience, I have never been one to cater to clichés or warm fuzzy catch-phrases so I won’t wow you with any of them here.. I stick to simple, real truths.The truths are; know that you will fail but, also know enough to learn a lesson from it and chalk it up in the win column as adding to your education. Success and failure are on the EXACT same road – success is just a little farther down that same road!Seriously, can you imagine where we would be if someone such as Bill Gates gave up after what had to be more than a few attempts! More seriously than that is where Bill Gates would be without the contribution made by Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Edison! See how this comes full circle? Each thing dependent upon the others successes AND failures.A rock solid work ethic does not go unnoticed or unrewarded. There are dividends here that will provide for you many times over. Believe it or not but this is probably the only business on the planet where we can all compete on a level playing field. That should be as exciting to you as it is to me! Truly it can be an overwhelming prospect literally having the world at your fingertips.With each failure our knowledge grows, defeats are turned into victories; your self confidence grows as does your business and it goes on and on. There is no stopping that kind of momentum. When things do arise from time to time as they will, you will definitely be in a better position to handle these and they won’t seem so insurmountable as they once did.Never ever give up, if you fall down, pick yourself up and start over. We are fortunate to have some of the best and brightest in the industry to assist us. Listen to your teachers carefully – do not try to re-invent the wheel. Those who have come before you have paid their dues in both time and money so make sure you’re a good follower.Follow these simple examples and watch both yourself and your business grow. Both will need to change and evolve continually in order to stay fresh, up to date and ready to compete. Network as much as possible. Talk to your respective team members and find what works and what doesn’t. Valuable lessons if you’re working on limited funds!Lastly, remember that no one will be harder on you than you so be sure to give yourself a break once in a while! It will come just don’t force it. Sure some people get lucky every once so often and hit the lottery but my friend, you stand a better chance starting your own e-business and the time has never been better.For me, I love the diversity of working with a variety of people. I get to talk with, tutor and impart my message to people from the United States, India, Germany and even Greece! The cultures are great, there’s no barriers just plain people wanting something better. That doesn’t seem too difficult and the tools to accomplish this lowering of barriers have never been more readily available. We all have something to bring to the table – find out what your offering is and contribute to the common good. You will find that in time this type of generosity will be repaid to you ten fold both in supportive business associates and fiercely loyal customers.

