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Rules of the Game

We’re talkin’ about the game of being an expert at what you do. These rules are unforgiving. Break them and a remorseless force simply sweeps you off the board, clicks you off the screen–and you’re not even history. You’re nuthin’, baby.Abide by these rules and you smile all the way to the bank. I started out not even knowing there were rules. Within 4 years I’d lost my little all. $235,000 eaten up, gone beyond recovery. Money talks, right? Well, mine went without saying!I learned these rules the hard way. You can too. You can learn the hard way. Do you really choose to do that? Nobody cares. Nobody will care. It’s your life. Now that I’ve had a chance to think about it, I prefer the easy way. I’d rather learn from other people’s goof-ups. So, let’s get started.Rule 1: Have something of value to offer your company or your market. Something you’re passionate about. Something that comes from the marrow of your bones. From your core. From your gut. From your essence. From your soul.And when you offer it, be it. Allow it out of your pores, out of your heart, out of your deepest feelings and beliefs. Let it shine from your eyes, be reflected in your stance and your glance, radiate from your fingertips. Yes, from your eyelashes. Be on fire! Be so enraptured by what you offer that you magnetize your prospects, associates and clients to your services or products.Rule 2. Be a marketer first, an expert next. (Marketing, defined: Marketing is creating conditions by which others decide on their own that they want what you’ve got.) Be a marketer first–and then a deliverer of what you offer. Many fine professionals and business people do not survive because they think the world is going to welcome them with open arms. Sorry, no cigar. This is a painful lesson.You either gotta be so dazzling, charming, entertaining, gorgeous, brilliant that your prospects and clients all but lose control, are beside themselves, go ape in your presence. Or be a fine marketer.How to market is beyond the scope of this short piece. By whatever means, you just gotta attract those in your universe to desire what you offer.Rule 3. Have integrity. Integrity that is absolute. Would you go driving in a car with a tire that wouldn’t hold air? Would you go sailing in a leaking boat? Would you eat a spoiled fruit? When the skin of a fruit is broken open, the fruit begins to rot right there. Nature insists on integrity. Is integrity any less important in your commitments to your prospects, your associates or your clients?Rule 4. Be exclusive. Be one-of-a-kind. Be a specialist. Create your unique market position. Be special in your corner of your world. Be the only game in town. Know more about what you do than anyone else on earth. And don’t tell me you can’t do it. You can. I know you can. Your creator endowed you with a unique talent. A talent nobody else has. Engage it!Rule 5. Associate with brilliant achievers. Associate with people who are reaching for lofty outcomes and dedicating themselves to worthy attainments. To outcomes that make a vital difference for others as well as themselves. People who are super-positive. People who build you up by their presence. Shun ordinary work-a-day types who lack a sense of their latent magnificence.Rule 6. Invest in Brand You. In this, my 22nd year in business, I continue to invest tens of thousands of dollars in research each year. Not just dollars. Time. Probable 20 to 30 hours each week in pure research. Why? So I can stay on the cutting edge. And, not just time. Focus. Energy. Asking why. Contemplation. Meditation. Looking inside. Looking outside. Looking away.Here’s the idea… Make yourself such a unique resource for the market you serve that there simply isn’t a #2. Be so far out in front that others who would compete with you can’t even shine your shoes. This is what I want you to do. You do it by using the brains your God gave you.Rule 7. Find your North Star. Set your compass by your North Star. Your North Star is your personal mission. The North Star allows mariners to set their course and stay on course. That’s what your personal mission does for you. Have a personal mission. Put it in writing. Be sure it is transcendent. You know your mission is transcendent when you awaken one morning realizing you no longer have your mission. Instead, your mission has you. You’re caught up in the rapture, the energy, and the power of your mission. You’re a mission samurai. You’re a warrior.Now you’re hooked. Hooked to the magnificent destiny you’ve created for yourself. From this moment on you have a new and vibrant energy. It’s always been there. Waiting inside you. Waiting for you to release it.Measure your every decision against your mission. Whatever action serves your mission is good. Actions that do not advance your mission are to be avoided. Create a mission. And a Mission Statement. Put it on your office wall, your refrigerator door, your bathroom mirror. Live it. Live it vividly. Let it govern your every action.Rule 8. Set specific goals. Measurable goals. Goals with deadlines. Goals that advance your mission. Then take the bit in your teeth. Go after those goals ferociously. Relentlessly. Let setbacks strengthen your resolve.Rule 9. Get debt-free as fast as you can. The wisest experts agree on this. Get out of the plastic trap. Then, invest your profits for the long-term.Rule 10. Make yourself one of the best anywhere.”Be more of what you are. Be all of what you are. Do what you love; do it with your whole heart. Do it with passion and a clear vision of where you are going.And a commitment to become excellent and the courage to face your fears and to be realistic and honest with yourself and to take complete responsibility for your future. And if you do that and if every morning you wake up and hit the ground running you will be outstanding in your field!” (Brian Tracy)Rule 11. Raise your fees. Be worth more than your fees. Most entrepreneurs and consultants lack the courage to set fees that reflect the real value they deliver. This insight shows you why: Most specialists, 83%, according to Tom Winninger, are the K-marts of their business. 17% of specialists are the Tiffany’s of their business. Which are you to be? Make yourself the best, the very best, at what you do. And charge accordingly.Rule 12. Get yourself a coach, a mentor. Get the very best you can find. Then trust this person. If you can’t trust this person, get somebody else. Open up. Tell your mentor where you’ve been, where you are, where you want to be. Get an expert in the field you’ve set your heart on. Someone who understands. Someone who has been around the track a few more times than you. Listen to what your mentor says. Abide by your mentor’s guidance. And march on to glory!

