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Your Home Biz Store

To make your home biz store successful, you need to establish the following characteristics. First. you need to cultivate the trust and credibility of others by being knowledgeable and honest about your business. Second. don’t exaggerate claims because people are wary of these tactics, and you may lose customers. Third, send email messages with at least one question that requires an answer.Fourth, make sure the messages are short; long messages more than likely won’t be read. Fifth, ask people to acknowledge that they got your message about your home biz store. Sixth, be aware of stricter spam practices as many email providers are blocking messages even if they aren’t spam. Seventh, don’t expect a get rich quick scheme; it takes time for a home business to grow.Eighth, be persistent with your home biz store. Ninth, expect emotional highs and lows as there will be successes and setbacks. There are time management skills you can utilize. You can make a “to do” list. Write the list down, and leave it somewhere you are sure to look. Of course the list can be flexible; some tasks will have to be put off, and the list may need updating.Also instead of writing everything on scraps of paper, invest in a simple spiral notebook to record what’s going on. It can be a good memory jogger and can be used for future reference. There are also ways to manage the telephone. Record an effective message such as “Hello, this is John Smith. I’m not available now, but if you leave a message about what your call concerns and the best time to get up with you, I’ll call you back later.” If somebody can answer your calls for you, have them say the same. You want to know what the call is about to better prepare yourself for further conversations.Your first priority in your home biz store is your customer; the old cliche “the customer is always right” is tired but true. Offer your customers newsletters to keep them apprised of your doings. Ask customers if they want to be notified if you change your website. Keep in contact with a customer after a purchase to ensure satisfaction. Send them surveys, and use rewards as incentives such as gift certificates.If you have a website, make sure it’s easy to use. Have a “frequently asked questions” or FAQ section to tell customers your policies. Send surveys asking about site navigation. Fix any problems promptly. Make your contact information readily available; post hyperlinked email addresses and toll-free numbers. A nice touch is sending longtime customers thank you gifts, emailing them cards on special occasions, and giving them price breaks. With these suggestions, your home business can thrive.

Find A Home Based Business Opportunity Idea To Fit Your Skills

Your home-based business opportunity idea can grow into a full time business with a little hard work and daring. If your business idea works, you will have advantages over regular employment. Owning a home-based business means you can make money without needing anyone to look over your shoulder all the time. You can stay at home and take care of your family without guilt. A home-based business opportunity idea can be rewarding for you and your family.So, how do you turn a home-based business opportunity idea into a profitable business? The most important key to success of any work at home venture is self-motivation. A home-based business opportunity idea is a starting point, next comes the hard work of starting a business. You must be willing to push yourself against any obstacles. Home business ownership is not easy; there are sacrifices that must be made.Now that you have hatched out a solid home-based business opportunity idea, what do you do next? Talk with accountants, lawyers, and consultants and get their ideas. They can tell you which direction to go in some serious decisions. A home business needs to start on a firm financial and legal ground.Changing a home-based business opportunity idea into a functioning business requires thought. How many employees do you need to help make the business run smooth? What materials will I need? How am I going to advertise? All these questions can be answered by seeking professional advice. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Check with your local SCORE chapter. There you will find a wealth of advice from area retired business executives.The best advice when considering turning a home-based business opportunity idea into action is to move slowly at first. Keep your day job while working to turn your idea into reality. Start part-time working on nights and weekends on your venture. Don’t expect your new business to be your family’s support for at least a few months. But also don’t be afraid to kiss that old boss goodbye when the business becomes successful.

