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Work From Home Businesses: A Viable Option?

You have been searching for your next job or new career. You rewrote your resume, created a cover letter, posted both on job sites, attended a couple of career fairs, contacted some recruiters, and sent your information in response to some ads you saw in the classifieds. You’ve started networking. You also went on some first interviews, none of which developed into anything further.You have been searching for roughly two months, and as you take stock of your situation, you realize that you are no further ahead than when you began your search. You have come to a defining point in your job search process.This may be the perfect time to consider taking your talents and channeling them in a completely new direction. If you are ready for a meaningful change, starting your own home-based business may be the answer. The rewards could be better than you’ve ever experienced before in your working life.Work from home businesses these days usually means an online business. You use your computer to make a living. In most cases, that means you need to sell something. But what if you’re not a salesperson? What if you’ve never sold a thing in your life?You don’t have to be a salesperson to sell online. In fact, most people starting an online business have never sold anything previously. You begin by looking at the knowledge you possess in a particular area. It could be anything you learned extensively that you now can teach or help others to understand. Anything can be sold online.It can be software such as a how-to CD or book you write, or a service helping others write code. It can be a book on quilting. It can be information about truck parts. It can even be someone else’s product that you sell, for which you receive a commission. The possibilities are endless.You’ll need a website to promote your products, and there’s a lot of assistance you can get online to help create one. The bottom line is, the initial expense to get your online business up and running is very small. It may take a few months to organize your business into a profit-making machine, but the revenue potential is huge.You’ll have to give up rush-hour traffic. You may not be wearing business attire as much. You won’t be having those spell-binding meetings you are accustomed to. The only office politics you may have is when your spouse comes home from his/her job at the end of the day. Is a work at home business a viable option? Absolutely.Copyright © 2005 TopDog Group All rights reserved.

Home Business Success and Time Management – How They Go Hand in Hand

The Importance of Time ManagementIt may be that more money and energy has been spent on time management studies than on any other tool of management in business. It drives numbers-crunchers crazy to see what they view as “time wasting” activities, or inefficient use of time employed in their business. Sometimes, in an effort to cut these things short, management winds up requiring even more time-wasting paper work than before, insisting that employees keep detailed accounts of how they spend every minute. In addition to adding to wheel-spinning activity instead of reducing it, management winds up with disgruntled employees who will go to any lengths to sabotage the boss’ nit-picky ways.Finally, managers become little more than petty overlords, spending hours of their own time policing minutes and seconds of their employees’ use of time. The classic example of this is the manager who stood every morning looking out a second story window and timing with a stopwatch how long it took his employees to get from their car to the door. That itself is an example of poor time management. Much better, instead, to give the employees some training in a variety of ways in which they can choose for themselves which time management techniques work better for them individually and then giving them incentives for getting their work done well and efficiently.Time management IS very important to any successful enterprise. This is even truer in the case of a work-from-home business. Without someone else keeping track of your time wasting activity it may be difficult to realize how much of it you are doing. You wanted to be your own boss, so sometimes you must act like a boss and expect efficiency and good use of time from yourself. After all, if you waste time in a home based business, you are wasting not someone else’s money, but your own. And you didn’t get into a work at home business so that you could have no free time to enjoy yourself – that is the opposite of what you wanted.Sometimes just taking a little time to plan will save you hours of time in the long run. Experiment, for instance, with what time of day you are most efficient. This is one of the great advantages of working from home. If you like to sleep late and then hit your stride during the early evening hours, put yourself on that schedule. If your biorhythms are cooking at full steam in the early morning hours, make the best use of that time. Whichever you choose, however, once you have chosen it and proved its efficiency, STICK TO IT!!Sit down at your computer for whatever hours you have chosen and let everyone know that those are your working hours. Unless whatever they are contacting you about is business, it will have to wait for your free time. You would have to do this in someone else’s office, so do it in yours.Set up your workspace so that you don’t have to spend time looking for the things you need once you start work. Do not think that you can juggle personal calls or other people’s priorities just because you are working at home. A successful home business is run just like any other business and you must take it seriously. Remember, the more efficiently you make use of your time the more time you will eventually have for yourself.In part two we will explore programs that help you with your time management while running your home business.You can do it.

