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Your Home Biz Store

To make your home biz store successful, you need to establish the following characteristics. First. you need to cultivate the trust and credibility of others by being knowledgeable and honest about your business. Second. don’t exaggerate claims because people are wary of these tactics, and you may lose customers. Third, send email messages with at least one question that requires an answer.Fourth, make sure the messages are short; long messages more than likely won’t be read. Fifth, ask people to acknowledge that they got your message about your home biz store. Sixth, be aware of stricter spam practices as many email providers are blocking messages even if they aren’t spam. Seventh, don’t expect a get rich quick scheme; it takes time for a home business to grow.Eighth, be persistent with your home biz store. Ninth, expect emotional highs and lows as there will be successes and setbacks. There are time management skills you can utilize. You can make a “to do” list. Write the list down, and leave it somewhere you are sure to look. Of course the list can be flexible; some tasks will have to be put off, and the list may need updating.Also instead of writing everything on scraps of paper, invest in a simple spiral notebook to record what’s going on. It can be a good memory jogger and can be used for future reference. There are also ways to manage the telephone. Record an effective message such as “Hello, this is John Smith. I’m not available now, but if you leave a message about what your call concerns and the best time to get up with you, I’ll call you back later.” If somebody can answer your calls for you, have them say the same. You want to know what the call is about to better prepare yourself for further conversations.Your first priority in your home biz store is your customer; the old cliche “the customer is always right” is tired but true. Offer your customers newsletters to keep them apprised of your doings. Ask customers if they want to be notified if you change your website. Keep in contact with a customer after a purchase to ensure satisfaction. Send them surveys, and use rewards as incentives such as gift certificates.If you have a website, make sure it’s easy to use. Have a “frequently asked questions” or FAQ section to tell customers your policies. Send surveys asking about site navigation. Fix any problems promptly. Make your contact information readily available; post hyperlinked email addresses and toll-free numbers. A nice touch is sending longtime customers thank you gifts, emailing them cards on special occasions, and giving them price breaks. With these suggestions, your home business can thrive.

Six Tips On Running A Successful Home Based Business

Plan for the unexpected. It never fails that things are going along smoothly, then BAM, a home based business owner gets broad-sided with something they never dreamed would happen. It could be anything from a flooded basement where they have their home based business office to the computer getting struck by lightening–or just an electrical outage at the busiest time of the day. So take the time to make back up plans for every eventuality. This doesn’t mean you have to become pessimistic in your outlook, just that you have a backup plan for most any emergency that may come along. Having a plan means you’ll be prepared just in case.Have money put aside. When your home based business profits are pouring in, it’s easy to let your spending get out of hand. Then when the computer does get struck by lightening, you don’t have the money for needed repairs. So you need to put aside some money each month while you’re growing your home based business to help you through any bad times you may have–and you will have them. Every business, home based or otherwise, has good times and bad. Having the financial resources to see you through them is essential to keeping your home based business operating, and growing.Use your time wisely. With a stay at home business, it’s easy to get distracted by the television, the telephone and the family. It’s also easy to let paperwork slide. A lot of home based business owners become like Scarlet in Gone with the Wind and think there’s always tomorrow. What happens is when things pile up, a home based business owner can easily get overwhelmed. After all, there’s no one else to take care of things. So make sure you organize your time, make a schedule–and stick with it.Get and keep your office organized. Home based business owners don’t have time to waste. And an unbelievable amount of time is essentially thrown away when you have to spend precious time looking for things. Organize your home based business office so that it maximizes your efficiency. Little things like making sure you always have a pen and paper by the phone can save an enormous amount of time. Also, having a good filing system is vital for the same reason: the time you spend looking for things you need is time you could be spending attending to business.Make sure you have insurance. This is crucial in case something should happen to your home based business inventory or equipment. A home based business can afford not to have the proper insurance. That basement flood mentioned earlier could easily put you out of business for good unless you have insurance. So you want to have the best insurance you possibly can, even if it means scrimping on other expenses. If you don’t already have it, get on the phone or go online and get adequate insurance as soon as possible.Plan for taxes now. If you haven’t already discussed your taxes with an accountant or other home based business financial advisor, you want to do it as quickly as possible. And you want to check in with them frequently to make sure you stay up to date on important tax laws that may affect your home based business. You want to be sure you’re setting aside enough money to pay your taxes and you also need to know if you should be filing taxes yearly or quarterly as many self-employed people do. Also, if your home based business has employees, you’ll want to make sure you’re withholding the right amount of taxes for them as well. Taxes are a fact of life and the sooner and more efficiently you plan for them, the better off your home based business will be. The last thing you want is for that tidy little nest egg you’ve saved for your home based business to be gobbled up by the tax man!Charles Fuchshttp://www.charlesfuchs.commhttp://charlesfuchs.blogspot.comI grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included, with a live link, and the article is not changed in any way.

