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Home Business Startup Fears and How to Avoid Them

I AM AFRAID I WILL FAIL – WHAT SHOULD I DO?It is normal, and even wise, to feel some nervousness about starting any new venture. We have three suggestions to start with:1) Provide as much of a financial cushion for yourself as you can, before you begin. Any new business takes time to get started and begin to become financially viable. In fact, you may wish to start your home based business in your spare time while continuing to work at your “day job” for a while. You may wish to view it as a “hobby” for a while – until you gain the confidence to step out full time into a work from home business.2) Connect yourself with others who have already gone through what you are goingthrough now and come out on the other side.3) Get as much training as you can in the mechanics of using the internet and findingyour way through such obstacles as taxes, government regulations, legal issues and so on. The more you know about these things – or better yet the more you know about how to LOOK THEM UP the less fearful these things will be.The most basic internet search will lead you to sites and links which will give you step-by-step instructions for putting your home based business idea into effect. If you have a little start up money (and you should expect to need some) you can find, for a small fee, someone to design a web page for you or furnish you with all the forms you may need for administering your business in a professional way. Don’t forget – the idea is for you to make maximum use of your PERSONAL skills and interests. You don’t need to feel that you have to start out knowing EVERYTHING – no one does. But once you get in contact with others who have done this you will realize that if they can do it, you can.One thing that many beginners neglect in their eagerness to get started is proper preparation in the form of a solid business plan. Again, a quick search on the internet will lead you to ways to find good templates for business plans that you can use to plug in your particular information. This will not only be an invaluable asset in promoting your business but will serve to focus you on exactly what you want your business to be and to do. A good business is neither too narrow in focus (limiting your possibilities) or too wide (not having clear goals.) It is difficult to present to others exactly what you do if you do not have a clear idea yourself. Sometimes in writing a business plan a person realizes that want they truly want is something slightly different from what they originally envisioned. That’s good! Look for a good business plan design and then shape it to fit your ideas.People sometimes become discouraged early because they had too high an expectation of sitting back and watching the money roll in. You will see ads on TV which encourage this kind of expectation. Ignore them. Realize from the beginning that any business takes hard work and some disappointments before it gets off the ground. But isn’t that the case with a salaried job also? At least your hard work is going for something you are building for YOURSELF, not for someone else. And your early disappointments will give you valuable experience instead of knocking you down a step on the corporate ladder.Don’t forget, the internet – and the use of it – is the one thing that will DEFINITELY grow in the future. Remind yourself, too, that those thousands of people out there working at their own businesses cannot all be geniuses and you don’t have to be either!In part two we will explore the government, non-profit and paid services that can help you shed the fear you have about starting your home business.