How To Become A Work At Home Mom

1 – Start A Daycare Service In Your HomeCare for other working parent’s children in your home. Talk to friends, family and other parents you know to find prospective customers. Make a list of services you will provide (meals, diapers, activities, etc.) and estimate how much money you will spend to provide these items. Consider the value of your time and your services to determine an hourly or weekly rate to charge customers. Discuss your ideas with people who are experienced childcare professionals. They may provide insight to important issues and offer helpful advice.Benefits: Spend every day with your child. Earn some extra money without leaving your home.Necessities: Honest love of children. Patience. Time management and organizational skills. Adequate space and hazard free home.Considerations: State laws vary, but certifications, approvals, inspections, and licenses are required for some home childcare providers. Check out the rules in your state, as well as possible county or local government regulations.Drawbacks: Lack of quiet time. Less individual interaction with your own child.2 – Start A Word-Processing/Data-Entry ServiceBrush up on your typing skills and put that computer to use. Talk to friends, family or local business people to get leads to clients, who may be in need of this type of service. Decide what types of documents you will offer to prepare for customers (newsletters, resumes, business cards, legal documents, menus, medical transcriptions etc.) Research prices and options available at other businesses that provide similar services. Name your new company. Create sample flyers of your work and distribute at offices, malls, hospitals, restaurants and any other place that could use your services. Advertise for free by word of mouth. Or market your services with advertisements in local newspapers, business journals, radio, and public television networks.Benefits: Make your own hours. Potential to earn fairly good profit depending on your time commitment.Necessities: Good computer. Knowledge of word-processing programs, like Microsoft Windows or Word Perfect. Area in your home for your office (not the living room with the television and your toddler to divert your attention).Considerations: Set up contracts with your customers that will clarify your services, fees, and payment terms. Check with a lawyer to determine best way for you to develop a contract that will ensure you get paid for your work.Drawbacks: Establishing yourself in business will require some start-up money to advertise and attract initial customers. Ability to devote certain days/hours to working in your office at home without distractions.3 – Become An Affiliate Salesperson for Health Products, Lingerie, Handmade Baskets or Similar ItemsIf you’re interested in cosmetics, consider companies, like Avon or Mary Kay. If healthy living is your priority, seek opportunities with businesses that specialize in nutrition products, vitamins, holistic medicine, or health supplements. Whether you like Tupperware, books or toys, there’s various options to work from home as an independent distributor, telecommuting representative or sales associate with a manufacturer, who makes something you know about, believe in or want to learn about.Benefits: Work independently in already established business. Choose your hours and level of commitment that will determine your income.Necessities: Knowledge of whatever you’re selling. Some sales experience or a desire to learn how to sell. Ability to talk to people you don’t know and captivate their interest in the product you’re promoting.Considerations: Make sure you understand terms of manufacturer’s contract, like your commission, initial investment, length of contract. It’s worth having a lawyer look over a document before you sign it. Ask questions before you commit to anything.Drawbacks: No guaranteed income. Your earnings depend on your sales.4 – Start A Tutoring Service Or Offer Private LessonsSome parents don’t have time or energy to help their children with homework. If you like working with kids and have the ability and knowledge to assist students with a particular subject, consider offering to tutor kids afterschool or on weekends in your home. If the thought of homework still gives you a headache, think about what talents you have that you could share with other people. Some parents seek one-on-one instruction for their kids that schools seldom offer in regular classes. Consider some popular subject areas, like piano lessons (or any musical instrument instruction), dance classes, art training, or writing workshops.Benefits: Personal reward for providing others with knowledge and skills that are meaningful to you. Set your own schedule.Necessities: Knowledge of subject matter. Ability to teach what you know to someone else in a way that is understandable, interesting and professional.Considerations: Responsibility for other people’s children while they’re in your home. Credentials to prove your qualifications, if ever questioned.Drawbacks: Patience and true passion for what you’re teaching. Potential for people to cancel at last minute or not show up at all for scheduled lesson, which could negatively effect your income.5 – Start A Sewing BusinessIf you have a flair for fixing tears, mending seams, altering outfits or