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I Wanted To Be Rich

Where was I going wrong? How could I ever be rich? Reaching my forties I really was beginning to question myself and have self doubts. Friends and others around me had built better lifestyles for themselves and I admit to being jealous about the fact that they seemed so much better off than I was.One day I decided that enough was enough. It was time for me to take a chance in life. I came across an advertisement that would change my life forever. Sure, they wanted some investment but then who wouldn’t. It was time I invested in myself and got what I wanted out of life.I made over £750 in my first day. My dream had come true. I realised that I was in control of my life. I made things happen.What you have just read is absolute and utter tripe. You have probably come across several similar writings before, all with a similar success story and all ending in a ‘call me now’ telephone number at the end of the advert. That’s all it really is – an advert. A company, or some person trying hard to get you to part with your hard earned money or work for them on a commission only basis.Don’t fall for it. If it was so good then why the hell are they even having to tout for business? If it is so inspirational and fool proof then how come so many fools have to part with their own money? If it was so darned successful then why on earth would you want to run off and tell everyone about it? Why wouldn’t you want to keep it to yourself and quietly earn a fortune from it. The fact of the matter is – you pay for it, not them and if you are unsuccessful then its not their fault – you just never cut the mustard!Unfortunately we can all get sucked in by similar ploys and crass advertising by hyper maniacs who leap around being ultra positive and cheesy with their get rich quick schemes which somehow always seem to need your money in order for them to work? Call them to account and you will be accused of being negative. That’s the way they operate.Next time you see a similar advert just smile and walk on. A fool and their money are soon parted. Don’t feed the hyper bullshit – keep your money in your pocket!

Stay At Home Jobs – An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Stay at home jobs of all kinds have become the hottest employment trends of the 21st century. Outsourcing work to stay at home workers has become especially attractive to employers who are looking for an effective way to cut business costs and still provide quality products and services.So if a home based business is what you want, the first place you should look is at your current employer. Is the work you’re doing now something that you could work from home and do, then send to the office by email or upload to the company server or FTP site? Often, with just a few adjustments by both you and your employer, you’ll find that it is. And if you have a good work record with your employer and a few of years of service there already, your employer is quite likely to be willing to let you stay at home and work, at least part of the time. You still might have to go into the office for meetings and planning sessions, but you could stay at home and do most of your work. So before you turn in your notice to work from home, talk it over with your present employer and see what you can work out.Too, before leaving your current job, it’s a good idea to start part-time stay at home first. There are many reasons for trying out a stay at home job part-time, but the main one is so that you’ll have a true idea of what your earning potential will be at a particular stay at home job. Many times stay at home job recruiters or advertisements for stay at home work “oversell” the income potential of their stay at home job opportunities.Sometimes this stay at home job “oversell” is intentional because the whole deal is a scam to begin with, but other times, it’s just that the company uses the earnings of their employees or salespeople to show you the income potential you have performing their particular stay at home job or by taking advantage of their stay at home business opportunity. Either way, you want to beware of any company that tells you that can make hundreds and hundreds, even thousands of dollars a week at their home business. It may be true that you can make oodles of money at that particular stay at home job, but it will probably take quite a while to build up to even a reasonable income. Starting a stay at home job part-time will let you to do this while you still have a steady paycheck coming in, which means you’ll feel less stress and pressure.When choosing the best job or home based business opportunity for you, you should always take into consideration what you love to do and what your skills and capabilities are. Virtual assistants, transcription, data entry and accounting are great areas for work at home and are good places to put those administrative assistant skills and office skills you have to work for you at home. All you really need for these types of jobs is a computer with Internet access and email, which more than likely you already have since you’re reading this.Email processing, survey taking and ad placement are a just few of the many other online job areas that you might want to look into. Of course, be sure to research the company you want first. Find out as much about them as possible, including their payment history, before taking a this kind of job with any online company. And never pay anyone to give you an opportunity like this. It’s one thing to pay a recruiter to help you find a stay at home job, it’s quite another to pay someone to hire you. Requiring you to pay to start a work at home job is the number one way to spot an online stay at home work scam. Don’t waste your time–or more importantly, your money.

Are You Starving Your Home Business Of Lifeblood?