How to get to the top of the Search Engines using Reciprocal Links

As you may already know, reciprocal links form a vital part of any website promotion (especially if you want to get loads of free traffic). If you’ve read anything about Google Page Rank then you’ll already know how important incoming links are to the promotion of your site.Explaining everything about reciprocal links is an impossible task, however, there’s no shortage of information on the topic – just do a search for ‘reciprocal links’ or ‘backlinks’ if you’re not clear on what they are. Simply put, the more people you have linking to your site from other well known sites with similar content, the more chances you have of getting to the top of the search engines.Before we go any further, if you haven’t already got the Google Tool Bar you should download it from http://toolbar.google.com . You’ll notice (once you have the toolbar installed) that each page has on the Internet has a Google Page Rank. If your site is new, it won’t have any page rank. If you go to http://www.profitpuppy.com/ you will see that my site has a Page Rank (or PR) of 5 (which is reasonably high considering that I haven’t done any work promoting it).Page Rank is determined (among other things) by the amount of incoming links to a particular site: you can check this buy typing in ‘link:’ and then the URL of a site (try typing link: http://www.profitpuppy.com/ into a Google search box and you will see that the Profit Puppy site has around 260 incoming links).By increasing the number of quality sites that link to you (and subsequently the Page Rank of your site), the better chance you have of getting to the top of the search engines and getting loads of free traffic.What’s the best way to get reciprocal links?There’s a couple of different ways to get links to your site. You can either pay someone else to do it for you, or do it yourself (you can actually use a combination of these methods as well which I’ll also explain).If you have the budget to get someone to exchange links for you then you can post a project on http://www.rentacoder.com/ (a site where you can hire freelance workers from all over the world). Finding someone who will email other site managers for you shouldn’t be a problem. You can hire someone for US$100 a week (or even cheaper) to exchange links for you fulltime. If you can’t afford this than an alternative is to pay someone only for the links that they get for you.A smarter option (which is also more cost effective in the long run) is to use software to manage the link exchanging process for you. I’ve tried out a lot of these programs (including Zeus Internet Marketing Robot and few others). Most of them were complicated to use or didn’t get remarkable results.One piece of software that I do recommend is Arelis by Axandra which automates searching for link partners, managing your links pages and emailing potential link partners. You can easily get hundreds of reciprocal links just by using Arelis for 1 hour each day. It really is a lazy way to get traffic to your site.You can download a FREE trial of Arelis at [http://www.profitpuppy.com/axandra] (you can download a 30 day trial of Internet Business Promoter from this page as well).Personally, I employ someone through http://www.rentacoder.com/ to get them to manage my links using Arelis software. This has been the most successful method so far and has helped me to get a number of my sites into the top of the search engines (sorry, I’m not telling which ones!).Tips and Tricks for successful link exchanging:- You should use keywords that you are trying to rank for in your linking title (the text that will appear on other people’s sites).- Links should be on topic and from sites with related content.- Never link back to Link Farms (even if they link to you), this can result in the Google ‘Death Penalty’ which means your site may never be indexed properly again.- If you have more than one website with similar content try and do a triangle or ‘three way’ link exchange (this involves linking back to your link partners site from a different site to the one that they are linking to). There’s evidence to suggest that this type of link exchange is looked on more favorably by search engines than standard reciprocal links.Finally, I’ve heard several rumors speculating that Google will be changing the way that reciprocal links affect Page Rank. For this reason, I would avoid putting your reciprocal links in a ‘links’ directory and definitely don’t call you links page ‘links.html’. Try and use something more descriptive like ‘resources’ to avoid Google penalties in the future.Regards, Rob Rawson.Feel free to forward this to any of your friends, workmates, or colleagues. To subscribe to the Ecourse, please visit Profitpuppy.comYou may reprint/republish any of the following articles on your own Site, in your own ezine, auto-responder series, product, bonus items, or any other format you wish as long as you adhere to the following:1. The article must not be altered in anyway and the links must remain active2. You must not abuse the Internet in anyway, shape, or form with ANY of your online marketing. This includes but is not limited to sending unsolicited commercial email (SPAM), abusing online forums, using copyrighted materials without permission, or infringing on the trademarks of others.