The $1 Billion Niche Business That No One Knows About – Recycling Mobile Phones For HUGE Profits!

RECYCLING MOBILE PHONES IS ONE OF THE BEST NEW OPPORTUNITIES OF RECENT TIMES!Every so often a new powerful trend starts – and that trend creates a whole stream of other income generating possibilities. The (relatively) new trend is mobile phones and recycling them is a side opportunity that, shockingly, almost no one has picked up on. There are literally scores of people selling mobile phones & accessories. The market is flooded, and even so a lot are making profits. Imagine tapping into the same market from a completely fresh angle. The fact is there are literally many millions (possibly over a hundred million) of scrap phones out there. Unwanted. And all of these represent a profit for you.There is very little perceived value with old cell phones. They are considered as useless by the vast majority of people. The challenge is that because cell phones are so widely dispersed getting a large volume of them at the lowest possible cost takes some thinking. We’ll cover this shortly – as you’ll discover a technique to get hold of mobile phones in volume.Another huge plus (depending on your location) is that recycling cell phones provides tax benefits – and as a business person you should take advantage of every tax break that you can. Check with an accountant about this as rules can be subject to change and can vary between countries. For example if you’re based in the USA you can offset 50% of your income via charitable contributions.The Future – Why You May Get PAID For This By The Government?Recycling cell phones has a massive future. Cell phones are potentially very destructive for the environment. They should not end up in dump sites and the government is very aware of this – in fact there is new legislation being introduced all the time and electronics that are to be scrapped may incur a disposal surcharge. In short, you MAY be able to get paid for your recycling efforts in the future. You should keep ahead of new legislation as and when it happens so that you are best placed to take advantage of this if it happens. Contact your local council and inquire about any current or coming schemes where you could get rewarded for this business.How To Get Started – Finding Companies That Will Buy Every Single Used Phone You Want To Sell – And How To Get As Many As 100 Phones To Sell Everyday!Recycling cell phones is one of the most incredible new niche opportunities around today. The best thing is that anyone can get started no matter where in the world they are with a few bucks. The demand for used mobile phones is huge – you just need to know where to get hold of them and who to sell them to. To get hold of a HUGE number of mobile phones everyday from as little as £1 & a list of companies who are itching to buy them from you for top dollar discover more Mobile Phone Recycling Secrets here – http://www.my-online-powerpack.com/mobilesindex.htmRemember, there are a huge number of legitimate ways to make a lot of money for yourself from home – but you need to investigate and try things. Everytime you discover something that works you have created an additional stream of income for yourself – streamline it, make it standard and easy to handle and move onto the next opportunity. The real secret to creating wealth is to have multiple income streams all pulling in a little income. This is easier than you may think. Good Luck!

