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Managing Your Home Based Online Business – 2

In the first part of this series of articles, on managing your online business at home, I wrote about the many management responsibilities and functions you have rolled into one if you have your own sole proprietor business, with no staff. Your management task is perhaps the most difficult of all. You have to manage yourself, in all those different areas of your business such as finance, marketing, purchasing and computing.I believe that if you think of your new home business as having different areas of management for you to concentrate on, you are more likely to succeed long term. If you can adopt some of the techniques of good management, you will end up with a more sound business that will stand the test of time. You will be a better decision maker, and it is decisions that dictate the progress or downfall of any business. Decision making needs to be unemotional and as scientific as possible, but as much as anything needs to be based on common sense. Good management is often a matter of common sense, and that is why I believe you, whatever your background, can run a successful business limited only by your ambitions.The other virtue you will need in abundance is patience, and this an area where you definitely need to manage yourself. Impatience brings emotion into your decision making. It also brings self criticism, or criticism of others, when none is either deserved or necessary. Patience, realism and common sense combined will contribute greatly to making you a good business manager. With those three attributes, you will be well placed to learn the skills of management in the context of your own small business. You will be able to learn how the different functions of a business relate to each other and interact.That is not easy, but over time, if you apply yourself, it will all fall into place. This is where patience is vital. Your age or background do not necessarily matter. I know that in my late 20′s I did not really understand business and how it all fitted together. At 30, I knew I needed some sort of professional qualification, and I decided on management accountancy. The syllabus was tough, with 18 exams over 2 and a half to 5 years. What surprised me was the variety of subjects to cover. There were exams in company law, business law, economics, corporate planning, marketing, production, decision making, cost accounting, management accounting, mathematics and statistics. Each subject was very different. Then, at the end, I suddenly realized that all of them knitted together. The ones I hated (law) and loved (marketing) all had a place in the scheme of things.You, of course, have no need to study or be an expert in all of those things. But it does help to at least be aware that some of them are, in their own way, critical to your success. If you are taking a long term view of things, which you should be if you are serious about having your own home business, you have plenty of time to learn about those subjects that are most critical for your business:FinanceWhatever your business, this is a very critical function for you to understand and manage, so when it comes to learning all you can, financial management is a priority. Much of this is again common sense, and realism, and there are many tools around to help you keep good financial records. But as I mentioned before, it is decisions that dictate the progress or downfall of any business. All decisions you make will have a financial impact on your business. However, good financial records alone will not bring the reward of better decision making. If you want to maximize the profits of your home business, you may find it helps to have other, non-financial records to aid your decisions. I will discuss this more in part 3 of this series of articles.MarketingMarketing is what I love most about business, and it is equally important to finance in all free enterprises. With an online business, the marketing side is an ever moving area of expertise. Offline, marketing has long since stabilised. Online, it has not stabilised at all; it is still developing and evolving. You need to be aware of what’s happening in the world of internet marketing, what has happened, and what is likely to happen. Always remember, though, there will always be a financial impact of your marketing decisions. You are obviously prepared to take risks, as you have started or are starting an online business at home. As the manager of your business you will need to balance the financial and marketing conflicts as they arise. You have to strike the right balance. If the finance director in you is too risk averse, you may stifle the growth of your business. If the marketing director in you is too cavalier, and unrealistic about sales prospects, you may ruin your business in one or two rash decisions. More on this in part 4.ComputingIf you are working online full time, or even part time, you will always need to be looking out for developments in the arenas of software and the internet itself, and maybe at times hardware. You may come across software that either improves your efficiency, makes life much easier or takes you into a new and better way of working. This is another area where knowledge is power. You need to be competitive, and sometimes you will come across new software that will make you more competitive. Try to keep abreast of things in the software marketplace, as it affects your business.Time ManagementWhile not a function like finance or marketing, when you work at home alone you will find that time management becomes key to your success and enjoyment of working from home. It is a subject you should always be aware of and make conscious decisions about. I will write more on this topic in part 5.The above are just the key areas where you need to view your business from a management viewpoint, and the list of course is not exhaustive. However, pay attention to these from a manager’s perspective, and you should benefit in the long run. You will take the leap from being “employee” to “boss”, even if you are the only one you can be “boss” to.