Tax Advantages In A Home Business

Every year, several thousand people develop an interest in “going into business.” Many of these people have an idea, a product or a service they hope to promote into an in come producing business which they can operate from their own homes.If you are one of these people, here are some practical thoughts to consider before hanging out the “Open-for-Business” sign.In areas zoned “Residential Only,” your proposed business could be illegal. In many areas, zoning restrictions rule out home businesses involving the coming and going of many customers, clients or employees. Many businesses that sell or even store any thing for sale on the premises mobile porn also fall into this category.Be sure to check with your local zoning office to see how the ordinances in your particular area may affect your business plans. You may need a special permit to operate your business from your home; and you may find that making small changes in your plan will put you into the position of meeting zoning standards.Many communities grant home occupation permits for businesses that involve typing, sewing and teaching, but turn thumbs down on requests from photographers, interior decorators and home-improve ment businesses to be run from the home. And often, even if you are permitted to use your home for a given business, there will be restrictions that you may need to take into consideration. By all means, work with your zoning people, and save yourself time, trouble and dollars.One of the requirements imposed might be off-street parking for your customers or patrons. And, signs are generally forbidden in residential districts. If you teach, there is almost always a limit on the number of students you may have at any one time.Obtaining zoning approval for your business, then, could be as simple as filling out an application, or it could involve a public hearing. The important points the zoning officials will consider will center around how your business will affect the neighborhood.Will it increase the traffic noticeably on your street? Will there be a substantial in crease in noise? And how will your neighbors feel about this business alongside their homes?To repeat, check into the zoning restrictions, and then check again to determine if you will need a city license. If you’re selling something, you may need a vendor’s license, and be required to collect sales taxes on your transactions. The sales tax requirement would result in the need for careful record keeping.Licensing can be an involved process, and depending upon the type of business, it could even involve the inspection of your home to determine if it meets with local health and building and fire codes. Should this be the case, you will need t o bring your facilities up to the local standards. Usually this will involve some simple repairs or adjustments that you can either do personally, or hire out to a handyman at a nominal cost.Still more items to consider: Will your homeowner’s insurance cover the property and liability involved in your new business? This must definitely be resolved, so be sure to talk it over with your insurance agent.Tax deductions, which were once one of the beauties of engaging in a home business, are not what they once were. To be eligible for business related deductions today, you must use that part of your home claimed exclusively and regularly as either the principal location of your business, or the place reserved to meet patients, clients or customers.An interesting case in point: If you use your den or a spare bedroom as the principal place of business, working there from 8:00 to 5:00 every day, but permit your children to watch TV in that room during the evening hours, the IRS dictates that you cannot claim a deduction for that room as your office or place of business.There are, however, a couple of exceptions we will note to the “exclusive use” rule. One is the storage of inventory in your home, where your home is the location of your trade or business, and approval for your business, then, could be as sour trade or business is the selling of products at retail or wholesale. According to the IRS, such storage space must be used on a regular basis, and be a separately identifiable space.Another exception applies to day care services that are provided for children, the elderly, or physically or mentally handicapped. This exception applies only if the owner of the facility complies with the state laws for licensing.To be eligible for business deductions, your business must be an activity under taken with the intent of making a profit. It’s presumed you meet this requirement if your business makes a profit in any two years of a five-year period.Once you are this far along, you can deduct business expenses such as supplies, subscriptions to professional journals, and an allowance for the business use of your car or truck. You can also claim deductions for home related business expenses such as utilities, and in some cases, even a new paint job for your home.The IRS is going to treat the part of your home you use for business as though it were a separate piece of property. This means that you’ll have to keep good records and take care not to mix business and personal matters. No specific method of record keeping is required, but your records must clearly justify any deductions you claim.You can begin by calculating what percentage of the house is used for business, either by number of rooms or by area in square footage. Thus, if you use one of five rooms for your business, the business portion is 20 percent. If you run you r business out of a room that’s 10 by 12 feet, and the total area of your home is 1,200 square feet, the business-space factor is 10 percent.An extra computation is required if your business is a home day care center. This is one of the exempted activities in which the exclusive use rule doesn’t apply. Check with your tax preparer and the IRS for an exact determination.If you’re a renter, you can deduct the part of your rent which is attributable to the business share of your house or apartment. Homeowners can take a deduction based on the depreciation of the business portion of their house.There is a limit to the amount you can deduct. This is the amount equal to the gross income generated by the business, minus those home expenses you could deduct even if you weren’t operating a business from your home. As an example, real estate taxes and mortgage interest are deductible regardless of any business activity in your home, so you must subtract from your business’ gross income the percentage that’s allocable to the business portion of your home. You thus arrive at the maximum amount for home-related business deductions.If you are self-employed, you claim your business deductions on Schedule C, Profit (or Loss) for Business or Profession. The IRS emphasizes that claiming business-at-home deductions does not automatically trigger an audit of your tax return. Even so, it is always wise to keep meticulously within the proper guidelines, and of course keep detailed records if you claim business related expenses when you are working out of your home. You should discuss this aspect of your operation with your tax preparer or a person qualified in the field of small business tax requirements.If your business earnings aren’t subject to withholding tax, and your estimated federal taxes are $100 or more, you’ll probably be filing a Declaration of Estimated Tax, Form 1040-ES. To complete this form, you will have to estimate your income for the coming year and also make a computation of the income tax and self-employment tax you will owe. The self-employment taxes pay for Social Security coverage.If you have a salaried job covered by Social Security, the self-employment tax applies only to the amount of your home business income that, when added to your salary, reaches the current ceiling. When you file your Form 1040-ES, which is due April 15, you must make the first of four equal installment payments on your estimated tax bill.Another good way to trim your taxes is by setting up a Keogh plan or an Individual Retirement Account. With either of these, you can shelter some of your home business income from taxes by investing it for your retirement.Copyright 2004 Joe Featherston