Prospecting for Your Nutrition Business: Icebreakers

Being able to bring up the topic of nutrition or the topic of home businesses during a conversation is an important part of prospecting. We develop a formal technique for cold calling but we want to be able to talk to friends, acquaintances, and certain strangers in a warm, easy, natural, and informal way. In some ways bringing up a business topic in informal situations is more difficult than it is in more formal settings.The best advice is to be conversational and natural with people. In informal situations topics should come up easily and naturally. The conversation should not be forced and good humor should be used. However, what people often don’t appreciate is that being “easy and natural” generally has to be learned and practiced. Good conversational ice breakers may not seem natural to a person when first used. But with good practice and usage they become natural. Remember how uncomfortable it felt as a child to talk to people? Practice, practice, practice.So, what are some good ice breakers? See if some of the ideas in the list below help you.BooksCarry Dr. Ray Strand’s book, What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutrition May Be Killing You. The book can be placed in a location that will cause people to notice it and ask questions. Or when you see someone glance at the book you can make an appropriate comment about it to get the conversation started. A good provocative statement to use early in the conversation would be, “This book helped me to think about nutrition in a very different way.”Carry Robert Allen’s book, Multiple Streams of Income. As with Dr. Strand’s book, place this book in a convenient spot and wait for comments and opportunities to open a conversation with. Also, use a similar provocative statement like, “This book helped me to think about wealth and income in a very different way.”There are numerous other books, even magazines that you can carry to accomplish the same goals. The choices are up to your imagination and familiarity with the literature.BrochuresAs with books, product brochures and catalogs can also be carried and placed in such a way as to spur a person’s interest. One of the advantages of a brochure or a catalog is that it can be given to the prospect who has shown interest. The brochure should have your name and contact information on it somewhere.Business CardsIt’s hard to start a conversation with a business card, but they should be handy to give away once the conversation has been started. The card can have an interesting design or provocative facts to help elicit a comment and further conversation.Carrying BagThis is not an ice breaker but it is a good idea to carry books, brochures, catalogs, business cards, and products with you in your car. Put them into a canvas bag that can be purchased at a craft store or a discount store inexpensively. Have your children decorate the bag and you’ll enjoy keeping it in the car at all times. You may think of additional items that you want to have handy in the bag. That way you will be prepared for a variety of situations.SignsHave you noticed how many people have magnetic signs on the side or the back of their vehicle? They are quite noticeable and not prohibitively expensive. The signs produce many questions and comments, and if the phone number is easy to read and remember, you’ll receive some phone calls. It pays to advertise.Lapel PinI’m sure you notice the pins that people wear on their shirt or jacket. Well, other people will notice yours if you wear one. Either someone will ask you about the pin or you will notice someone glancing at it and you can start a conversation about it. Call it a pin of achievement so that you can talk about success.ButtonSimilar to a lapel pin, a good button can initiate a conversation. Buttons often are humorous, sometimes large and gaudy, so the conversation they start may be different from the one started by a lapel pin.Friends and AcquaintancesHow are you doing? Certainly this is the most obvious ice breaker question to ask and it is appropriate to ask of strangers as well as of friends. If the person goes into some detail about how they are feeling and doing healthwise, you have the perfect opportunity to talk about your nutrition products. Do so with a conversational tone and ask numerous questions about the other person’s health. Since people like to talk about themselves this will build a significant amount of trust. Then, add some testimonials from your own experience or from someone else’s experience. The stories help to ensure your position as an expert on the subject.If the person does not respond to your question with