Absolute Beginners Part 2

How to get off to a good start with your home based business.If you missed part one of this article, you will find it in my Home Business Workshop at http://www.huntingvenus.com/echbart1.htmOnce you have made the decision to work from home, you should spend some time in planning and preparation. Having decided that an internet home business is the right thing for you to take up, the decision needs to be made as to what type of home business would interest you and what type of business would be practical for you in your particular circumstances. I chose a Plug-in Profit SiteÔ (if you are not familiar with these, you can see all the details at my website) because it was ideal for someone like me who had no previous internet experience or technical knowledge, but also offered a great deal of flexibility.Making a few basic preparations at the start will give you a firm foundation on which to build your home based business.I assume that anybody who is seriously considering a career working on the internet will already have in place a firewall and good anti-virus software such as Panda, but I would suggest adding anti spyware and anti adware protection such as Spyware Blaster and No Adware plus Spybot Search and Destroy. These can be downloaded free. You are asked to make a donation to the site but it is not compulsory; you can go back later and donate if you are happy with the software. There is plenty of free software of this sort so, if you do not already know what you want, you can find plenty with a Google search.Next download Roboform. Whatever business you work at, you will be bound to have to fill in various forms online. Once you have typed your name, address, email, birth date etc into Roboform it will complete application forms with one mouse click. You can set up more than one identity within Roboform so, for instance, you can have one identity which uses your main email address and a separate one for advertising with a secondary email address. Roboform will also store all your log in IDs and passwords for every login page you use. It really is a brilliant device and can be downloaded absolutely free.Now that you have Roboform’s help it is time to get a new email account which should be kept entirely separate from your personal email account. You might need more than one additional email address depending upon what sort of business you are in. My first website was a Plug-in Profit Site (if you don’t know what that is you can see the details here: http://www.huntingvenus.com/pips.html) and one of the things I did when I started that, was to subscribe to several ezines. If you are going to join lots of mailing groups or subscribe to ezines, you will receive a great deal of email just from these sources; each one will send you at least one confirmatory email when you first sign up and these should be kept for reference. You can get free email accounts from Yahoo, Excite and numerous other places. AOL is to be avoided because of the way its email filters work (you might find that important mail is filtered out without you getting the chance to accept it).Next, sign up for free accounts with Pay Pal, Storm Pay and Int Gold as most online companies will pay you (or require you to pay them) through one of these. It is worth getting accounts with all of them before you start signing up for programmes: it is very annoying to be halfway through signing up and finding that payments will only be made through an account you do not have. If you are undertaking several ventures, you might want more than one account with each of the companies. The reasons for this are to keep the money separate and also that some companies want you to sign up under the same email address as your Pay Pal account (not many but it happens). You are permitted numerous free accounts but I would suggest one account should be opened with each company to start with unless you know you will definitely need another account. It is important to strike a balance between keeping things separate and having so many different accounts, you end up confused. These things are supposed to help you, not become a task in themselves.All this will not have taken you long to do and you now have the basis of an organised system to which you can add things as you go along.

Grow your network by organizing your business cards

Do you give out and collect business cards at networking events or when you are introduced to a new friend? What do you usually do with these cards?While giving out and collecting business cards are the fastest way to establish contact, how do we actually put these name cards into use? Here are some tips:-
Store the business cards in alphabetical order for easy reference.

Write notes at the back of the card to help you remember important points such as date you receive the card, how do your new friend looks like, what do you plan to do with this contact, his hobby and his family history (if interesting).

Collect several cards from each mobile porn contact to make referrals later. Eventually, your new friend becomes your good friend.

If you prefer to do manual records, you can consider sliding an empty card behind each business card to record your contact history with that person (when you called, did you make referrals, when was the last time you met them etc.).
Looking at how useful business cards are, it is important for us to store the business cards systematically into cardholders. If you are hardworking, categorize the business cards into:– prospective clients- those whom you want to build relationship and maintain contact with, and- others (for reference only)This way, you can quickly start approaching the prospective clients, plan what you want to do with the second group and dispose the third group when you card holder is full. However, think twice before you dispose the cards. Safest thing to do is to get a cardholder that holds a large number of cards in alphabetical order. Just divide each alphabet into 3 sections.The secret to organizing your business cards is to be consistent and to make sure it is updated all the time in order to keep the information at your fingertips. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll find your business growing and networking is a piece of cake!If you do not have business cards yet, we suggest you get at least a box of it today. You can use it when running your own business or simply to keep connected with friends and family. We recommend you take a look at Vistaprint, which offers free business cards worth $250. However, you’ll need to pay the shipping cost. Still, its a deal! You’ll get professional quality printing and 30 design choices.

What Do You Wish For?

My wish is to retire from work at the age of thirty and work at home on the internet.Two years to go, and I believe it is a possible and hopefully will come true. Tired and weary I come home from work, get the chores done and settle down to work on the PC.From a complete newbie six months ago I am learning fast and my first site is on page 25 of google. OK! I know you need to be in the first three pages of the search to do any good, but I am getting there slowly.Linking is the biggest chore, but every one knows that to be successful, links are one of the magic words.Keywords are another and they do require some research, Its no use adding any old words. Is your site a business website or perhaps health, or cookery etc.? Do your home work and search for those elusive keywords that will help your site, make sure your meta keywords only contain the keywords that you have placed on your website.(New content) Your website is never complete, don’t let it stagnate with just four or five pages and then expect it to get to no 1. This won’t happen unless you are a very lucky person.Ad new content and pages, build your website over time, ad items of interest. No they won’t make you any money but they will keep your visitors on your site for longer, and who knows they might spy that program or ad and decide to go for it making all your work worthwhile.Although you have a business website do not fill it with loads and loads of job opportunities or ads, give your callers something different, they will find your site more interesting and call back at intervals to see whats new.Be prepared to read and visit forums for information, if you are not sure about something there are loads of tutorial sites on the web. You can learn about anything and every thing it is a mine of information as you probably know already.