Finding Support For Your Home Based Business

Business people often have what seems an insurmountableproblem, but somehow with time and a little patients mostissues seem to lessen or work themselves out in time.Larger companies have experts in technical, marketing, PR and sales fields but for the one man or woman Internetbusiness things seem to get beyond our knowledge level and outside our control.As a one person business we often wear more than one hat.Simply put we are the secretary answering the phone, makeappointments, write sales letters, build Web sites and do allthe menial tasks like empting the rubbish bin, being the mailclerk to acting as a sales consultant and at the same time having the title of CEO.How would you describe your duties if you operate a smallInternet type Business.Many people have a number of skills that lend themselves tooperating a successful Business, but where do you turn forhelp in a difficult situation or you get out of your depthin removing an unwanted bug on your computers hard drive?Depending on your field of knowledge and your problemthere are indeed many places to look or to seek help.Providing your computer hasn’t totally died the Internet is one of, if not the biggest and best help resource you willever find. You have the world (world wide web) at your finger tips.There are literary hundreds of thousands of experts and tensof thousands of web pages written about your exact problemor the difficulty you are experiencing.If you have money to throw at any problem that comes yourway that’s great, but for the average small business this isnot always possible.Properly approached, many experts will share their knowledge with you and will be glad to share, it knowing that they are helping a fellow Internet user in distress.But first, before you ask for help it is always best practiceto clearly work out the exact problem or symptoms even document them. If you want to perform a task involving your computer or something to do with a Web site, conduct a number of searches in different search engines and usingdifferent search phrases.Just sometimes you will find the exact software you are looking for, but called something that you would not have thought to search for.For example I have wanted to create a table containing a number of cells on a Web page with a 1 pixel boarder. Usually when youset a 1 pixel boarder in Dreamweaver for a layout table you end up with each cell having a boarder, thus having a 2 pixel wideboarder between cells.Looking at the problem I found by accident by setting a background color for the layout table and setting a 1 pixel wide boarder and with a 1 pixel cell spacing. By not setting a boarder color, the backgroundcolor showed through between the cell spacing providing the cell had a different color background to the layout table. Thus I have created a 1 pixel wide color boarder between cells.My problem was that I was trying to change the boarder width which may or may not be able to be done, had I looked at other ways of achieving the same result. Now if I had sat down and wrote down my problem I may well have solved the problem, because it now looks so simple.It’s a bit like the monkey trying to get the apple out of a jar.The apple easily fits through the opening. The monkey has themindset that he needs to use his hand to pull the apple out of the jar but when the monkey puts his hand in to grab the applethe opening in the top of the jar is not large enough for the monkeys fingers and the apple to come out together.This was how some hunters used to catch monkeys as the monkey would not let the apple go, to his demise and capture.Think outside the square, brain storm, analyze the problem.Once you have a clear picture of the problem you are then in a far better position to look for an answer.By knowing exactly what you need the answer to is halfthe battle. Understanding how a search engine works, howit lists sites and how to best conduct a search is an art in itself and goes a long way to finding the answer.If you are wanting the answer to anything relating to searchengines, Web site building, software, computers and a whole range of other stuff, check if there is a forum on the subject. Ifthere is, then all you need to do is join the forum and check tosee if the subject is already covered or select the most likely forum heading to ask your question or to seek advice.Many experts are happy to help others and remember atsome stage in the past they probably asked the same question.There are notice boards, Internet groups, networks and a rangeof interactive avenues where you can communicate with otherInternet users with similar interests.Here are a few to check out.Yahoo Groups, Ryze network, Google milf porn answers, Google Group, About.com, ICQ Users, MSN users, AOL Groups.If you belong to an Internet Company there will be FAQor help pages and a contact email where you can seek support.Many companies now provide a forum for their members too.When it comes to email and direct marketing there are so manyso called experts who charge for their services or ebooks containingtheir new revelation on marketing. Much of this informationis on the Internet and is free to access, the difficult part is discerningthe gold nuggets of wisdom from the fools gold.May your week be an enlightened one.