Work From Home Using Computer

Would you like to Work From Home Using Computer?If you would like to Work From Home Using Computer mobile porn then please read on.It’s not as difficult as you might think to Work From Home Using Computer, but you must be very aware of all the lies that will confront you.If you see Work From Home Using Computer ads such as “Make $100,000 in a month with NO WORK”, then please you must understand that these are lies which are just hyped up to make you want to invest your hard earned money.You can make money from the internet, but probably not by investing in things like these.The best ways to make money, are to create your own product or service, or create a content rich website and place a few advertisements in there, or you could sell someone else’s products through an affiliate program.Those are the ways that you are likely to earn a nice income, possibly become rich. Hey it happens. Don’t believe me? Search for anything you like on google. I guarantee you that most of the websites you find are there to make money some how.The only ones that aren’t are the ones that are made for friends or family members or other personal web pages. All the rest are there to make money or to satisfy the owner of the website to an equal degree.How are you going to make your money?Create a product:Nice and simple. Because the internet is such a vast area, you can sell something about anything and there is more than likely to be a market for it.Do you have specific knowledge about an area? Then write a digital book about it (Or ebook as it is commonly called) and sell it. Have a hobby? Write about it. Got a child? Write about how to cope with being a parent.If you have a decent brain in your head, then you have the potential to make an information product.Create a service:This is a lot more expensive, depending on what you are doing. Sometimes you will need a programmer to sort out all of the coding for the service. But if you can pull this off, then you should be raking in the dough. However, I would definitely stick to writing an information product first, then once you have accumulated lots of money form this, start a service.Create a content website:Creating a content website is cheap to do (If you’re doing it yourself), but is very time consuming. However, once you have plenty of content, which is search engine optimized, you can put ads on there and hopefully make a killing.You can create many pages full of content, then display Google’s AdSense ads on there. This means that you wont have to handle the delivery of the ads yourself, or worry about advertisers not paying.Create an affiliate website:This is similar to the above, but without displaying the ads.Write plenty of optimized articles in a specific area, then go out and find someone with a product, become an affiliate, sell it on your website, and earn a commission.

Can’t You See I’m Working?

For many working parents, telecommuting or a home business may seem like the answer to your prayers. You want to have more time with your kids and greater flexibility, so you take the leap, install a second phone line, and set up a computer in the dining room.But the first thing you may discover is that working from home includes many unexpected distractions. Children, your spouse, neighbors, and the family dog come and go. They make loud noises, ask for your help, or interrupt to ask a “quick question,” always just long enough to break your concentration.Your family and friends don’t seem to understand that you’re working. They ask you to run errands, expect you to handle chores, and want to chat on the phone. When you see the pile of laundry or stack of dishes sitting there waiting, you may be tempted to take time out from work to clean up a bit.You’d like to keep your house livable and be available to the people you care about, but it’s just too much for one person to manage. When can you get any work done?The way out of this dilemma is to set clear boundaries on your space, time, and responsibilities. If your office has a door, try having “open-door” time and “closed-door” time. When your door is open, the kids can come say hello, ask questions, or tell you about their day. When the door is closed, it means “Do Not Disturb.”A good way to explain this to children is to tell them you need some private time, not just that you are busy. If your office doesn’t have a door, you need one! Try to find another place in your home where you can create some private space for at least part of the day.Setting regular working hours will help you manage your time better as well as give some guidelines to your family. Build your hours around the family activities that are important to you. If your kids get home at 2:00, for example, set up your work day from 8:30 to 2:00 and 4:00 to 6:00.Your schedule can change each week to allow for your children’s activities, when necessary. Choose how many work hours per week makes sense for you, design a schedule, and post it on your office door. Highlight the open times, and let everyone know that’s when you are available to them.If your family expects you to run errands and handle chores during your work day, it may be time to hold a family meeting. Explain to your children (and remind your spouse) that it may look like mommy or daddy is playing on the computer or chatting on the phone, but this is his or her job, and it contributes to the family’s income.Start by listing all the jobs that need to be done for the household, and who does them now. Instead of assigning chores, try asking each family member to volunteer for something. If there are lots of tasks left over, be sure to ask if they really need to be done, or done as often. (Dusting, for example, may need to go by the wayside.) If you are doing chores during time you could be making money, consider hiring someone else to clean your house, service the car, or drive the kids to after-school activities.When one of your boundaries gets tested, learn to hold the line. If you give in even once, don’t expect the boundary to hold up. Try making the closed door, posted schedule, or job roster the bad guy instead of yourself.Instead of, “I’m too busy to talk right now — you’ll have to wait,” say, “The door is closed now, would you please come back when it’s open?” When friends phone during work time, ask them to call back after hours. And when someone doesn’t do one of their chores, don’t do it for them. Serving a meal on dirty dishes may seem extreme, but it will get the message across.