details about their own health, you do have the opportunity to talk about your own. You can talk about how you recently recovered from a cold or slight illness that didn’t last nearly as long or was nearly as severe as such illnesses used to be. The reason? The new nutritional supplements that you are now taking. Be sure to add that these products have gotten you to thinking about health in a very different way.Perhaps you have not had an illness in a very long time and your health is super. That’s good to talk about, and the reason your health is so good is because of the nutritional supplements that you have been taking regularly.Has someone in your family recently recovered from a mild illness? Talk about them. Or perhaps someone in the family is not taking the same nutritional supplements that you are and they have had some recent illnesses that they did not recover from quickly. Both types of stories will allow you to talk about the nutritional products and the business opportunity that goes with it.What have you been doing lately? People usually respond to such a question with remarks about working hard as usual and not having enough time for anything else. They’re busy, busy, busy. This presents a good opportunity to talk about how a good home business would allow them possibly to replace their current income and give them the time freedom that they want and deserve.Ask the person if there have been any layoffs at their workplace. If there have been, then you’ll be able to talk about backup plans and residual income. You can point out how wise it is to take action now just in case something happens to their current job.Usually the person will return the question and inquire about what you have been doing recently. With that opening you can freely talk about your favorite business opportunity in appropriate detail. Be sure to ask some questions here so that you know how much detail is appropriate. Avoid boring the person and losing out on the chance to follow up with them at a later date. Your objective is to inspire their curiosity and then ask their permission to send them more information about the products or opportunity or to make a personal presentation.Have you found any good money making ideas? It’s okay to ask an off the wall question of someone who knows you. Their answer may surprise you. You may find that they have no desire to do anything other than what they have been doing for years. Or you may find that they have been actively looking for a good idea. Probably they will ask you if you have found a good money making idea. Give an enthusiastic response and then ask for their permission to share your idea with them.StrangersHow are you doing? The same advice applies here as under the Friends heading. Look for the opportunity to say good things about the nutritional supplements that you are using. Be sure to add that these are not just good products but this is a good business.What do you do? Listen intently to their answer so that you can detect any dissatisfaction with their current situation. Ask a few appropriate questions and show an interest in what they do. Hopefully they will return the question to you. Even if they don’t return the question you have the chance here to give them your 30 second introduction.You should have a 30 second intro, sometimes called an elevator speech, already thought out and rehearsed. This short speech should mention the problem that you help to solve, give a short statement about how you solve the problem, and provide an opening for the other person to learn more. If it is provocative and with some humor, so much the better.Here’s a short example: “You know how as people get older they start to think more and more about their health and about retirement? What I do is teach people how to improve their health and how to add sources of income to their lives.” If you are truly in an elevator or some other very brief meeting situation you might add, “Could I talk to you sometime about some ideas I have that would benefit you? Perhaps we could meet? Do you have a card? Here is mine.”If the time element is not so short you should have the basis for the start of a good conversation. Just keep it lively and full of self confidence. Let the other person pick up on how satisfied you are with what you are doing.ConclusionPractice, practice, practice as many of these ideas as you can. Add your own ideas. A few failures will help to guide you to success. A few successes will build your confidence. I believe that the learning curve is fairly fast here, and eventually you will find that being able to bring up your products and opportunity in a conversation is easy and natural.