Tips For Your Home Business

1. Get biz cards made up and have them with you always. Leave them at restaurants, send them with your monthly bills, post them on bulletin boards, hand them out to people you talk to. Always be aware of opportunity.2. Along the same lines, always have catalogs or brochures in your car. You never know when someone might ask to see your products.3. Do Not Forget to label all catalogs, brochures, order blanks, etc with your company name and address and URL (if applicable). You can either stamp them on or make your own labels. You can get inexpensive adhesive labels from Wal-Mart or other stores as well.4. Get out there and get yourself and your product known. Talk about your products as much as you can to as many people as you can. Make it a part of your daily routine. Make your new business a part of every single day. Always be watching for opportunities. They are everywhere!5. Make sure you always have the latest catalogs.6. It helps also to have some sample items available so people can see the quality of the products. This can increase your orders.7. Keep track of everyone who you give catalogs to or who orders from you to start building your mailing list. Get addresses and email addresses if possible to build your list. Stay in touch with these people and go the extra mile for your customers or potential customers.8. Online marketing is great, but should be used in conjunction with other marketing methods such as flea markets, catalog distribution, home parties, mail order or others.9. Study, research, and learn marketing techniques, how to sell, advertising ideas and tips.10. Print out flyers and mail them out to local stores and shops. Let them know what you are offering and give your phone number. Flyers can be passed out in parking lots as well. Make sure you have permission.11. Contact radio stations and offer your products as prizes for contests for some great exposure.12. Talk to schools, churches, and other organizations that might be interested in using your products for fundraisers.13. Have your catalogs and biz cards with you at kids’ sports events. You could easily get orders just by arousing interest in your catalogs.14. There are so many things you can do. Every time you get or hear of an idea that interests you, write it down in your planner or notebook. Organize your marketing and advertising efforts and ideas.15. Local Papers – Run your ads in local newspapers. You can usually get these at very reasonable rates. Ask your local paper if they would consider doing a story about your business. Local papers frequently do a write up for local business owners.Building a home business takes time and effort and then some, but do not give up. Have passion for your business and for your customers. You can succeed!

Protect Your Most Important Asset

The body automatically functions, and we automatically take it for granted! We expect our body to keep going and not complain, however much we abuse it. But it does complain, with headaches, backache, indigestion, colds, skin rashes: just a few of the minor warnings. Whether you are running a home business, major corporation or a family if you relate to these ‘mild’ complaints you just may need to pay attention to protect your most important asset: your health, your ability to think clearly and your emotional strength.Without paying attention to keeping yourself well, you may slip into more serious warnings of ‘self-abuse’ and progress to serious conditions like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. A few simple changes can make all the difference to the long-term health of your body, the clarity of your thinking, the strength of your emotional well-being and the long-term viability of your self-propelled business!Food is fuelWhat you eat and drink provides your body with the fuel to carry out all the physical and mental activities that get you through each day, including breathing and blinking! Some foods, such as fruit and vegetables, provide excellent fuel, with lots of beneficial nutrients. Other foods provide the body with poor quality fuel laced with undesirable chemicals, such as over-processed junk foods. What percentage of your current diet is providing fuel-efficient, nutrient-rich food? Find out by keeping a diary over the following week black porn – jot down everything you eat and drink and then analyze your fuel source. The better your fuel source, the longer your life expectancy……So improve your choiceChoose meals and snacks that are kind to the body, i.e. naturally-produced and chemical free. Fresh (preferably seasonal) fruit, vegetables and salads retain their nutritional content – they are ‘living’ foods. Avoid foods that have been over-processed, stored for too long or stored in contact with metal or cling-film. You could class these as ‘dead’ foods, with little to offer nutritionally. Variety is also vital, helping you obtain the broad range of nutrients your body needs.Less is moreEating large meals puts a great strain on the digestive tract. Choose smaller, more frequent meals, which help keep your fuel tank topped-up throughout the day. And never forget that the more you eat, the more your body has to either burn off or store as fat. So eat to live – don’t live to eat!Give your stomach a fair chanceSlow down and enjoy your food. Chewing is essential – you have teeth for a reason – to assist the digestive process. Eating food quickly, or while stressed, disrupts digestion and the absorption of nutrients. The ‘how’ and when’ of eating is just as important as ‘what’ you eat.Life-giving waterNature’s nectar. Your body is 70% water and it needs to be daily replenished with a fresh supply to ensure that body cells are hydrated and energized. Ideally, we need to consume two litres of water every day.Get active!You need just enough activity to keep all your moving parts in good working order, lean and strong. Too much exercise uses up resources needed for normal growth, repair and maintenance, and creates premature wear and tear on the joints and ligaments.So how much exercise are we talking about?Enjoy a good brisk walk in the fresh air everyday – or even every second day – swing your arms, hold your head high, fill your lungs and lengthen your strike. Or, consider purchasing a home fitness video. There are plenty to choose from, just make sure it incorporates a good stretching regime to avoid pulling or straining any muscles. The same applies to any team sports or gym work – warm-up first. The message is, yes, you need to use your body to prevent it from ‘getting rusty’.Relax!Proper ‘quality time’ should not be confused with time spent watching endless television, or playing games on the computer. Energetic computer games and emotionally-charged TV soaps activate the release of ‘fight-or-flight’ stress chemicals – hardly a form of relaxation. Switch the TV off and take time-out once or twice a day for between 15-30 minute to rest your thoughts, and your body, completely. Sit or lie comfortably, close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly, perhaps listen to restful music, and drift into your mind’s theatre of beautiful landscapes and memories. No interruptions, no demanding family or friends, just you and your attention focused on health, happiness and abundance…that’s quality time!SleepWe all need 6-8 hours quality sleep every night. Get to bed before midnight and start the day early and alert after a restful, refreshing sleep.Love makes everything workableFor complete harmony of mind, body and spirit, the final ingredient needed is a huge helping of love. Surround yourself with people you love and who love you!