If you’ve seen Kevin Costner’s film the “Field of Dreams” you will remember how he was inspired to build a baseball field with the words “If you build it, they will come”. He built the stadium, and with a little faith, streams of visitors were coming to see his dream.Sorry to bring you back to the REAL world but this isn’t “Field of Dreams” and you aren’t Kevin Costner. If you want visitors to your dream website and you want some measure of success online, you need to take some important steps to do so.Without a regular supply of leads to your business then you just aren’t going to make it in internet business, period.How on earth could you? It would be like setting up an offline business and expecting it to succeed without anyone picking up the phone to call you or walking in through your companies’ front door.Makes sense doesn’t it? Of course it does but the majority of prospects I deal with respond with shock horror when I tell them that now that they have set up their business websites they will have to buy leads or work hard to obtain them.Leads are the lifeblood of your business and a highly targeted prospect can be worth $1000s, especially if you are involved in network marketing.The way I see it, there are a few things you need to do to qualify leads and turn them into your customers or downline.Firstly you need to obtain them, and as I can only share my own experiences, I will tell you what I do.1) I buy leads – This is the simplest way to get leads and obviously will take the least amount of work to do this, because you are buying them from other sources and sending them to your business. These are usually raw leads, meaning they are people interested in starting an online business but not sure how to go about it nor with which company to proceed. It is up to you to convince them to use your product or service to do this.2) I add them to my followup system – After buying leads you MUST add these prospects to some sort of followup system. This is basic stuff and if you don’t do it you won’t succeed.There is absolutely no point in buying leads unless you followup with them. You COULD buy them and send them one email with a link to your business. A very small % will actually visit your site, what about the rest? Adding them to a followup system with at least twelve further messages will help turn your leads into HOT prospects. Some of my autoresponders have up to fifty message with articles, tips and recommendations.3) I send targeted prospects to my business websites from the search engines – Many of my leads come from top rankings in the major search engines. A full e-book could be written on this alone but basically I set up a domain – obtained hosting – optimised my website with keywords related to my business – submitted my site to the major search engines – added quality home business related content and began a reciprocal linking campaign which boosts my sites web ranking more than anything else. The greatest thing about these leads is they are HIGHLY TARGETED and they are of course free.Again I have set up a web form at my sites to encourage my search engine leads to add themselves to my followup system. I can then get to work on turning them into my customers and downline affiliates.There are of course many other forms of sending customers to your website but the two above combined with an effective followup system can virtually put your business on autopilot and free up your time for other projects. They are also the most effective ways that I have found to reach a successful income.Take the steps as outlined above and let me know how you get on.Copyright 2004 Mal Keenan

Home Based Business Plan Guide

Every home based business needs a plan to be successful. It isn’t enough to have a great idea for a home based business and just hang out your shingle. Which is a something that many home based business owners learn too late. So even if you aren’t going to be borrowing money for your start up home based business, you still want to take some time to create a thoughtful, realistic business plan.The first step in creating a home based business plan is to clearly define your goals. It isn’t just a matter of saying you want to make a certain amount of money in, say, five years or to leave your competition in the dust. These are certainly lofty goals, but they are vague. You want to define what your home based business really is at the beginning and where you want it to be. It’s a good to break this into segments. Where do you want your home based business to be in six months? A year? Eighteen months? Two years? A home based business plan that outlines your objectives this way gives you a road map to refer to and will ensure you’re on the right track and that you stay there.Second, you have to know the market potential for your home based business. After all, there has to be a demand for the product and/or service you are offering or you have no business. If your home based business is going to provide business cleaning services, for example, you’ll want to be sure that there are companies and offices in your immediate area that need your service. You will also want to look at surrounding areas for opportunities to grow your home based business in the future. The amount and type of competition for your service needs to be taken into consideration too. If your area is already saturated with business cleaning services, you may need to consider a different service altogether. Without some planning and research, however, you won’t know this in advance, and your home based business won’t be as likely to succeed as it could be.Next, you want to consider all the costs your home based business will incur. A lot of times when people work at home at their own home business, they fail to consider the small expenses. Printer ink, paper, postage, long distance phone calls and cell phone bills are easily missed when considering the cost of operating a home based business. And these seemingly small amounts add up in a short amount of time for most business owners. So realistically look at all the costs involved with owning and operating your home business. This way you’ll know how much you have to bring in to meet expenses and hopefully, to make a profit.Now you want to think about how you will market your home based business. Again, you can have the best product and/or service going, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t market it. You need a marketing strategy for your home based business, and you need to plan for the costs involved in making it a reality. You may only be thinking about flyers, circulars and posters to begin with, but they do cost money to produce. And you need to think about other ways as well. Radio, billboards, direct mail, email, Web advertising are all great ways to promote and market your product and/or service. It’s wise to do some research into what type of marketing tools work best for your type of home based business and use a combination of offline and online advertising. You may want to start with more inexpensive marketing methods and work up as you go. To do this, you’ll need to, yes, plan for that. Plan for how much you can spend at the beginning and how much you want to add to your home based business marketing as it grows–which, with the proper planning, it will certainly do.Charles Fuchshttp://www.charlesfuchs.com[http://www.workathomesociety.com]I grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included, with a live link, and the article is not changed in any way.