How to Start a Catering Service

Want to know how to start a catering service? Keep reading.Starting a catering business from home can be a great career for people that enjoy planning, cooking and working with customers. The job of a catering business from home is to ensure the meal, appetizers, desserts and drinks are perfect for the client’s event. Catering services are used for conferences, birthdays, anniversaries, and, of course, weddings.In fact, you can specialize by doing only wedding catering and keep yourself busy and your catering service growing. You need to be creative and have a great deal of knowledge about food. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Catering can be hard work.The first step in starting catering company is to create a catering business plan. This plan will be needed if you try to get a loan to help your catering business get off the ground. It will also help you organize yourself and your business, by answering questions, and ensuring your services are professional and dependable.When you start a catering company you will be required to have many licenses and certifications, and must adhere to Health Department regulations. You will need to contact your local Health Department for the specific regulations, certifications, licenses, and insurance information for your area. The Health Department also usually requires an inspection of the area to be used for your catering business.With your catering business start up, you have to decide what types of food you are going to offer. Once you have decided on the food, you need the equipment to prepare the food and a way to transport it. Some places you will be working will have a kitchen that you can use for final preparation, but the majority of work will be done at your location.If you don’t have a background in cooking or if you want to be able to get more creative and exotic, you may want to look into cooking classes at a local community college or even a culinary college. You may be able to find a culinary college that offers classes in catering business management. Being able to attend those types of classes, as well as cooking classes would be beneficial and relieve a lot of stress.Once you have your training, certifications, insurance, and you have complied with the local Health Department and any other government regulations, you are ready to finalize what catering services you will provide and the associated fees. The best way to get this information is to contact some local caters. Find out what they offer and their fees. Do the same with any restaurants that offer catering services.Marketing of any business can seem almost impossible. However, you have many options. You can write a press release for local newspapers and radio stations. You can offer your catering services to fund-raising events. You can invite wedding and event planners to a tasting of some of your food. If they know your work, they are more likely to hire you. Once you get your catering business name into the community, your best advertisement will be word of mouth.Now you know just a few things about how to start catering. If you’re still interested then your next step is to get more information about the industry and the training required. There are plenty of books, such as the Complete Idiot’s Guide and other similar series that can help you get started. You should also subscribe to industry magazines to stay ahead of the trends and your competition. The internet is another great place to find information, recipes, trends and other issues of catering services.The last step is to do it. Whether it is just part time or full immersion, remember that through all the hard work that in the long run it will be worth all the effort. People will always need catering services. The potential for growth in this industry is unlimited. There is always room for one more catering business to share the wealth.

I Can’t Wait To Got To the Dentist!

I had a dental appointment this morning. I loved every minute of it.Well, okay, maybe I didn’t enjoy every minute. But, I did look forward to it weeks in advance, and I woke up happy and exhilarated at the thought of going to the dentist this morning.Really, I did!By now, you’re thinking, “Boy, Heidi’s been playing Chinese checkers on her computer screen way too long and is more than a marble short!”While I won’t argue with you on the one-marble-too-short claim, I did have a motive for my anticipation.You see, I’m a mother of four children all of whom I homeschool. I’m also and entrepreneur and co-owner of a successful business which I run out of my home. You can imagine how hectic my life is on a daily basis.What does this have to do with the dentist?In two words…READING TIME!Now, like all good entrepreneurs, I get my hands on everything I can to read. I have walls of bookcases filled with books and courses on marketing and other entrepreneurial delicacies. I have books on my bed stand, magazines in the bathroom, binders of printed eBooks in my car.I, literally, have reading material with me everywhere I go, even on dates with my husband. Actually, we usually end up talking business over dinner and then going to the bookstore.Neither of us can imagine running our business without the wealth of knowledge available to us.So…As my dental appointment drew closer, I excitedly went through all my reading piles to select one bit of reading material that had been screaming at me for the last month.Ahhh, a chance to sit quietly with no children, no interruptions, no phone calls…just myself and my book. Oh, yes, and my pencil for taking notes.I was a reading maniac, soaking in every word.So, where in the world is this article going? I’m going to make a confession to you…My husband and I both attribute our success to the knowledge we have gained through reading and studying, and then…putting that knowledge to work.Actually, I have another confession to make…The quest for knowledge to become successful never ends.It doesn’t matter which successful entrepreneur you talk to. They will all have these things in common: they have boatloads of books, they read everyday, and they view their marketing efforts as a continually evolving and learning adventure.So, I issue you this challenge. Turn off the T.V. tonight and find something worthwhile to read that will help your business or your personal growth.And, if necessary, make an appointment to visit the dentist.Copyright 2004 Heidi Perry