Home Based Business Plan Guide

Every home based business needs a plan to be successful. It isn’t enough to have a great idea for a home based business and just hang out your shingle. Which is a something that many home based business owners learn too late. So even if you aren’t going to be borrowing money for your start up home based business, you still want to take some time to create a thoughtful, realistic business plan.The first step in creating a home based business plan is to clearly define your goals. It isn’t just a matter of saying you want to make a certain amount of money in, say, five years or to leave your competition in the dust. These are certainly lofty goals, but they are vague. You want to define what your home based business really is at the beginning and where you want it to be. It’s a good to break this into segments. Where do you want your home based business to be in six months? A year? Eighteen months? Two years? A home based business plan that outlines your objectives this way gives you a road map to refer to and will ensure you’re on the right track and that you stay there.Second, you have to know the market potential for your home based business. After all, there has to be a demand for the product and/or service you are offering or you have no business. If your home based business is going to provide business cleaning services, for example, you’ll want to be sure that there are companies and offices in your immediate area that need your service. You will also want to look at surrounding areas for opportunities to grow your home based business in the future. The amount and type of competition for your service needs to be taken into consideration too. If your area is already saturated with business cleaning services, you may need to consider a different service altogether. Without some planning and research, however, you won’t know this in advance, and your home based business won’t be as likely to succeed as it could be.Next, you want to consider all the costs your home based business will incur. A lot of times when people work at home at their own home business, they fail to consider the small expenses. Printer ink, paper, postage, long distance phone calls and cell phone bills are easily missed when considering the cost of operating a home based business. And these seemingly small amounts add up in a short amount of time for most business owners. So realistically look at all the costs involved with owning and operating your home business. This way you’ll know how much you have to bring in to meet expenses and hopefully, to make a profit.Now you want to think about how you will market your home based business. Again, you can have the best product and/or service going, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t market it. You need a marketing strategy for your home based business, and you need to plan for the costs involved in making it a reality. You may only be thinking about flyers, circulars and posters to begin with, but they do cost money to produce. And you need to think about other ways as well. Radio, billboards, direct mail, email, Web advertising are all great ways to promote and market your product and/or service. It’s wise to do some research into what type of marketing tools work best for your type of home based business and use a combination of offline and online advertising. You may want to start with more inexpensive marketing methods and work up as you go. To do this, you’ll need to, yes, plan for that. Plan for how much you can spend at the beginning and how much you want to add to your home based business marketing as it grows–which, with the proper planning, it will certainly do.Charles Fuchshttp://www.charlesfuchs.com[http://www.workathomesociety.com]I grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included, with a live link, and the article is not changed in any way.