FAQs of the Client-Virtual Assistant Relationship and VA Services

1. How does the Client/VA relationship work?Professional VA’s provide administrative, technical, creative, and financial support in short- or long-term collaborative relationships with their clients. Advances in technology make it simple to conduct business over the Internet, and via e-mail and telephone without the need to meet in person. You contact them when a need arises paying by the hour or on a daily/weekly basis when you have an ongoing contract for a minimum amount of hours per month.How you work together will depend largely on your project and your preferences. It is unique in each circumstance. You will establish initial contact with a detailed conversation about your company and your project, and between you and your VA you will develop a style that is comfortable for both parties.2. How do I submit my materials to you?When projects are initially discussed, a plan will be established for the best method to transmit materials. For instance, you might simply need a document typed or formatted, in which case you can submit it via FAX, e-mail, regular mail (USPS) or expedited delivery (FedEx/UPS). It is typed, saved in the finished format you requested, and returned to you. Your VA delivers finished goods in many ways depending on the needs of each client.3. I don’t have a project, per se. What I DO have is a project/company that’s out of control. Can you help?Yes! VA’s are experts at providing an objective perspective to help you find your way out of an unruly project or situation. They will listen to your needs, ask questions, prioritize, and reformulate your approach. They can develop a better way for you to do what you’re already doing. They resolve issues of all shapes and sizes!4. I have been in business for many years. I need a “fresh” perspective on my approach to dealing with certain aspects of my business. Is that something you do as well?Absolutely! VA’s are creative, and have been involved in many facets of business for years. Based on that experience, they will definitely have suggestions for you. They can guide you toward what will work best in your situation, and suggest more efficient ways to go about doing business.5. I have a list of projects that need attention! Can you help me prioritize and motivate me in the direction of actually getting things accomplished?Not only do VA’s offer expertise based on experience, they are happy to serve in other – non-tangible or inspirational – ways as well. They enjoy the benefits of collaborative relationships built over time and as they get to know you and your business, it makes sense that they can offer beneficial insights and support.6. I have a one-time project that will take about an hour. Is this something you do?Sure! VA’s assist clients with projects of many sizes and durations. Their business is to support you and meet your specific needs, no matter the size.7. I am just starting my business and don’t know exactly what I need to do first. I don’t even know the questions to ask to get the information I need! How frustrating! What can you do to help me?First off, your VA understands your position because with as many entrepreneurial/business endeavors as they have been involved with over the years, they have been there themselves! A typical consultation will consist of a thorough overview of how you came to be where you are. Next, you will have a discussion of short- and long-term goals, and then move to creating a plan that you can implement beginning today! Doesn’t that sound manageable?8. I have an idea to mail a promotional postcard to my client list of over 500 contacts. I don’t know where to begin and have too many other demands on my time to learn the process. Will you manage this project from start-to-finish?Depending on the services offered by your VA, they may possess the expertise to take this project from your hands today and mail or email you a sample of the finished product! Whether it is a mailer or email message with graphics, you will have peace-of-mind in knowing that your capable VA will manage your project to the tiniest detail!And, if your VA doesn’t have expertise in a specific area, s/he will certainly be able to provide a referral to another qualified VA who possesses the skill(s) to perform the service you need.9. Will you invest about an hour to do some research for me? I just heard of a new product and need to find out more.Based on long-term affiliations in certain industries and with specific expertise, your VA has access to information that many times is as close as a telephone call! They would be happy to check with their personal sources, as well as tap into the knowledge base of anyone they might know who can help–saving you many hours of research! They can also get online and search the world!10. I have an idea for a new product, but I need some market research information to decide if this is really the next big trend.There is a new trend on the horizon in any given moment! Business changes so rapidly to meet the needs of consumers that it is incumbent on us to perform due diligence. Your VA will be happy to assist you by researching new trends or discussing new trends within the industry of their expertise.As you can see, there are many facets to the Client/VA relationship. As the relationship develops over time, a dynamic grows of mutual respect and support that richly enhances both entrepreneurs.

How to Win the Advertising and Promotion Game

I am certain that, as a business owner, you have often entertained the question as to how much to spend and where to spend your advertising dollars. For most small business owners, these questions can add to the headaches suffered in the course of normal everyday operations of their business.THERE ARE NO SIMPLE ANSWERSThe how much to spend and where to spend cartoon porn it questions have no easy answers.Depending on your type of business, many people suggest that the *how much* should be equal to anywhere from 4% to 10% of your gross receipts.The quandary is that a business cannot survive without a fresh flow of incoming customers. But, a business can seldom generate a fresh stream of customers without spending money to get the word out about their business.THE CHALLENGE OF DEVELOPING EFFECTIVE ADVERTISINGHave you ever paid for advertising and sat back to await the fresh flow of customers, only to find yourself sitting and sitting and then sitting some more?Don’t feel bad about that. It has happened to many of us before.See, knowing where to spend the advertising money is not enough to get the job done.Where to spend the money only begins to highlight the other issues connected with advertising:
Marketing Plan