How To Start An Business Online

To start a real internet business there are a few necessities1) A Product To Sell,2) A website with great sales copy to generate sales,3) Direct quality targeted traffic to your website,4) Collect the email address’s of people who enter & exit your website so you can sell to them at a later stage.That my friends in a nut shell is a real internet business. So how do you go about creating one.Well step one is you need a product. The best & easiest product to sell online is an ebook. There are two things you can do1)Write your own,2)Find one with resell rights.If you are writing one yourself I recommend writing about something you have a lot of knowledge on & have a lot of interest in, such as a hobby for example a hedline may read”Amazing fising tips that will have you reeling in the big ones in no time”So if you have an interest in fishing, then a product to help people improve there catch may be your product. What ever your interest, find something that gives you an advantage over everyone else, write about it and sell it!Generating good sales copy can be tough you have got to capture the heart & emotion of the person reading the copy & eventually lead them to buying your product! Here is a great free ebook on sales copy [http://nicetodobusiness.com/mindcontrol.pdf]Next we need to get plenty of visitors to the website, there are thousand of products you can buy out there claiming to get you to the top of searh engines, get you a million hits a month and so on but most of them dont, my recomondation is to research these companys first see if they have top search engine rankings, if thet cant get top rankings themselves then chances are they wont be able to get them for you.Here’s a free newsletter on Search engines, Free traffic techniques & more, its available at [http://nicetodobusiness.com/freetraffictips2.htm] its completly free.The next step was to create a mailing list of all the people who entered & exited the website. there is a free mailing list service available at http://bravenet.com & a professional paid service at http://mjf1.emailaces.com.You can put these services on a pop up of built into you sales copy the important thing is to collect those email address it is vital to creating a successful business!!!!I recommend when starting out to use the free service & if your list grows to over 50 people then move on to the pro service its about 8 bucks a month.Well that my friends in a nutshell is how to create a successful business online.I hope this information has helped you.To your Success,

Home Internet Business…How Do I Start?

Working from home and especially on the internet is fast becoming the preferred choice for many people worldwide, no longer are we tied down to our office desks and facing that daily Monday to Friday routine of rising early to beat the early morning traffic jam.With the advent of the World Wide Web more and more people are now looking at starting a work from home business and opportunities are forever being proposed to us either on web sites that we visit or in our emails.When looking for a home business what should we be particularly looking for to ensure that we have at least a fighting chance of success online.First point I would consider is the product or service the company is selling is there a market for it and if so is the market already filled to capacity with other companies selling the same items.Secondly, what do I have to do to succeed and realistically make a living from being involved with this company and its products or services? Does it require me to just sell its products and services or am I required to build a team as in multi level marketing.Thirdly, what is the background and history of the company and the management? Do I feel that this is a company that I would be comfortable in being associated with and do I think that they show the integrity required to run this company from strength to strength and show long-term commitment?Remember you are a valuable commodity, a person who is going to promote their business and produce success not only for yourself but also for the company. So do your homework first and seek out independent advice regarding the business you are interested in and research online to see what is being said about the company from non-bias opinions.