Six Lessons for Getting in the “Right Mindset” For Starting Your Own Business

Believe it or not your childhood attitude towards a fence shapes your business mindset. As you’ll learn from my experience starting a business, having the right mindset is the key to being an entrepreneur. It’s all about being a fence hopper instead of a fence sitter.Remember being a kid? Did you sit on a fence and dangle your legs or did you hop right over that fence? The answer matters. It reflects your outlook on life. If you’re like most kids you sat on the fence wiggling your legs while giggling with a friend and day dreaming, talking about all your big plans for life. The problem is most people never get past the fence sitting phase, even though they grow up and get jobs.When I was a kid, I loved hopping over fences. It was fun to climb to new heights and see what was on the other side. But like most folks the majority of my adult work time has been spent sitting on the proverbial fence at the same job, day in and day out, waiting for the pension, figuring I’d be there the rest of my life.But one day I took a good hard look at my life and realized I wasn’t meeting my financial or lifestyle goals. I wanted more than the same old paycheck and the same old hours and the same old headaches. As I began working towards starting my own business, I embodied the Nike mantra, “Just do it”. This mantra is the fence hopper, and entrepreneurial mantra. Yet, oddly enough for most people it’s, “I will, I will” followed by “I won’t, I won’t.” The problem is fear, self-doubt, insecurity, lack of support, and tools erode the dream of owning their own business before it’s even given a chance. I faced these same concerns.Confidence/No FearEarly on, I realized to succeed required getting in the “right mindset” to be my own boss. This involved getting over self-defeating talk and convincing myself I could do it. There is an expression in sales if you fake it long enough you believe it. The reasoning is that by acting confident, you become confident. So for me it became a matter of selling my self. Like any good sales person will tell you, to be good in sales you need to know your customers’ hot buttons, earn their trust and value and meet their needs. I sold myself on the idea of going into business for myself, but that didn’t take away the realistic fears and insecurities.When I started the business there was no paycheck, no set date when the money would arrive, and even worse I worried that the money might not show up at all. This became my biggest fence to climb.Contending with my own self-doubt and insecurity was one thing, but hearing the negative concerns of friends and family voiced over and over made matters worse. In their eyes I was working a “good job”, and they didn’t understand why I wanted to trade a secure paycheck for uncertainty. All I heard was “you can’t do that” and “that’s too risky”. Those kinds of comments worked against me for the first six months and threatened to undermine the entrepreneurial “can do and will do” attitude.Friends and family didn’t understand the kind of business I started known as affiliate marketing, but they felt qualified to tell me, “If I could make money online it would probably be illegal or at best immoral.”What they didn’t realize is that affiliate marketing is a $14 billion industry. (Source: Marketing Sherpa) and is expected to grow to approximately $230 billion by 2008. (Source: Forrester Research)Supporting Your EndeavorsAspiring entrepreneurs need the support of their spouse or partner. Fortunately, my wife is 100% supportive. I know some people, who sadly enough, will never succeed because their spouse runs around saying things like, “That’s a waste of time”. If your spouse or significant other is angry you’re spending time working on something other than your “real job” its going to be difficult to start a business and work around the negativity their harboring.Getting The ToolsWhen you start something new it’s hard to know ahead of time what tools and knowledge you’re going to need. Combine this with a natural resistance towards spending money on an unknown venture and you’ll likely wind up lacking something that’s essential to your business.For instance, my first attempt developing an online business utilized a free domain name and web hosting which hampered my ability to have a professional looking web site. Plus, I felt overwhelmed entering a new industry and market. There was simply too much to know and I didn’t know where to obtain the right information to make the business venture a success. When things looked their bleakest, instead of abandoning my plans, I found help and that’s when the success began.Knowing When And Where To Ask For HelpReading the motivational book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki provided numerous insights. The top four principles entail:
“Work to learn” and not to earn” mindset

Form relationships with people who are successful and willing to pass on their knowledge

Being successful requires making a milf porn personal investment.

Working a job you will not get you ahead financially

By following these principles I worked out a deal with a business colleague. I agreed to work for free while he taught me the ropes. With finances tight it made more sense to donate time instead of placing myself under financial duress. Thanks to his generosity I’m now successful in affiliate marketing with numerous specialty web sites including: credit cards , area rugs, and hockey equipment.Goal Setting And BalanceFigure out a time commitment that works for you and your family. By devoting just one hour per day to building the business, while working the old job I found balance. While the time might sound small it worked and became a daily goal.Goal setting can get out of hand if you’re goals aren’t realistic. When I didn’t meet my monetary goals by a certain date I became angry, due to the “job mentality”. By being both the boss and employee the insecurity and angry set in. Instead of letting the emotions wreak havoc take time to examine what went wrong and why you didn’t achieve the goal. As you get better at running your business it gets easier to cartoon porn figure out ways to achieve goals in a realistic timeframe.Testing the “Own Business Mindset”The real test came when I made the decision to quit the “real job”. With the resignation letter in hand all the childhood messages: go to school, get good grades, obtain a high-quality job, stay employed until 65, and retire with a modest pension all these words of advice rattled my plans. Shaking those beliefs ingrained throughout the better part of my life proved difficult. To get past the fear I reminded myself of companies like Enron, where employees took the safe route only to lose their pension and livelihood. Plus, I looked around at all the companies downsizing and outsourcing eliminating countless jobs. I realized the idea of a secure job ‘until you’re 65 is a myth and that security is what you make it, not what some one else provides.Running my own business there’s always another fence to climb over to reach new heights of financial success; the income keeps getting higher, just the way I like it.