Elements of Decision Making in a Home Based Online Business 2

Areas of Decision MakingWhen you have your own business, each decision that you make may have an impact on the business’s profitability. If you were previously an employee, and not involved in your employer’s decision making processes, then this may all be new cartoon porn to you.It is important that you make the transition with an acute sense of awareness of:· how and why you normally make decisions, and have made decisions in the past;· why making your decisions in your own business can and should be different to your decisions in your personal life;· the need to separate, in your own mind, business as opposed to personal decisions;· the benefits of sharpening your business decision making; and, · the dangers of allowing your business decisions to just “go with the flow” as they probably do in your personal life.Often, people make decisions without even being aware of it, and then carry that practice into their first business. Being more aware of the mere existence of particular decisions will set you apart from many other small business owners, and that can only be good for competitiveness and profitability. Once you are aware, then and only then can you go into the next stages of a decision making process:· pinpointing the need to take a particular action;· gathering sufficient information to assess options open to you in taking, or not taking, that action;· assessing the risks and uncertainties of a decision;· reviewing, with a clear and open mind, all the relevant information, and consciously coming to a decision;· setting up a means and plan to monitor the outcome of that decision.· setting up a means and plan to monitor the success of the decision making process itself.The corporate world is littered with examples of large companies who have got into serious financial problems due to bad decision making. This particularly occurs where there is investment in new products, markets or machinery. The fault can lie not just with the idea and the decision, but the decision making process itself.Hurried decisions, insufficient information, biased assessment, lack of complete investment appraisal, ignorance and over optimism can all play their part in bringing a company to its knees. Such failures can and do happen even with a company staffed by professionals in all the necessary areas of expertise.You, probably, are not able to employ “experts” and “professionals” to assist you in your decision making. However, you have other things in your favour, the most obvious of which is incentive. Each decision you make affects your business and your income. So long as you are aware that a decision is needed, it is then within your control to ensure that the decision you make is, more likely than not, going to be a good decision.Before you even start your business, you have some very big decisions to make, such as “should I have my own business at all?”, or “what sort of business should I have?” Now, having taking that major decision to get started, you want to get the best out of the business, and that means making the best decisions for the circumstances that prevail.Decisions in every part of your business are important, but the following can be amongst the most critical:· Investment in equipment, or other capital investment of a material nature.· Investment in software.· If and when to pack up the day job.· Outsourcing part/s of your workload.· Setting priorities for budgeting finances.· Withdrawal or reinvestment of profits.· Product lines to sell.· Product lines to withdraw.· What types of marketing to use.There are, of course, many more. You will be aware of the most important decision making areas in your own business. You would then be well advised to focus on those areas, and condition yourself to giving very careful and conscious thought whenever a significant decision is due.A business decision should not be spontaneous and made in a vacuum. It should be fed by a network of information flows, and that is something that is best prepared in advance. This decision making infrastructure will be discussed in the next issue.