Resource Allocation

So here you are…a business owner. Bravo!You’ve got a catchy name, you’re equipped with all the right tools, your website is up, and now you’re ready to do business. So you start to network online, join the right groups, check out search engine adwords, subscribe to applicable newsletters for insight, and buy some of the better known marketing gurus books.Hmmmm, not much is happening.Okay, so now you begin to check out local networking groups in your community. You may join the Chamber of Commerce, the Elks, the Friars, various business networking groups….. and a little more is happening.Then you look into trade shows in your area. You need collateral materials to hand out so you create an attractive flyer, perhaps start to mail out some postcards, let all your networking associates know about your trade show booth. Then you work the show…… and a little more begins to happen.Now you start in earnest a referral program for your existing clientele. You know, if you send me a new client I will give you ____% off your next order.Hmmm….didn’t get much from that.So you then conclude that you have to start the process all over again. Work harder. Put in more time. Network more and better.Okay, all good. But what’s missing? The fact is that regardless of your category of business, you will actually, on average, do business with less than 10% of all those who are aware of your company. That’s it????? Yup.So what can a business owner do? There’s only so much time in the day. I’m doing all I can.Yes, you are. But how about using your time to do what it is that you actually do, rather than trying to find people to do it with.It’s now time to let media start working for you.The next step for you is to start budgeting all of your resources. Up until now you’ve been using time, the one resource which cannot be created or renewed. Once it’s been used, it’s gone forever.How about starting to use another resource…..money!Do you have an advertising budget? Have you ever even thought about it? Invariably an advertising budget is the one thing which new business owners don’t allocate for, don’t consider, and just can’t bring themselves to spend. And I ask, Why Not??!!??!!One of the reasons is that you’ve been indoctrinated to believe that successful marketing is a function of mindset, positive, pro-active, enthusiastic, etc. All true. And all marketing. Your results to date have been less than explosive. Coming in dribbles rather than a downpour, and, as previously mentioned, your conclusion is to work harder.What happened to paid for advertising?How about working wiser for a change? Start to allocate a percent of each sale that you make to your advertising budget. Just like you have a household budget, you need to have a business budget.And what will an advertising budget do for you? It will enable you to reach thousands of people with your business message, instead of just dozens. Can you imagine??? Thousands of people being aware of your company, thousands of people considering your products or services, thousands of people that you can market your message to. Wow. What a concept.

How Web Masters Can Start a Home Based Business Using Credit Cards

If you’re a webmaster who has been itching to start a home based business and you are experiencing some cash flow problems and are considering leaving your dreams by the wayside, don’t. Credit cards may be your answer. Now before you start feeling guilty about using your credit cards for some much needed cash flow and before you antagonize over this issue because of “debt”, let me assure you that credit cards may be your key to success when you use them wisely.This isn’t to say that you should go out and run up your cards up to the limit simply because they are there. Instead, we’re saying that credit cards are not all bad, credit card companies aren’t the devil and if you use your cards smartly then they can help jump start your fledging business’ finances or get you out of a cash crunch. However, the key is to learn how to use credit cards to your advantage and not your disadvantage. With this in mind, we have provided you with the top five tips that will help you use your credit cards wisely:
First and foremost, you should realize that carrying cards have some advantages. Here are some major ones that you should be aware of:

Credit allows you to buy needed mobile porn supplies instantly instead of waiting until later;
You can spread out the cost of expensive equipment like software and computers;
You can learn to cleverly float cards and get months of interest free loans if you choose the right card and black porn use it correctly;
When you use cards, your purchases are cartoon porn insured;
Credit cards allow you to keep track of miscellaneous purchases and expenses;
You can earn points and other rewards simply for using the card;
Credit cards help you budget your money. You get a single limit and once that is exceeded then you will be declined so you’ll be encouraged to keep milf porn track of how much limit you have.
Second, you have to find a card that has a great rate and/or the best benefits for you. For instance, if you will pay off the balance every month but travel a lot then you might want to consider a card with a higher interest rate that gives more frequent flier miles since you will not be affected by the interest rate when you can’t pay off the credit card balance every month. On the other hand, if you can’t pay your balance every month, you should consider the card with a lower interest rate.Once you’ve found an appropriate card, you should make a commitment to pay your balance responsibly. That is, you should only charge the amount that you can realistically pay in a month or so and make a point not to rack up a ton of credit card debt.You should really try and avoid using your credit card to get cash advances. This is because most companies charge cash advance fees which could hurt you. However, an exception to this would be if you have an emergency and need to handle a cash crunch then you should use the least amount possible.Review your statements as soon as you get them to evaluate interest rates. Make sure that you don’t see any errors and if you do then report them right away.In conclusion, you shouldn’t feel guilty about using your credit cards to help you start or finance your fledging web business. Instead, you should use the above-mentioned tips and use your cards responsibly so that they continue to be a blessing when you need them!