Internet Based Business Models – Part 1

Getting Started At Home in Your Very Own BusinessInternet Based Business Models – Part 1I’m going to congratulate you again.By reading this you are already displaying the #1 most vitalingredient to enjoying success.. persistence. Keep it up!This time I want to talk more about the choices you haveavailable to you as a person wanting to get started in yourvery own business.There are so many ways to do it I couldn’t possibly coverthem all here. But since my expertise is in using theInternet to build a business, that’s what I’ll teach you.We will just skim over the different ways for now, but don’tworry because we’ll re-visit them later for a closerinspection.Let’s have a look at the different ways to do it:Turn-Key Business – this type of business is great if youare a complete novice and just starting out. They arecalled ‘turn-key’ because everything is set up ready foryou to start immediately, that is, you just turn the key.Usually, turn-key businesses are in the network marketingindustry. That’s a dirty word to some but an effective wayto make massive dollars if you are prepared to do it. Someof my income comes from this type of business.Affiliate Programs – a simple arrangement where you directcustomers to a merchant and receive a commission oneverything the customer buys. It can be anything fromtropical holidays to pen sets to downloadable ebooks.Many online merchants have an affiliate program in place,which you can easily sign up for. Then you send people tothe web address the affiliate program gives you. I make alot of my dollars from affiliate programs.Drop Shipping – this time you are the merchant. But beforeyou say ‘not for me’ listen to this. You don’t have to seethe product, touch the product or even purchase the productthat you sell.This is how it works. You find a product that is availablefrom a wholesaler that you could sell for a profit (I’llshow you where to find them later). You set yourself up asa merchant with a website (easier than it sounds, I’ll alsotell you more about this in a later issue). Then you getvisitors to your site, through advertising or searchengines like ‘Google’.Every time someone buys, you send the order to thewholesaler, they will send the product to the customer andsend you a bill. You pay the bill from the customer’s moneyand the left-over is your profit.Sounds tedious but there are ways to automate the process torun without you doing much at all. I’ve never tried dropshipping but done a lot of reading and no some peoplemaking over 7 figures with this method (yes, 7 figures!).OK, these are a few models for you to think about, butthat’s not all by a long shot. I’m spreading them out overa couple of issues so you have the chance to do a littleextra research and think them over.Until next time, remember persistence pays off – BIG TIME.Your Friend,

Why You Fail in the Internet Home Business?