Home Based Franchise Business Opportunities and Unassigned Territories

There are so many small franchises you can buy where you work out of your home and visit your clientele or you work out of a service van and have an exclusive territory. Many franchisors who sell such business franchise opportunities may sell only one unit in a large region, yet grant you a small territory. Many franchisees see this as additional territory to draw from in the beginning but then realize serving a large area rather than concentrating on a small one is not that easy.In our company which has set up franchises in over 23 states we understand this and also have made a policy which might help you if you are a franchisor or franchise understand the dynamics of un-assigned territories and how they effect the profitability of the franchised unit. After 20 years of dealing with these real life issues which often are not addressed by the franchise agreements or UFOC (uniform franchise offering circular) we feel it our duty to help the world understand the true dynamics of the issue. Franchise attorneys who have never made an honest dollar in their entire lives and regulators who are too brain dead to understand supply and demand and free market fundamentals rarely, if ever address these issues? But then what can you expect from those groups of folks anyway, after all they are the cause of most of our problems in the United States. Here is our policy and you might enjoy the thought process here and it will help you understand the reality of home-based business franchises and territories. This is actually a excerpt from one of our franchise brands Confidential Operations Manual and we wish to give this information to the business community to prevent conflict and mitigate lawsuits. We want the franchise attorneys to be the ones looking for work, not America’s greatest contributors; The Small Business Entrepreneur. Here is the policy from the manual:”Now there will be unassigned territories. Sometimes these territories will be unassigned for quite a while. You are free to work in these unassigned territories if you wish. We recommend that you do not spend your time to develop more than twenty percent of your business outside of your exclusive territory. When, in the future that territory is sold, you could lose a lot of your clientele. You would not want this to happen. When we sell the area to someone else and you have forty percent of your business there, you will lose forty percent of your business overnight. That is not something that we want to have happen to your business and certainly something that you do not want to have happen to your business either. So try to concentrate no more then twenty percent outside your exclusive territory. Now you may be land locked by other franchisees, which actually is a benefit, not detriment. It is better to have franchisees around you because all of you will do better believe it or not. They are not going to cannibalize your business because you have an entire city and a population to base that will obviously support one, two, three, four or more service units. Some cities will support more service units than others will which is a good thing. But nevertheless, we do not sell a territory that will not support a car wash truck and be able to produce a reasonable level of income. We would never do that.”I hope you found this interesting and I hope it helps franchisors draft smart policies and franchisees protect their client base, from a potential over night catastrophe. I hope this prevents lawsuits and puts a few attorneys (scoundrels-opinion) out of work as they are the largest detriment to the franchisee-franchisor relationship. Think about your business model and your territories carefully, play to win.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a New Business