How To Choose A Work At Home Business Opportunity

There are plenty of ways to do business on the Internet, butthey can be basically divided into 2 groups:1. Go out and do the research, find the resources, bring themaltogether and then build a business from scratchor2. Start a turn key business that has everything you need toget started in one place including training, support,products and websites.This article refers to business group number 2.Believe me when I say not all work at home businessopportunities are created equal. I learned the hard way.Like an over excited greenhorn with dollar signs in hiseyes I started a total of 5 Internet work at homebusinesses all within 1 week of discovering they evenexisted. That was equal to about $250/month in subscriptionfees!I was basically a textbook example of what not to do.Save yourself the expense and effort (not to mention theembarrassment of having to tell people about it later) bymaking sure any business you are interested in checks outfor the following points:Most important – does the company sell a product or servicethat is good quality, people want to buy and you would beproud to represent? Boom industries include health (e.g.vitamins, alternative medicine), communications (e.g. cellphone subscriptions), Internet marketing resources (leads,info products, articles and recordings from experts aboutbuilding a business) and Internet technology (e.g. webbuilding tools, face to face video conferencing). There ismore but they are a good place to start.Does the business look professional? – you can easily get a”vibe” for a business by its presentation. Is the web sitebeautiful? Does it load easily? Is the spelling and grammarcorrect? While presentation is not the only thing to lookfor in a business it can be all you need to decide whetherto look further.Is the earnings structure fair? – usually the payment plansin work at home business opportunities are confusing atbest. But what you want to be sure of is that you are goingto be fairly rewarded for your efforts. Typically you willbe expected to either sell product or get new members tojoin your business before you make money. The latter is thepreferable method because then you have other people makingyou money as well. You should start earning once you have 3to 4 people in your team. Be sure you know exactly how itworks because there are companies around that expect you tohave a team of 12 members before you see a cent; too hardfor a beginner.What does it cost to get started? – just because a businesscosts a lot to get started doesn’t mean its a bad thing ora good thing. But I’m guessing that you are like I was anddon’t have thousands on hand ready to plunge into yourfirst work at home business. It’s probably better to dirtyyour hands with something a little smaller at first andtake it from there. Up to $100-150/month is reasonable. Myfavorite for beginners is about $30/month (No.1 work fromhome business opportunity).Special note: Remember that with any business you will alsohave advertising expenses.How old is the company? – a company that is completely newis susceptible to disappearing from the radar. Be cautiousof businesses claiming to be in pre-launch for 2 reasons.1. that means they are new and may have no idea what theyare doing and 2. these companies always claim to be inpre-launch even though they launched (started doingbusiness) months ago. Of course every great company was newonce so there are times when a new company can be a greatopportunity. Check to see what the word is, do somesearches and try to find out what people are saying aboutthe company and about the leaders. If the leadership isgood than you maybe onto a good thing.How experienced is the leadership? – once or twice a year anew company will come on the scene and people will beclimbing over each other to come on board. The reason isusually because it is another brain child of a team with aproven record of success. They have the experience to getit right from the start.Does the company provide training? – two pages about how topost free classifieds is not training (that was the extentof it on one of the earliest companies I joined). Trainingshould be comprehensive, covering how to advertise, whereto advertise, what to say in your advertisement, where tofind business, how to talk to people, how to staymotivated, how to increase your business, how to train newteam members and more. Very importantly it should includeat least weekly phone conferences from company experts andleaders for you to learn how they do it and have yourquestions answered.Will you get adequate support? – if you have questions orconcerns it’s nice to know that there is someone to answerthem. The top notch businesses will actually have a supportdepartment available to answer any questions you may have.If you find a business meeting all these criteria then youare off to a good start. But remember this is only thefirst step in a longer haul. You must have persistence ifyou are going to make it.To learn more about work home business, you can get a no cost course from: www.Favorite2ndIncome.com [http://www.favorite2ndincome.com] which includes a cassette tape, CDROM, book and other stuff supposedly valued at $585. Worth checking out.In the meantime, keep learning, keep at it and don’t give up.Written by Murray Hughes007WorkFromHome.comhttp://www.007workfromhome.com/how-to-choose-work-at-home-business.php