A lot of people have tried the Internet home businesses that are widely spread in the internet industries nowadays. In contrary, often we heard people that are making hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month from internet home business. Well, you might say that they are all liars in the industry, but in fact, they really do make those money! Wonders why and how they can do it, while you don’t? You just keep watching from your computer or news, how this guy and that guy making millions of dollars from their computer! It’s time for you to move on! When other people know how to do it, believe in yourself that you can do it as well!Now, you asked yourself what you did wrong in the internet home business. You have worked hard for it, and you spent hours in front of your computer trying to make your business success. It’s getting you fell frustrated about it. Everything seems so wrong, and then you started felt that’s all internet home business are nothing more than scams. You screamed out loud but nobody seems to care.Here are some tips that you might want to consider deeply before you pulled all your hairs out.Make sure the company that you are working with is reliable and admitted by any credible institution such as BBB (Better Business Bureau) and US Chamber of Commerce. You don’t want to end up working with some junk companies that are in business for less than 5 years then disappear. It happens a lot in cyber space. People set up a fictive company with a killing web site, and then after they got your money, they just run away and disappear. So, my best advice for you is do an extensive research for the company before you decided to join their programs or network marketingAnother problem occurred when you have chosen the right and perfect company to work with. You asked yourself what to do and where to start. Then you started by looking for several resources how to start your business smoothly. You bought some best seller book, went to marketing website that told you how to run the business, etc. Yet you still feel like don’t know where to start. You wanted to scream once again because you have done all the internet books are saying but seems like you are lost in cyber space.Here, you started to realize that you need some real people to support you, not an auto-responder, not a machine! That’s why you need to find out how is the support’s system in the network marketing you are about to join. You have to find where the supports are coming from the experts from the industry and people are eager to help each other. You absolutely need a team that supports you, not only when you started the business, but as long as you stayed in the business!When you found the team, go deeper! Try to find a solid team with a solid support. A team that can walk with you when you start doing the business, help you to convince your prospect, and pull your hand when your spirit is down. It seems not that important when you first start with a home business, because your eyes are blocked by how wonderful the program pays you, how fast you can be rich, etc. Believe me, the “Team” is important to help you success.Find company that not only pays you well, but give you some training how to start the business! Other than a perfect company and good team support, you will need a step by step training that tells you how to do the business in nutshells. I know that you can get “How to” books or e-books anywhere in internet that shows you how to run an e-commerce, but how about training that are given by people that done the actual business with the company successfully? You surely need that! So, you can learn from people that are already expert with the products that the company sells!After all the support you got, you still fail in the business! Most people start the internet home business with the wrong mindset! That’s right, the mindset! They thought that after join the business, they’ll get rich instantly. Boom! In just couple days, weeks, or months! No! The internet only helps you to work more efficiently and effectively, the rest of it depends on you! You need to work and do the real job, only this time you don’t need to drive. You can do it from the comfort of your home.Ok, ok, now what? You might think that you have done everything, but you still failed in this business. The next one is Consistency and Persistency. Yup, you need that. If you are sure you did all the above points, you need to be consistence and persistence in doing this business. This actually is much related with one’s mindset when he/she started the business. If you think you’ll get rich soon, you won’t stay long after you found out that you haven’t earned a penny. But if you know that you have to work for the business and never stop to learn the internet marketing, with the right programs and companies, you will get a black porn fortune from the cyber space like those young and rich internet youngsters.So, good luck! And see you at the top!

Partnering For Progress and Growth

Many home-based entrepreneurs are gaining new ground with partnering arrangements. Although it takes many shapes, the core of the partnering concept is two or more businesses teaming up to achieve together what they can’t do alone. Partnering with other businesses can help you offer a broader product or service package to a particular market segment, provide the resources to handle a single major project, or organize resources to meet your customers’ needs. Whatever the scenario, partnering gives you the image of seamless capacity typically associated with large corporations. Even though it has been around for a while, don’t expect to find fixed rules for individual partnering agreements. With the concept rapidly evolving, some partnerships resemble entities unto themselves; others parallel outsourcing or subcontracting relationships. Some business owners partner only under carefully drawn contracts; others do it on a handshake. What’s important is developing an arrangement that satisfies all parties involved. Partnering allows very niche-oriented businesses to serve clients’ complex needs and to compete against large firms that have all the necessary staff in-house. Partnering also allows you to handle a large one-time project without actually hiring employees.Another advantage of partnering is it provides a home-based business the opportunity to grow substantially without having to move to a commercial location.Get It In WritingWhile partnering enthusiasts claim there are no serious drawbacks to the process, you should still proceed with caution, especially in the beginning. Formalize your agreement with a detailed written contract that clearly defines each partner’s role and responsibilities. The contract covers what each is responsible for and what the compensation will be. It also includes short and long-term goals. The process of drawing up the contract forces you to think things through and be sure both are on the same page before starting. A business relationship is like a marriage-it takes work and sometimes you have to compromise. Just like a marriage certificate doesn’t guarantee a happy relationship, a contract doesn’t guarantee a successful partnership.Even so, a contract can provide the foundation of a mutually beneficial business relationship and give you processes to end the alliance should that become necessary. Think about all the things that could go wrong and how you would deal with them. What if one of the partners wants out? If the partnership splits up, who keeps the clients? Who signs contracts? How will you handle a situation where one partner fails to fulfill his or her obligation? Consider the issue of liability not only from the legal perspective but also as it pertains to image. What happens if one of the partners either performs poorly or fails to perform at all? An attorney can review your agreement and advise you so you’re protected against legal liability, but you may still be putting your reputation at risk. Take the time to get to know a prospective partner, gain confidence in his or her abilities and reliability, and check references. Where do you find good partners? They’re pretty much everywhere. Clients may also serve as the milf porn catalyst for a partnership, or contacts may be made through various networks. As successful as partnering can be, don’t rush into it. Define your niche and your client base, and develop trust with your clients first. Once your business is established on its own, then look for ways to enhance it through partnerships. Copyright 2004 DeFiore Enterprises

What is an Affiliate Program and How Can it Make Me Money?