Give Your Home Based Business A Boost – With a Strategic Business Alliance

A hot trend in the home based business world right now is the forming of strategic alliances. Strategic alliances between home based business owners are generally not between competing home based businesses, but between businesses that offer similar products and services. The strategic alliances can be either short term or long term, depending on the need and desire for it to continue. If cartoon porn your home based business could use a boost, and whose couldn’t, right, you might want to consider forming a strategic alliance–or two. The advantages are many, and some of them just might surprise you.For instance, forming a strategic alliance with a home based business that offers a similar but broader range of products and services than your own would allow you to offer your home based business customers more products and services. This way, you’d spend less time and money developing your own. Most home based business strategic alliances work out a commission plan that can make this extremely beneficial to both home based businesses involved.Another way a strategic alliance can benefit your home based business it that you instantly have a greater number of sales people selling your products and services. This means you have to hire fewer sales people for your own home based business. Hiring fewer employees saves you a great deal of money–and time.A home based business strategic alliance also allows you to compete at a higher level than you could by yourself. You can reach a larger target market through a home based business strategic alliance, while also increasing your existing customer base. This gives you the advantage of being able to compete with larger home based businesses and conventional companies without having to increase your overhead, since most strategic alliances work strictly on a commission basis.Your home based business will also benefit from a strategic alliance in offering you an increased number of knowledgeable, skilled people working on a project. You’ll gain experience and knowledge from being with other home based business employees that you can easily put to use for your own home based business. Also, not having to pay these employees saves you a great deal of money that you can put to use growing your home based business and expanding it much sooner than you would be able to otherwise.Also, your home based business advertising and marketing budget is increased substantially through a strategic alliance. That’s because you combine your marketing and advertising costs in a home based business strategic alliance. An added benefit to this is that you can reach twice, and sometimes more, the number of people on the same marketing and advertising budget. Since you are increasing a much larger target audience for your home based business products and services, you could hardly help but increase your sales as well.One of the most important advantages a strategic alliance can have for your home based business is that it will make it possible to expand your business a lot more quickly. And not just because of the increased customer base and sales force. The money you save, and make, can be used to grow your home based business into new markets. You may also want to develop some new products and services as well. This can only be good for the future of your home based business and for the business you’ve formed your strategic alliance with too.Improved customer service is another benefit of a home based business strategic alliance. You work hard to meet your home based business customers’ needs and to solve any problems that may come up. But when you’re on your own, this can be very hard to do quickly because you have so much to do. And customers don’t like to wait. The strategic alliance gives you access to a larger number of customer service people who already know your products and services and who can be of immediate help. And of course you know that customer service should always be the number one priority of a home based business owner–because happy customers are loyal customers!Charles Fuchshttp://www.charlesfuchs.comhttp://charlesfuchs.blogspot.comI grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included, with a live link, and the article is not changed in any way.

The Perfect Business – Does it Exist?

On one occasion…On one occasion, an ambitious person who desired to progress in life, entered a well recognized store that sold high quality and well known products. Immediately, he went directly to the owner and said,”Sir, I’m very impressed with your establishment. I would like to pursue a career and be your business partner. I promise to work hard and produce good results. In exchange, all I ask is for the following:First, I want…- First, I want to purchase my products at a discount.- Second, I want to receive monthly dividends from all clients referred by me.- Third, for all the customers that I bring, I want a significant percentage of their gross purchases.- When I’ve referred more new clients, I want to retain even more $$$ of everything they purchase.- I want you to handle all orders, deliveries, and keep inventory. I mobile porn will leave all of that up to you.- When my production is good, I expect recognition, compensation, and bonuses.- I want to work at my own pace, leisurely, and when it’s convenient for me.- Last, I want to you know that my family will always come first!When can I start?OK . . . I think that’s about it! When can I start?”After the owner recovered from shock, he burst out laughing and said, . . . “You are not serious! You are living in a dream world! You will never find an opportunity like that; not here nor anywhere!”The owner was very wrong. And, now . . . I would like to share with you that there ARE great businesses out there that you could run from your home and…o there is no large investmento it doesn’t require any inventoryo you don’t have to deliver productso there are no repeat sales presentationso you don’t pressure customers to purchaseo there are no billings or collectionso no complicated paperworko and absolutely NO RISKYou might be thinking, “where’s the catch?” or even worse, “where’s the scam?” Of course, before you start thinking , “This sounds too good to be true”, let me just say that there is NO such thing as a “get-rich-quick” system. In fact, most people successful in home-based business got that way S-L-O-W-L-Y.BOTTOM LINE: If you are ready to WORK and APPLY yourself, you CAN build a successful business.For further information on a home-based business that might be right for you, try this website:

Gambling Profits Made Simply & Legal, Though Turnkey Websites

The only way to make money in a casino is to own one, claims Steve Wynn, CEO of Mirage Resorts. Casinos will always carry the excitment and glammer associated with them and it’s no different for the online based casinos too. With over $8 billion reported to be gambled online throughout 2005, the sector continues to look profitable and shows no signs of slowing down.Although starting or running an online casino yourself is an expensive and highly regulated project there are other ways to profit though the gambling sector. The primary route is by affiliation to an existing casino operator which can be made even easier though a turnkey website.As with every kind of affiliation you should ensure that the merchant is trusted,established and contactable after all by affiliating yourself with any other website you are creating the impression to your visitors that you have a special relationship with them or are even part of the same group.Casino affiliate programs continue to offer some excellent returns for affiliates willing to promote them, either offering a share of revenue earned though your site or a bonus for every new player registered. Some may also offer a pay per click option or a combination of these options.The advantages of being an affiliate to a casino website are huge, mostly being that you are never liable to pay out a penny out of your own pocket if players you refer win. All payouts are handled by the casino operator, otherwise you’d only have to refer one or two lucky players for the results to be costly. More pratical reasons include the fact that you do not have to be licensed, after all the law views your position as advertising a casino – not running one.By using a turnkey website that has been created for the task of casino affiliation you can quickly establish your site from day one as creditable and professional. All the research into suitable casino operators will already been completed. You can pick up these sites cheaply from ebay, or free from http://www.concept-casinos.comOther advantages of using a turnkey website is that it will have been developed to give the impression of being a self contained casino operator, as opposed to a few banners put together on a blank page & it will have been thoughly tested and easy to setup or modify.

I have a Low Income, How Can I Start My Own Home Base Online Business?

If you meet prospects that have a problem with their monthly income, and it will take them a long time to consider joining your online business, here is the tips for you:1. Let them know that to get the initial investment for internet marketing is from their SAVING, not from their monthly INCOME. Most of the time I always mention to my teammates “It doesn’t matter how much money you can earn, but the most important thing is how much money you can save from your INCOME”. So, its worth to have $2000 as your monthly but you can save $500 monthly, compare to have black porn $5000 monthly income, but your monthly expenses are also $5000.2. Convince your prospects that as their up line, you will help them. If your prospect said to you “OK, I will use my saving as the Initial Investment, but I only have several hundreds dollar which is only enough for my 6 months investment in home-based business; what if after 6 months I still do not get my down line, then what should I do?” It means that you as their Up line, you have to pay extra attention to them so that within the shortest time, they will be able to get their bonus that can cover their monthly internet business expenses. But again, if you have prospects afraid that their saving will running out before they success, then here is my tips: tell them “As your up line, I can not promise you anything, but I will help you as far as I can so that you will be able to get your bonus that can cover up your monthly online business expenses.3. If the prospect have a very minimum saving, or even do not have saving, ask them to start saving their money, so that they will be able to have a minimum investment to start their online business. If they really do not have saving and not intend to save, just forget them and move to your other prospects. But if they do have intention to save, encourage them again and again, probably in a couple of weeks or months, they will be able to have an enough saving to start their online business. What will you do if you want to open a cafeteria that need $ 550 as the initial investment meanwhile you do not have money now? Of course you will start to save right? If it is necessary you will try to get a loan. It is the same with your online business. If your prospects have a minimum income and minimum saving, keep motivate them to save their income, so they will have enough saving to start online business. It doesn’t matter how much money your income is, but it is really matter how much money you can save from your income.