How to Start a Photo Mug Business For Fun and Profit

With a photo mug business you can provide personalized services to people and make money. You have seen people with pictures of their children, or grandchildren on their coffee mugs, and have thought it was a neat idea. That neat idea could be your next career.The best way to start a photo mug business is to purchase a franchise or license. Though the purchase price can be several thousands of dollars, it gives you all the equipment you will need, as well as training, support and guidelines for advertising.If you are having trouble financing your photo mug business, consider creating a business plan. This plan will not only help you get financing, it will help you ensure you have all the correct licenses, insurance and adhere to all local, state, and federal regulations for your business. This is extremely important because you don’t want to be penalized by a government agency or shut down because you do not comply with the laws.Complete the photo mug business plan and budget. This will let you know whether you are purchasing a franchise, license, building your business from the ground up, how much money you will need to get your venture started, and whether you are going to rent store space, a kiosk in the local mall, or have a virtual store on the internet. You will need to put a copy of all licenses and insurance in your business plan as well. Remember this document is living, and needs to be reviewed annually and changes made as necessary.With your business plan ready, create a proposal explaining the photo mug business venture. Show these documents to private investors, banks, and the Small Business Administration. Do not get discouraged if no one wants to help, just reevaluate your proposal and business plan and try again. But chances are you will not need financing and if you do it should be for less then $10,000.If you have decided not to purchase a franchise or license, you will probably need financing and the business plan is the best way to finance your photo mug business. You will have a lot of equipment to purchase and will probably have a period of time within the first year where you encounter a trial and error of all services. Expect and plan for this in the business plan and you will more than likely get the financing you will need.Whichever option you choose, once you get your equipment start playing with it and making items for your photo mug business. If you decided to work in a store or kiosk, find the location now if you have not already. If you are going virtual, purchase your domain name and purchase your web site host. Many will help you create your web site and have payment options for customers as part of the cost of hosting the web site.Your web site should be full and have lots of variety of product, but it should not look disorganized or cluttered. Make sure like products are together. Your photo mug business web site should also be search engine optimized with keywords that rate high with search engines. Join affiliation groups as well. To make money on the internet costs a little to ensure marketing and drive traffic to your site. The more traffic, the more profit.Keep up to date with the trends by subscribing to the parent company newsletters and industry periodicals. Check out books and web sites to watch the competition. This keeps your business healthy and keeps the profits growing.Also, attend any seminars or conventions associated with photo mug businesses. These can give you tips on marketing your business, new equipment that is available, how to expand your business and much more. It is imperative you keep current of trends and keep your customers happy.You will also want to review your business plan annually. You may want to expand by adding a web site if you have a real store or adding a store if you have a web site. Or you may want to expand by offering brochures, flyers, and other business promotional services. This is a business that will always have customers and can always expand.