Block Pop Ups and Lock the Door

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that “there is always time enough for courtesy.” But if you own your own business or work out of your home, you probably don’t have time for much else. Coupling the inherent challenges of owning your own business with the distractions of working at home can create a serious drag on your morale and income. If you find yourself spending too much time dealing with distractions and not enough time working on real issues, it is time to take action. Taking the simple steps outlined in this article can help you increase your work efficiency, and ultimately, improve your bottom line.Block Pop UpsChances are very good that you spend a great deal of your day on the computer, probably working online for much of that time. Your time is too valuable to waste another second closing all those pop ups that seem to be everywhere on the Internet. Cheap or free software is available to stop pop ups from ever showing up on your monitor, and the time you will lose downloading the program will be easily made up for in saved time surfing pop up free online. Do yourself the simple favor and block pop ups today.Create a ProcessBad habits are hard to break, but so are good ones. If you find yourself doing the same task over and over again, take a little bit of time to sit down and create a formal process for the way you will handle that situation. It can be something as simple as answering a customer or client email. If you do it the same way every time, you will always know whether the email has been answered, where the email is saved, and what, if anything, needs to be to follow up on it. Process-making will save you time on almost everything you do, from reporting to billing to ordering.Update your TechnologyA new computer may seem like a luxury that you cannot afford on your small budget, but when you consider the amount of time lost waiting for programs to load or for the system to reboot when it crashes, you may find the time lost is worth a new system. If you really can’t afford to upgrade your system, think about adding more memory, or updating the processor. Adding software that will protect your computer from viruses and block pop ups can also help if you’re unable to upgrade. Check online for deals and you’ll typically find affordable computers and accessories.Lock the DoorJust because you work at home does not mean you have to be home all the time. If you have an office where you do most of your work, make sure there is a working lock on it, and don’t be afraid to use it. Shutting the office door is kind of like when you block pop ups – you work on what you need to work on, and not whatever comes through your door. Of course, if you work at home because you wanted to be able to take care of your kids or your pet iguanas, be responsible and never let your family lose out priority-wise to your business. If you’re having too many problems balancing family and business, sit down with them and talk about your issues. Find a solution that works for everyone and stick to it.Don’t Work in your PajamasFor some people this may be the entire appeal of working at home. Studies have shown, however, that the way you dress has an impact on the type and quality of work you are able to do. You don’t have to wear a suit and tie every day just to go over the books, but consider dressing nicely when you have a lot to do. You’ll mostly likely feel like you mean business if you look like you mean business.Owning your own home business can be the dream job you want it to be, but you might need to take a proactive approach to control the things that distract you on a day-to-day basis. Eliminating distracters and increasing your personal efficiency will help your home business succeed.

SPORTS – Best Homebased Business Ideas: Part 2

Building a sports merchandise business on the internet means loads of competition. Still, done right, a sports merchandise business could be very profitable. The key here is to build more content and valuable non-sales articles than your sports merchandise business competition.A sports merchandise business can encompass everything from jerseys and helmets, cards, tickets, and memorabilia. Your sports merchandise business can be virtually anything you want it to be, a fact that definitely interests many.sports merchandise business and youThe sport merchandise industry is pretty vast- it would be easy to get lost! Instead of trying to compete with the mega-sites, try complementing them, and possibly even partnering with them.Selling collectibles can be even tougher for a new website. It’s best to partner with a reputable firm, as trust is a critical element in earning business as a collectibles dealer.Licensed MerchandiseYou may want to sell licensed sports merchandise direct from your website. I have a suggestion that may make it easier to find companies that will drop shop for you. This can be an easier way to operate on a small level, because the dropship company handles order fulfillment for you. Once you’re established, I would suggest taking on inventory.I will suggest actually the only guide that makes perfect sense. It’s online based, meaning you will access their list through a secure website. It’s maintained by eBay radio’s product sourcing editor, Chris Malta. The guide is the only dropship source guide Certified by Ebay!What’s even better is that since the guide is online, you will get automatic updates, so you’re always getting fresh contacts. Most paper guides are out of date soon after you get them. The updates for the guides are lifetime once you purchase!