You may have heard the buzz terms, ‘affiliate programs’ or ‘associate programs’.  Chances are your think of them in one of two ways, either – it’s got to be another one of those Internet ‘work at home’ scams.  Or, “That’s just out of my league.”Promoting affiliate programs is in fact an attractive and viable way to initiate multiple residual income streams.  It’s not a get rich quick scheme.  In fact, to be successful it takes a great deal of work and persistence.  It also requires flexibility and an inquisitive nature that embraces trying new ways of marketing until you find something that works for your target audience.What is an affiliate program?  Thousands of established businesses set up affiliate programs in order to have people like you promote their products or services.  When you sign up for an affiliate program you are given a link with your own unique id embedded into it.  With your own unique link it then becomes your job to promote the affiliate program and drive traffic to the businesses website.  You never handle sales or products, but each time an interested prospect visits the website through your link and actually purchases something you earn a commission.  One of the most effective ways to promote affiliate programs is to find a subject that you are passionate about.  Something that (humility aside), you may even consider yourself an expert of.  Take that subject and develop a website that is devoted to it.Building a website does not have to be intimidating.  There are a tremendous amount of resources available to you to help you build one.  You could also have the template of a website designed for you, or you could purchase a website at a price that may surprise you.  Once you have your website built, you will submit it to the major search engines and every day set some time aside to promote your website.  At the same time, find affiliate programs that complement your content and ad their banner ads or text links to your website.  Working with a subject you love insures that you won’t become bored with the website.  The more content that you add to your site and the more you promote it, the more traffic you will get.  It could take a good year to get the site to the point where you are actually surprised at how well it is doing.  At that point, it seems to almost effortlessly improve itself.The key is to draw your visitors to the website because you have terrific content.  It is even more effective to offer a newsletter that your visitors can opt-in to.  This way you can send them monthly newsletters with articles that will interest them, convincing them to frequent your site over and over again.  You can also include the affiliate program links in your newsletters as well.In the end, you have indulged in promoting a topic that you are knowledgeable and passionate about; while at the same time have initiated a residual income from.  Now you will have even more expertise and confidence, and the next site will be a piece of cake!

How I Learned to Make $100K per Month: The #2 Thing I Learned You Must Have in a Successful Home Bus

Have you ever heard the expression–”Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself”? If so, you may have been promised, “Full Support”…”Full Training”…”We’re here to help you every step of the way.” And then, they failed you every time.FACT: Most people don’t want to leave their jobs simply because they don’t feel confident enough to be in business by themselves. They fear that they don’t have the tools to succeed on their own. And the truth is…they probably don’t. Whether they have a business degree or not, most people don’t have the know-how to create true wealth in their lives. And, that is precisely why people stay in their jobs and make their boss rich.FACT: Most home businesses don’t give you the support you need to be successful. Too many people are in it for themselves or don’t have the time to help you succeed because they are still slaving away trying to make their own venture succeed.I have been in both places. Franchises, Brick & Mortars, the all-promising MLM–you name it–I have been completely alone without any guidance or support AND I have had heard all the empty promises there are. I can tell you…it is one of the most frustrating and discouraging places to be out there.I remember a few times a buddy of mine tried teaching me some steps he took along the way. But, he was only making $30,000 a year! In hindsight, why would I listen to a guy, friend or not, who was making below the average America income?I wanted more. I wanted to never have to worry about money again. And, I knew that the steps I had taken this far had gotten me no where. There I was fixing windshields for a living in the Arizona heat day in day out… I knew I had to go in a completely new direction and I knew that I needed help to get there.When I was introduced to the system that I have used consistently for 2 years now, I was immediately given a mentor to guide me every step of the way. This mentor was already making multiple six-figures and showed me how to duplicate the same results.So, the number 2 most important thing that I have learned along the road of finding a successful home business is, by far, LIVE training and support. Without it, I would be in the same spot I was in, wandering around aimlessly. Someone must lead you. If you want to make $300,000 a year, you must be lead by someone who has been there and done that. If you want to be a millionaire, like I did, you will need a millionaire to train you.With the help of LIVE support, I was able to make $19,000 my first month.The system I use now offers 13 LIVE training calls every week and if I happen to miss one, I can always listen to the recorded version 24/7. These training calls are given by experienced six and seven figure earners. At first, I was amazed at how these people donated their time to guide me and others toward our success. But now, I understand. Now, I donate my time and give back what I have learned.If you would like to know more about how I can teach you to make $100K a month, please visit my website: www.ezmillionaire.com.