Have Fun, Make Money – Get Paid to Do What You Love

A little creativity can go a long way toward helping you make money doing things you enjoy. Take a look at some of the suggestions here, then think about ways you can get paid to do what you love to do.Get paid to shop – Mystery shopping is a great way to make money in your spare time by providing valuable customer service feedback to businesses. It’s flexible and fun, and just about anyone can do it. The most important quality you need is to be reliable. It also helps to be observant and have good writing skills. Mystery shopping is done around the world, so there are probably mystery shops being done in your neighborhood right now. For more information, get a copy of The Mystery Shopper’s Manual at http://www.idealady.com/. The book includes a list of 150 companies hiring shoppers across the US and Canada and around the world, along with lots of insider tips.Get paid to talk – You’ve seen those people handing out samples in the grocery store or demonstrating a product at the home show. They get paid to do that, and you can, too. To be good at this, you need an outgoing personality. You have to be willing to speak up and get people to try what you’re offering, take a coupon, or watch your demonstration. You can find these jobs by watching the help wanted ads in your local newspaper. For more information, see http://www.narms.com/.Get paid to party – Direct sales companies, such as Tupperware, Pampered Chef and others, offer a great way to make extra money or launch a lucrative new career. You get paid to go to parties, do product demonstrations and take orders. You set your own schedule, so you can fit work into your life, not try to squeeze life in around a job. For more information, see the Direct Selling Association at http://www.dsa.org/.Don’t want to be a sales representative? You can get free products by hosting a party in your home. Look for a local representative in your phone book and ask how you can earn free products by hosting a party.Get paid to be in the movies – You don’t have to live in Hollywood to be an extra in a movie or TV show. Your city or state probably has a film commission where you can get information about upcoming productions. Do an Internet search for “film commission” and your city or state to find them. My local film commission regularly lists opportunities to be an extra in movies or TV shows, be a crew member on an independent film, or even to get paid to be in the audience of a TV show.Get paid to drive – If it seems as if you are always in your car, or your car is often parked in a high-traffic area, you can use your car to make money by getting it painted with an ad. Advertisers look at what kind of car you drive, its condition, where and how much you drive, how many people see the car when it’s parked and other factors when choosing cars for these promotions. If you and your car are what they’re looking for, they will pay you to show their ad on your car. (More info: http://www.autowraps.com/)Get paid for your opinions – Participating in focus groups and other market research doesn’t provide regular income, and there are often limits on how often you may participate. However, I’ve got lots of opinions, and I’m always happy when I can get paid for them! I’ve been paid for opinions on music, clothes, and even the scent of a laundry product. You can increase your chances of getting selected by registering with market research companies. Check your phone directory or the local mall to find one in your area.There are also many places online where you can get paid to write opinions or reviews, or to fill out surveys. Make sure you understand how you will be paid before spending a lot of time on this. Many sites pay in credits that can only be redeemed with them, but some pay in cash.Get paid to do your own thing – When you can make money doing something you love to do, it doesn’t feel like work at all. My main career involves speaking and writing, both things I enjoy. I’ve also been paid for my opinions, made money as a mystery shopper and been a movie extra! Use your imagination to find ways to make money while doing what you enjoy. I call it “Solo-reneuring” and that’s how I’ve made my living for more than eight years. Do you love animals? Start a pet sitting or dog walking service. If you enjoy crafts, dance or playing an instrument, you may be able to teach a class or offer private instruction to people who want to learn what you know. For more information about Solo-preneuring, see http://www.idealady.com/solo.htm.General information – When considering any of these opportunities, make sure you understand what you will be asked to do and how you will be compensated. Then you can decide if it is worth your time and effort.Be careful about paying to be listed in data bases. Some companies charge you to apply with no guarantee of work. You may be paying for a legitimate opportunity, or you may just be saying goodbye to $20 or more. Find out what you will get before paying a fee.You probably won’t get rich doing these things, but you can get paid to do things you enjoy. Even if you don’t make a million dollars, your life will be richer for the joy and satisfaction you get from your work–and you’ll have at least a few extra dollars in your pocket!

Tuesdays Were Bad. Now They’re Up 122%.

Tuesdays were bad.I just checked my sales statistics using Excel and pivot tables (more on that later). Over the first 40 weeks of this 2004, I increased sales for my “bad Tuesdays” by 122%. I used Microsoft Excel to compare the sales for my first 20 weeks over the last 20 weeks. The sales are up 122%.Do you have a bad sales day that need’s fixing? Here’s my short advice on how to improve your bad sales day.
Keep excellent sales data (by day, by product, by sales price).

Analyze your black porn sales data using Microsoft Excel’s pivot tables to understand what your worst sales day happens to be.

Keep your sales lists and auto responder lists in excellent shape with Excel and a service named 1ShoppingCart.

Mass email useful information and sales offers on your “bad sales day”.
#1: Keep excellent sales data (by day, by product, by sales price).However you sell your e-book, software, or service, keep track of the data using something, preferably Excel. I currently use http://www.clickbank.com for my e-book sales and whenever I receive an email sales notice I capture the sale, process it through Excel, and add it to my Excel sales database. Here’s a non-technical translation.ClickBank sends me an email notice of a sale. I then Edit – Copy the sales information from my email. Then I switch over into Microsoft Excel. I then Edit – Paste my sales data into Excel. Then I format my sales data in Excel so I can use it in my database. Life is good.#2: Analyze your sales data using Microsoft Excel to understand what your worst sales day happens to be.Even beginning Excel users have used Data – Sort in Excel to sort things and then count the results of their sorts. Unfortunately, when they count they do so manually. I don’t use that technique; I use an Excel technique called a pivot table.Explaining a pivot table in one paragraph is too difficult. Let’s just say that Excel pivot tables are like simple databases on steroids. They sort AND THEY COUNT. Great stuff. You must learn them if you are serious about your sales. I can teach you pivot tables with a two page write-up of mine. Even if you hate math, you’ll love Excel pivot tables.Using Microsoft Excel pivot tables I was able to sort AND COUNT my sales for all days Monday through Sunday. That’s when I discovered that Tuesday was clearly my worst corporate sales day.#3: Keep your sales lists and auto responder lists in excellent shape with Excel and 1ShoppingCart.All of my e-book sales are currently stored in my Excel e-book sales spreadsheet. All of my opt-in visitors (1000+ and growing after one month) are kept in a service named 1ShoppingCart. I use 1ShoppingCart for my auto responders and other services. If you are serious about using auto responders effectively (and integrating auto responders with shopping carts) I recommend you click on [http://1shoppingcart.24by7success.com] .#4: Mass email useful information and sales offers on your “bad sales day”.Point #4 is pretty interesting: Send out mass emails with useful information and sales offers on your “bad sales day”. Yesterday, on my “bad sales day”, I didn’t send out any sales special. I just sent out a free PDF file with educational Excel information for my customers and visitors. The result? My readers rewarded me with even more purchases.So to summarize, if you want to change your worst sales day into a good sales day follow this advice. First, keep excellent sales records in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Second, analyze your sales data with Excel so you can identify your worst sales day. Third, keep your sales lists and auto responder lists in great shape with Excel and 1ShoppingCart. Finally, send out useful emails and sales offers on your worst sales day.Yesterday I set a normal sales day record. It was the best normal sales day ever. Would you care to guess what day it was?Best wishes from Chicago, IL, USA, for setting records with your “bad sales days”.Copyright 2004 Richard Kraneis