Advertising Strategy

Headlines, Ad Copy and Visual Presentation

Tracking the black porn Success of Your Advertising Campaigns

THE MARKETING PLANThe Marketing Plan is used primarily to identify mobile porn your own products and services, costs, strengths, weaknesses and the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.To learn more about constructing your own marketing plan, visit the Small Business Administration website for a comprehensive study of the elements of a Marketing Plan:[http://www.home-business.com/nav/articles/links/sba_plan.html]ADVERTISING STRATEGYIt is important to understand what you expect to gain from your advertising.Do you simply wish to get your name known so that when your customer will need you, they will think of you first? Or, do you wish to get your customers in your front door on Saturday?Do you want your customers to come in and take a look around to discover the next object that they cannot live without? Or, do you want them to come in and buy a specific widget?Do you hope that enough people will come in to buy enough products or services to pay for your single ad? Or, do you expect to gain a lifelong customer who will help pay for your advertising over the course of several years?When you know what you want, then you will better understand just how to do it.HEADLINES, AD COPY AND VISUAL PRESENTATIONYou might be surprised how many business owners put out advertising without regard for the quality of the sales pitch or presentation. The quality of your distribution outlet or the amount of money you spent to get there will do little for you if the advertising vehicle is a junker.Test all of your advertising materials in smaller markets before blowing your advertising bank roll on it. You must absolutely know the value of your advertising before putting large sums of money behind it.TRACKING THE SUCCESS OF YOUR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNSTell your customers to save another 10% when they tell you they heard or saw your ad in such-and-such location. Suggest that they can register to win a free widget if they fill out a form and have them to tell you how they heard of your business. Advertise a specific widget in your ad and track the sales of that widget.It does not matter how you track your advertising — just make sure you do it!IN SUMMARYThe ideal way to spend your advertising budget is to buy a rifle with a high-powered scope and to only shoot your targets in the light of day.If you are not tracking your advertising, then you are shooting a pellet gun without an attached scope, with blinders on, and shooting in the dead darkness of night.Even with a bigger gun, the blinders in the dark constitute the single largest mistake made by advertisers. If you are unable to track your advertising to learn what is working well, what is working somewhat, and what is a money pit, then you are condemned to repeat your mistakes over and again.By relying only on gut instinct, you may be choosing to spend more money in the money pit and to lose all of your money in the process.When you get down to the nuts and bolts of making money from your advertising, you should plan, prepare, track and study your results. You must have factual information on which to base your advertising decisions. When you are making the right advertising decisions, then making money from your business might just come easy.Copyright 2004 Stone Evans

Business Opportunities: Success and Failure Statistics as Well as Possible Prevention

Let’s face it, business opportunities are a rather quick, easy way to start a business. They are usually “turnkey” operations, where someone that buys into a program either online or offline is provided with all the necessary elements of immediately being in business for themselves. Business opportunity programs can also be cost effective, as many abound, and finding one within a restricted budget is rather easy.The biggest challenges faced when choosing a business opportunity program are the following:1. Choosing one that suits an entrepreneur’s needs and skills as well as interests.2. Choosing one that pays enough in commissions on goods or services that makes it lucrative enough to turn a healthy profit.3. Choosing one that is wanted and needed by customers/clients.4. Choosing one that does not exist in an already glutted market. This would lead to too many choices of other providers and a rather limited market for the business owner.The sad facts are that because of the easy start up, and the rather quick “fix” that business opportunities present to potential entrepreneurs, business opportunity members can quickly enter a business and just as quickly leave it. Turnover can be quite a problem. Since little initial investment is required, many members “jump into” a business opportunity at whim, and quickly find that running a business is a whole heck of a lot of work!The reason for the failure rate is also attributable to certain outlooks and requirements that many business opportunity “joiners” fail to consider when joining:1. Is the business opportunity nothing more than empty promises, the old “too good to be true” adage? Unfortunately, these types of offerings run rampant both online and offline.2. Is the business opportunity catering to a dying market? Markets can fluctuate, so due diligence is needed. Research into markets, just as with any other business is paramount.3. Is the business opportunity solvent? Talk to other members, and do research. Become aware of any problems in payments/revenues before you join.4. Is the business opportunity flexible? Does the Biz Op restrict members in their advertising methods, or are they inflexible and “distant” in their approach to members’ concerns/problems.5. Is the business opportunity viable? Viability should be financial as well as personal. In other words, does the Biz Op have a great financial track record and does it meet the needs of “you” personally, as far as personal satisfaction and approaches to sales and marketing?6. Is the business opportunity working within the confines of federal, state and local laws? Depending upon where a member lives, these laws can vary widely!The real statistics on failures of small businesses, many of which now are business opportunities and franchises, are well documented by the United States Small Business Administration: http://www.sbaonline.sba.gov/. Business statistics provided by the United States Department of Labor, report that in 1994, the number of businesses that failed that year were divided into the following categories:* Bankruptcies (a 15.4% increase from 1993).* Failures (a 17% increase from 1993).* Terminations (.3% increase from 1993).The Small Business Administration attributes these failures and the evolving higher percentages to the fact that there are now MORE small businesses in the United States overall, with a 49% increase in numbers since 1982.The Small Business Administration also states specifically that statistically, only one in seven can be considered a true “failure”, leaving unpaid obligations in their wakes. Others simply sell or shut their doors for a variety of other reasons.Since most business opportunities, at least initially, open with less than 100 employees (many are simply the owner, as sole owner and executor of all business “chores”), then most Biz Ops are indeed “small businesses” and as such all the pertinent failure statistics can be applied to them. What is really surprising and rather “staggering” is the fact that most business failures are not due to outside forces, but those that the business owner has complete control over! These issues included lack of marketing know-how, lack of record keeping, lack of management competence, lack of financial management, and other business basics such as controlling employees and the inability to seek outside assistance and advice!The wise business owner, whether or not involved in a business opportunity, will seek to learn and implement proper procedures, and investigate proper methods of operation throughout the life of a business.If this is done, a Biz Op owner, or any small business owner, has less of a chance of becoming the “latest failure statistic”!© Vishal P. Rao. All rights reserved.