Owning black porn a home used to be the “American Dream.” However, this long-standing goal that so many aspired to, and ultimately reached, has been replaced with a new goal — becoming a business owner.At first glance it sounds perfect: Leave the corporate world behind and become an entrepreneur. No more commuting, office politics, difficult co-workers and demanding supervisors. You’ll be your own boss and reap all the financial rewards. It will be a brand-new lifestyle with incredible opportunities and much less stress.Others have achieved the new “American Dream.” Look at the young kids who started Apple on a shoestring in the late 1970s. Don’t forget the two engineers who launched a little company called Hewlett Packard out of a small backyard garage. Mrs. Fields took a cookie recipe — of all things — and built it into a national model that is taught in many business schools.Why not you? Yes, you could have the next great business idea, but that alone might not be enough. Ask yourself, do you have the right stuff to launch and run a successful business? Here are five questions to consider before making the big leap from a steady paycheck to business owner.1. Are you a self-starter?With no one looking over your shoulder, it’s easy to procrastinate. You must have the discipline that is needed to plan, set goals and stay focused.Since many small businesses initially start out as home-based to keep overhead low, working from home brings additional distractions. Can you resist the temptation to eat cookies and watch reruns of “Law and Order” when you should be making marketing calls?2. What are your expectations?If your goal is to work fewer hours and feel less stress, then think again.The U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that business ownership requires a tremendous commitment, with 12-hour workdays, often seven days a week. Needless to say, this can be a strain on family life. If you think it might be too much, then consider a job change instead or a new career with an established company rather than launching your own business.3. What are your financial goals?In the short-term your income will probably be lower, and it could stay this way for a long time. Additionally, no one pays for vacations, health care plan, profit sharing or stock options. You must set up your own retirement plan as well.The U.S. Small Business Administration offers some sobering statistics. It reports that half of the small businesses started will fail within the first year. Furthermore, by the fifth year 95 percent will have ceased operations. While the reasons for failure vary, one of the most common is a lack of adequate financing. To beat the odds, meet with an independent accountant to honestly discuss your finances and expectations. The good news is that if your business takes off you will reap the financial benefits.4. Are you a “water-cooler person” at heart?When you become a business owner, your days of taking a long lunch or chatting with the guys around the water cooler are over. Can you make the transition from “worker bee” to boss? It can be lonely.On your own, you’ll be making countless decisions every day — from the mundane to the critical. And, you alone must shoulder the daily ups and downs that come with running a business. However, it can also have tremendous rewards in that you are building something from scratch. So, if you believe you can weather the isolation and roll with the punches, you might be a good candidate for owning your own business.5. Can you create an organized environment?Where you work is certainly important. You’ll need an acceptable work space and the right office tools in order to be creative and successful. Even more important, however, is how you work.For example, you can have an incredible sales presentation with the latest technology that will wow clients, but if you’re constantly late for meetings and lose important documents, you’ll probably also lose business. Ask yourself if you can flourish in an environment where creativity and operational systems are equally important? Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking the company will simply “run itself” if they just come up with great ideas and business leads. They pay scant attention to the details of building a business. Too often this is a recipe for failure.To be a success, you must combine your fantastic ideas and business tools with solid planning and organization.Success for any new business is never guaranteed. There are too many variables, and many factors will be totally out of your control. But you can avoid making a costly mistake by asking yourself, honestly — before you take the plunge: Do I have what it takes to run a business? The answer should tell you if the new “American Dream” is the right fit for you.

Shut Up and Get to The Point!

The other day I was finishing my dinner and about to watch the latest episode of 24 when the phone rang. “No problem,” I say to myself and quickly pressed the pause button on the Tivo.I glance down and who’s on the phone but Ted – an old high school buddy. Now, this might sound innocuous but, without revealing my age, let’s just say I hadn’t spoken to Ted in quite some time. In fact, it’d been over ten years since we’d had any contact.The conversation went something like this:Me: Hello?Ted: Geoffrey, hey man, this is Ted, how you been doing?Me: Fine, and you?Ted: Great, great – hey, remember when *blah blah blah*…Ted proceeds to talk about the glory days for the next 10 minutes.Meanwhile, I’m sitting in my chair wanting to watch 24 and thinking, “Will you just shut up and get to the point?”Eventually Ted says something stops blathering about the past and goes in for the kill:Ted: Hey, listen, it’s great to chat about the past and all. In fact, that’s why I called you. I always respected you and wanted your opinion on something.It’s at this point that my MLM radar goes off. Yes, every one of us loves to be told we’re respected. We also like to hear how much people love us and how our business acumen is the best thing since Donald Trump.It is, however, totally out of character for most people. Think about it for a second…when was the last time that you were told by someone that they always respected you and want your opinion. Now, when was the last time that happened and they didn’t want something?Because I’m a kind person, however, I go ahead and say, “Sure Ted – what do you need?”At this point Ted’s thinking, “Woo! I’ve got a live one here!” He responds, “Well, it’s really something we need to sit down and talk about in person. It’s kind of a visual thing.”Ding, ding, ding, we’ve got a winner! There’s another statement that should be setting off your MLM radar. Yes, some of these things actually work. I suspect, however, that they work for a very small minority of the people who are successful in MLM.Let’s face it folks, if you want to be successful in MLM you’ve got to be real. Aren’t you going to sound rather weird when you start spouting these phrases to your buddies when you normally call em up and ask their opinion on the phone?Yes, I know the reasons you’re told to not talk to your prospects. You don’t understand the opportunity, the products, etc. What it really amounts to is that your upline wants to get the prospect in front of him so he has their full, undivided attention.If that’s the case, why all the blathering about high school or the latest bears game or whatever. Shut up and get to the point! And, for God’s sake, please be sincere and don’t sound like you’re reading a script or are a parrot!