10 Ways to Set Up a Home Office without Blowing Your Budget

1. Look for rebates on basic office supplies. Check sales circulars for special offers and rebates on items you will use all the time.2. Sign up for customer loyalty programs at office supply stores. Many offer bonus points for initial purchases, and you will receive specials and coupons because you are a member.3. Ask friends and family if they have any desks, chairs, bookcases, etc. they are replacing- tell them you will be glad to take any items they don’t want. This can get your office furnished as you are starting out.4. Garage sales can yield very inexpensive items such as bulletin boards, file boxes, desk organizers, and storage crates.5. Search the internet for low cost business cards and promotional items. Vista Print is a popular choice offering free business cards- you pay only shipping. http://www.vistaprint.com6. Online auction sites are great resources for deals on items such as shipping supplies and ink cartridges.7. Sign up for a 6 month no interest credit card to get you started with inventory and supplies- just make sure you have a plan in place to pay off the balance in full before the no interest period ends.8. Check with different banks and credit unions to see which offers the best deal for checking accounts and various banking services.9. Don’t overlook the obvious- dollar stores are great resources for pens, pencils, notepads and calendars.10. Search for websites offering free or low cost advertising to get your company name out there.Remember, as your business grows, so will your budget! You can always upgrade furnishings later. Focus first on keeping your space functional and organized so that looking for things doesn’t take time away from the most important task in building your business- working on milf porn income producing activities.

I have a Low Income, How Can I Start My Own Home Base Online Business?

If you meet prospects that have a problem with their monthly income, and it will take them a long time to consider joining your online business, here is the tips for you:1. Let them know that to get the initial investment for internet marketing is from their SAVING, not from their monthly INCOME. Most of the time I always mention to my teammates “It doesn’t matter how much money you can earn, but the most important thing is how much money you can save from your INCOME”. So, its worth to have $2000 as your monthly but you can save $500 monthly, compare to have $5000 monthly income, but your monthly expenses are also $5000.2. Convince your prospects that as their up line, you will help them. If your prospect said to you “OK, I will use my saving as the Initial Investment, but I only have several hundreds dollar which is only enough for my 6 months investment in home-based business; what if after 6 months I still do not get my down line, then what should I do?” It means that you as their Up line, you have to pay extra attention to them so that within the shortest time, they will be able to get their bonus that can cover their monthly internet business expenses. But again, if you have prospects afraid that their saving will running out before they success, then here is my tips: tell them “As your up line, I can not promise you anything, but I will help you as far as I can so that you will be able to get your bonus that can cover up your monthly online business expenses.3. If the prospect have a very minimum saving, or cartoon porn even do not have saving, ask them to start saving their money, so that they will be able to have a minimum investment to start their online business. If they really do not have saving and not intend to save, just forget them and move to your other prospects. But if they do have intention to save, encourage them again and again, probably in a couple of weeks or months, they will be able to have an enough saving to start their online business. What will you do if you want to open a cafeteria that need $ 550 as the initial investment meanwhile you do not have money now? Of course you will start to save right? If it is necessary you will try to get a loan. It is the same with your online business. If your prospects have a minimum income and minimum saving, keep motivate them to save their income, so they will have enough saving to start online business. It doesn’t matter how much money your income is, but it is really matter how much money you can save from your income.