The Sure Fire Way To Make Money With A Personal Computer

Edward Bulwer-Lytton stated “The pen is mightier than the sword.” These days, not may people use the pen to write with. More often they use typewriters or, even more frequently, computers and word processors. But make no mistake, the written word is still very powerful, and if you own a word processor you are sitting on top of one of the most powerful money-making machines ever created.Most people use their computer to do simple tasks, such as their taxes. Or they buy a word processor so their children can write term papers and get better grades in school. Very few people realize that their computers can make them money as well as fulfilling all of these other functions. If your computer is taking up desk space but not bringing you any extra income, it’s time for you to put that machine to work for you.Of course, the logical question is “How can my computer make money for me?” Computers are extremely versatile and can be programmed to do almost anything. Many different computer functions can be incorporated into a home-based business, but one of the easiest to master is the word processor. There are dozens of word processing programs on the market, and you should be able to master one in about five or six hours of practice. And,if you don’t have a computer, don’t worry. You can still cash in on this great business idea. many computer companies make word processing machines which are like super typewriters, combining the functions of both typewriters and computers.Once you are familiar with your word processor, look out! You will be ready to take on the world with your home-based, word- processing business.WORD PROCESSING RICHESUsing your word processor to make money is easy. In fact, it’s easy as finding someone who needs a document created and selling your service to them. Once you’ve read through the following suggestions, you will have lots of great ideas on how to use your computer to make money.NEWSLETTER WRITINGA successful company needs to keep their employees up to date on company activities (such as corporate buy outs, company recreational events, and policy changes) and trade news (such as new legislation affecting customers, competition news and manufacturer updates). The easiest and least expensive way to do all of this is through an employee newsletter.The problem with this is most companies especially smaller ones, do not have the capital to hire a full-time writer. Many companies attempt to designate someone within the organization to write their newsletter, but this person is not a writer, in fact the one in charge of the newsletter is usually the secretary. Using nothing more than a typewriter, she tries to produce a nice- looking newsletter in a few minutes she has to spare between projects. Needless to say, the result is usually less than spectacular.That’s where you and your word processor come in. Using your computer, you can easily put together a newsletter that looks very professional–with columns, bold headlines, graphs and even pictures. Bring a sample newsletter into a business and have the manager compare it to his current newsletter (if he has one at all). Then tell him that by subscribing to your newsletter service, productivity and profit will rise for two reasons. First, because he will not be paying someone from inside the company to write the newsletter. Second, his employees will work more efficiently because they will be better informed.Before you know it, you will have 10 to 15 companies paying you to write their newsletter, and will probably be just about all you can handle. Since each one will be paying you about $300 a month for the service, you will need to make the decision whether to continue to expand your service and hire more help, or simply relax and let the money keep rolling in.MAIL ORDER REPORTSFads and trends come and go, but one thing that will always sell is information. With your word processor, you have one of the best mediums for presenting information, and you can make a bundle doing just that.Just walk through your local book store or library and notice how many self-help, diet and how-to books there are. This should give you a feel how hungry consumers are for this type of information. Once you’ve read through a few of these types of books, you should know enough about the subject to write a brief five to ten page report. With the computer, you can make the report look very professional through the use of page numbers, double