Living a Relaxing and Profitable Lifestyle with the 80/20 Rule

RelaxIn this article, you will learn some simple and effective ways to live a more relaxing and profitable home business lifestyle. Many of us started out with a picture of ourselves working less and ended up working just as much or even more than we ever imagined we would. Managing your time can become a major headache. Are you ready to see the shuffle drift away?Family, friends, errands and fun are a few of the important factors in living a relaxing and profitable lifestyle – lets look at how you can delegate your time for a more easy going home work environment.The 80/20 Rule – Pareto’s LawVilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist, observed in 1906 that in his country, 80% of the wealth was owned by 20% of the population. After his observation, others took notice of the 80/20 idea in many other areas of life.In the 1930s and 1940s, Dr. Joseph Juran observed what he called the “vital few and trivial many”. Dr. Juran’s principal goes something like: 20% of something is responsible for 80% of the results. This has long since been known as Pareto’s Principle or the 80/20 Rule.Find Your ‘Vital Few’The following metaphor has worked well for many people; if you have a hard time visualizing then this may throw you off; stick with us, this can be of great benefit to you.The MetaphorZoom out and take a look at everything that comprises your home business. Imagine seeing all of your tasks sitting on a table – Watch as one side of the table lifts upward and your tasks begin sliding towards the edge. Pay close attention to see the tasks that slide the least – see the tasks that stay on the table – these are your ‘vital few’. Pick up the ‘trivial many’ from the floor and see yourself putting these in a very big box.Now, picture your self putting your ‘vital few’ tasks that were left on your mental table in a small box – imagine that you keep this box on your desk. Now, mentally take the big box and put it out of site…let it fade away for now.Read on and see how we will utilize these ideas to free up some of our time.For some of you, it will be hard to figure out what your vital tasks are from this visualization; I urge you to analyze your tasks on paper. Take a sheet of paper and make one line down the center from top to bottom and one line across the middle, side to side. Choose one of the four boxes and write your ‘vital few’ tasks; dedicate the other 3 boxes to your ‘trivial many’. Use a pencil and eraser, sometimes the trivial stuff becomes vital.Make TimeYou probably already have some sort of daily routine that you follow to complete your tasks. Focus only on the ‘vital few’ in this time; your work will take less time than you are used to. Now, make some time to relax, take care of some non business chores or just hang out with your family or some friends.Tomorrow, or will it be the next day, focus on the ‘vital few’ and get some work done. When you’re done with your ‘vital few’, go over to the big box (metaphor) and get out some of your ‘trivial many’ – work for a while.Switch DailyDay 1, work on your vital tasks and then take time off. On day 2, work on your vital tasks and then accomplish some of your trivial tasks. For day 3, work on your vital tasks and then go have some fun. Day 4 – work on your vital tasks and get some of the trivial stuff done too. Repeat the process during your weekdays and take at least one whole day off on the weekend.For all of your hard work, you deserve free time. Don’t let the trivial parts of your home business take up all of your personal time; enjoy life and remember to stay relaxed.SummaryFind the important tasks and take care of them daily; Find the not so important tasks and only work on them every other day. On the days in between the not so important tasks, spend some time doing what you enjoy (besides working) and remember, don’t forget to enjoy a full day off here and there.Copyright © Chris Brown