Home-Based Business Safety and Security Issues

Anyone that operates a business from home knows that home-based business security issues often come up. This is just part and parcel of running any home-based business.Realistically, in order to mobile porn be successful at a home-based business, a business owner needs to release their address and phone number to potential clients or buyers eventually. Even if this is not done, it is rather easy for potential clients and buyers to research and discover the phone number and location of a home-based business.Therefore, it can be harrowing at times, for home-based business owners in the issues of safety and security, especially if their home-based business is indeed, in their home, exposing their family members to security and safety issues and risks, as well as themselves.This is not to say that undue measures should be taken, or that undue fear should pervade. A home-based business is really at no more risk of crimes against person or property than a personal residence or any other type of business.Pre-cautionary measures should however, within normal guidelines be employed, to prevent any untoward occurrences during the course of a business day and after office hours. These measures can include, but should not be limited to the following:1. The locking of doors and windows as is convenient and the implementation of safety and security devices, even when the building is occupied. Many home-based business owners don’t feel that they may legitimately keep the doors and windows “locked”, as they may feel that this will inconvenience their clients. This is not true, as any visit to a corporate building will soon prove.Whenever visitors enter a corporate structure, they are usually scrutinized well by cameras, security personnel and other safety and security methods. As a home-based business owner, you do have every right to employ locked doors and windows, and even implement security cameras and other devices. It is your right under law, and clients, overall, will understand this.2. The use of structural security measures, such as deadbolts, dogs, fencing, and one-way viewing glass inserted into doors. Measures such as these are used routinely by homeowners and a business within a home does not rule out the use of these deterrents.3. The use of a separate phone line for business needs. This is only a small added expense per month, but when clients call, no one in a home-based business person’s “family” will inadvertently answer, thus lending to the belief that the business is not attached to a personal residence in any way.4. The use of legitimate business e-mail addresses. No personal addresses should be used. If a business address is used, it leads clients to believe that the business is larger, with more employees present in the building.5. Routine office hours should be kept. Answering the phone and taking orders ONLY within set regular business hours will prevent clients from “showing up on the doorstep” after certain hours, and will lend a more professional air to a business.6. Keeping background noise down during office hours. Clients are quick to “pick up” on background noises. On a professional level, an office should be as quiet as possible, with no interruptions by “family” or “friends”. This also is a safety measure, as clients will assume the business is strictly unattached from the residence if they sense no background noise.7. Emergency phone numbers should be posted in clear view. This includes fire, police, and other emergency numbers.8. A system of “check points” can be established, whereas a friend or family member can regularly call or enter the building or home, to determine if all is well.9. An emergency system needs to be in place. Any unwanted visitors or unwanted attentions by others need to be reported completely and thoroughly to authorities, as soon as these instances occur. This is especially true if threats or accusations occur. Business owners do not need to “put up” with aggression or unwanted visits by clients.10. Common sense is the best detriment to tragedies occurring in a home-based business. Never open the door to strangers, never work alone late at night in a deserted area, never deliver anything late at night to a bad neighborhood, or otherwise put yourself or your family in jeopardy. If something doesn’t “feel” right, trust your instincts.As you can see, running a business within the home doesn’t need to be fraught by peril. It does require that safety and security measures are implemented, but this is true of any type of business. Remember, “safety first, money later”!