columns, pull quotes in the middle of the pages, and a bold catch title.When the paper is complete, it’s time for you to begin the marketing procedure. Take out an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper. Word the advertisement so that customers will be enticed to send you a check to learn more about the subject. Here are a few examples.Tired of reading through useless diet books? TRY THE SECRETS OF CONTROLLING YOUR WEIGHT. Just send $3 to…Plumbers charge over $100 dollars to make a house call. BE YOUR OWN PLUMBER, a new informed book, costs only $5. To order, send to…Since printing costs will be minimal (between 25 cents and $1 per report) most of the money you collect will go directly to profit. And, since these reports are easy to produce, you can use some of that income to write and print a new report and sell it the same way. See how easy it is to make the whole thing snowball?Here are some more subjects you can easily write brief reports and sell through the mail:* How To Grow A Garden * Selected Mexican Recipes * Stop Smoking * How To Paint Your House * Mail-Order Marketing * Making Your Own Patio Furniture * Camping Made Easy * Easy Baking TechniquesIf some of this appeal to you, think of something else. Just remember, the idea must appeal to a wide arrange of customers or you will not sell enough products to defray your production costs.TYPING SERVICEWhen you begin to use your computer, you will quickly see the advantages you have over a standard typewriter. You can easily check your spelling and grammar, set your margins and type face as you wish, and make universal changes throughout the document without retyping the entire thing.Because of these extensive features, your computer saves you time and effort when typing documents, and you can pass those savings on to your customers. With your computer, you can easily input a document, proofread it, give a draft copy to the customer for approval, make changes, then print a final version–all in less time than it would take a standard typist to type a single copy.This is one of the easiest businesses to run once you master your word processor because all you need to know is how to type, no other talents are required. If you have a modern (telephone hookup) for your computer, you can even send documents across the country or around the world just as easily as you can deliver them across the street.Your main concern in this business is finding customers who need typing done. Here are some customer suggestions and tips on how to get in touch with them:Writers: There are literally thousands of people in this country who enjoy writing either for a hobby or as a source of extra income. By running an ad in one of the many writers magazines (such as Writers Digest or The Writer) you will get responses from writers all across the country who want their manuscripts typed.Professionals: Small businesses often cannot afford the luxury of a secretary. Larger businesses sometimes have large projects to type but do not wish to hire someone extra. In either case an outside typist can be a valuable service.Students: Many high school and college students don’t have the time to type their own papers even if they do have the ability to. Especially during mid-terms or finals, a typing service can really make money at a school. Post flyers in every classroom and every bulletin board you can find.The only requirement you need to stick to in this business is accuracy. No matter who you are typing for, they will stand for less than 100 percent perfect documents. Always check, double check, then triple check your work before you send it to your clients.COMPUTING THE POSSIBILITIESAs you can see, with a computer or word processor, you can open up a whole new world of business opportunities. If you are one of the few business people who are still operating without one, you really should look into making that big purchase. While the initial capital outlay may seem high, a little ingenuity is all it takes to make the computer pay for itself.A lot of people have used computer to earn significant income already. You can even expand your traditional business onto Internet and pull more profits – your customers will be worldwide.If you want to get more detailed help for how to turn your computer into profit, turn your knowledge into money, you can visit http://www.best-internet-businesses.com.Once you understand how you can work on your computer, you are on your way for a big success for your home business.