Home-Based Business on the Rise

As America’s economy stands still, many small businesses and home-based businesses have expanded. These work at home ventures show no signs of slowing down, according to the Home Business Manual.Many Americans dream of being able to make their own schedule, spend time with family, and make a steady income all while staying at home.With the technology of today that dream has come true for many. The internet keeps us free from paperwork and punching a clock. It makes business portable and less complicated.The Home Business Manual shows that 33 percent of small business owners are women, with 47 percent operating from a home base.Home-based businesses are now being recognized as a viable source of new jobs and economic growth, according to msucares.com.People are choosing to create their own jobs at home rather than seek employment elsewhere. Now home-based businesses make up 62 percent of all small businesses, according to the manual.Several of these work at home opportunities being advertised are said to be misleading by those who have tried them, such as myself.Stuffing envelopes, online surveys and assembling crafts are just a few of the business telling people they will make hundreds of dollars a week just filling out surveys or mailing brochures.Then there are those such as AVON, Mary Kay, Mellaluca, Tupper Wear and so on, that promise high incomes when in actuality you only receive a small percentage of your sales.These types of business schemes obviously do not work or everyone would be pretty well-off money wise.Some of these companies never even send the materials promised, after they have received payment. These are scams! People are making money off of individuals trying to make money to provide for themselves and/or their families.This is not true of all home-based businesses though. There are those that make you a little bit of money and then guarantee that you’ll be a millionaire in just a few short months.Speaking from experience, I am here to tell about a real home-based business that has been successful for thousands of people throughout the United States.Over the last few years, I have tried almost all of the types of businesses mentioned, and have lost money and been disappointed time and time again.But this business I am in now has been around for 12 years and is growing daily. Its employees get paid every day and receive plenty of benefits. Training is provided three days a week and you can finish it without ever leaving the house. There is no paperwork required because everything can be done online.The best thing about this home-based business is that you are not working for someone else and making them rich while you receive little to nothing. This is your own business and you are an independent business owner.In this company you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. If at anytime you have questions or need anything, there are plenty of numbers and websites provided for you.This is an opportunity to build a business that will actually make you money, not only for now but for your entire lifetime! In the unfortunate event of your death your business and money made will go to your family.This company is with the Dallas Better Business Bureau and has been featured on 60 Minutes. They are one of the few companies that save people money while making people money.It is possible to earn $600 to $2000 in your first month, and this is only the beginning. No experience is necessary and the only requirement is that you be comfortable talking to people.For more information on this business opportunity visit http://www.shay4success.simpleasabc.com or email me at shay4success@simpleasabc.com.You cannot afford to pass this up. This is the new American workplace, your own home.

Can I Really Make Money At Home Filling In Online Surveys?

It’s true, this is a very viable approach to many stay at home moms, and dads, college students, retirees, and you name it. No one really believed you could actually earn a monthly income just from getting involved with survey companies and focus groups. It is a simple approach to earning an honest income at home. Most people who desire to work at home, don’t have 8 to 9 hours a day to devote to working, therefore filling in surveys and participating in focus groups is the perfect job. The reason for this is that you can accept whatever assignments you choose and work on them, whenever you choose. The beauty of this job is that when you put your kids to bed at night, you can actually go sit down at your computer and fill out 2 to 3 surveys and earn about $80 to $100 for your time. To give you more assurance that this is a career you can have at home, take today for example, I got a phone call this morning to invite me to participate in a focus group – the pay is $85 for one hour, when I went to my email I had a consumer review survey, paying $15 for 30 minutes. I also had invites to 2 surveys that paid $5 for 10 minutes each of my time. So for one day, I made $110 for less than 2 hours’ work. It is a beautiful thing!Companies in United States and Canada spend an average of $250 billion in advertising. These companies need to know what the public wants and what they will buy. They also need to know which of their marketing campaigns would encourage consumers to purchase their products. This is where the survey fillers come in. These companies need your opinion and will pay you handsomely for it. It is imperative to their business to have an everyday persons’ opinion on their products and services. For these companies and for the paid survey filler, it is a win-win situation. Think you would be interested in getting paid for your time, opinions and observations? Read on…HOW DO YOU GET STARTED EARNING MONEY FILLING IN SURVEYS?Let’s get started with how to start an at home career by filling in surveys, to do this you need to follow these steps:Step1: REGISTER WITH ALL THE COMPANIES: This can seem like a long task, but take our word for it, it will pay off. The more companies you register with the more invites to participate in surveys, and thus…more money for you. Even if a survey only gives prizes as rewards, register with them anyways. You would be amazed how many of our members have earned big rewards by winning those survey draws.Step 2: BE HONEST IN YOUR OPINION: Companies are looking for individuals from all walks of life to fill surveys, there is not one mainstream demographic that they are searching for.Step 3: CHECK COMPANIES FREQUENTLY: There are several companies that don’t send out email invites to every survey, make sure to browse these companies often to see if there is any paid surveys to participate in.Step 4: FILL IN THE ADDITIONAL PROFILES: There are several companies that urge you to fill in additional profiles (i.e.: what vehicle you drive, your spending habits online, etc.) I too, urge you to fill in these additional profiles, as they will qualify you for even more surveys, and you will get more invites.STEP 5: WORK FOR YOURSELF: You are now working for your own income, and it is up to you how much you earn. Your effort in this process is what will pay off, be determined in your surveys, and you will see the benefits!!!