making custom clothing, dig that old sewing machine out of the attic, figure out how to get it running again, thread a needle, push some pins, and practice stitching something. If you find out it still fits your fashion sense. If you feel confident and capable after a few crash courses, consider contacting local clothing stores, who may keep lists of referrals for their customers in need of alterations. Look for other places to publicize your new business pursuit, like local drycleaners, Laundromats, schools, wedding shops, or craft stores. Once you get a few satisfied customers, you can almost count on word-of-mouth to carry your name to more people in need of sewing services.Benefits: Decide how much work you want to do and when you want to do it. Sewing projects can be done in phases, for example, maybe you have an hour to make some minor alterations, while your children are sleeping or 15 minutes to finish fixing a tear, while you’re watching the evening news.Necessities: Professional Seamstress skills. A good sewing machine. Materials, like thread, needles, pins etc.Considerations: Must be able to provide the professional services that customers are paying for and deliver on your promises in a timely fashion.Drawbacks: Potential for problems with sewing machine that you cannot fix. Ability to deal with demanding people, like customers who can afford custom tailored clothing and expect absolute perfection.6 – Start Selling Your Homemade Arts And CraftsIf you have a knack for creating arts and crafts, like dried flower wreaths, pottery, mobile porn silk flower arrangements, wooden furniture, calligraphy prints, paintings, or stylish jewelry, turn your home-based hobby into profit in your pocket. Test the market before you make 100 beaded necklaces or build up a stockpile of silk flowers for your future business. Go to craft fairs, art shops, flea markets, and other places that sell products similar to your specialty. Check out the competition – what’s hot – what’s not – prices and talk to people. If you feel confident that your creation is a winner, rent a stand at a craft show to see if it sells. After exploring your market, you will be able to decide how to continue or what to change to succeed at selling your homemade arts and crafts creations.Benefits: Get paid for doing something you enjoy and decide when you want to work.Necessities: Focus and commitment to create your products with a personal touch and perfection in bulk quantity. Desire to sell whatever you make.Considerations: Loss of credibility with customers, if claims about your custom products fail to be completely factual.Drawbacks: No guaranteed income. Self-motivation to make and sell your special arts and crafts.7 – Start An Errand ServiceThere’s plenty of people from busy professionals and bachelors to single parents and senior citizens, who don’t have time or transportation to pick up prescriptions, drop off dry cleaning, shop for groceries or other goods. If you don’t mind shuttling your kids from store to store, shopping from someone else’s list or waiting in line to place an order or pay for a purchase, consider offering to complete these types of errands for other people. Contact friends, family, local businesses, or senior centers, to find people, who fit the profile of someone who would be benefit from this service. If you get a few satisfied customers, word-of-mouth should pave a path to other people, who would pay you to run their errands.Benefits: Make your own hours and choose your customers.Necessities: Reliable vehicle. Knowledge of geographic area, Patience and ability to pay attention to details and each customer’s specific desires and directions.Considerations: Automobile insurance. Responsibility for someone else’s valuable personal goods. Whether it’s their clothing or their medicine, they’re trusting you to treat it like it was your own priceless possession. (Don’t hang the freshly dry-cleaned $200 suit in the back seat next to your two year-old, who’s drinking his little cup of grape juice)Drawbacks: Ability to devise efficient, economical plan to deliver services to customers. Kids can get bored quick in the car and kids can run away and wreak havoc in stores. (But depending on the age of your children – they can offer valuable assistance and learn something by helping you find items on your shopping list at some stores.)

How Can YOU Succeed Online?

Every place you look online there is somebody tell you how you can get rich. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps…It reminds of the TV commercial I saw where folks were attending a seminar. The speaker was full of zest and enthusiasm and he said:”Look… it’s easy. You want to be a millionaire, all you need to do is save $100,000 per year. Do that for JUST 10 years and you are millionaire before you know it.”I’d like to see a show of hands now! How many people do you know learned how to run before they learned how to crawl? I don’t see any hands.How many people do you know that claim they will be RICH by this time next year… but are still currently working a job? Oh… see a couple of hands there. But for the most part, your friends that think this, are keeping their dreams to themselves. They may believe it, but they don’t believe it enough to be able to tell you about it. It’s called “pipe dreams.”What do you think would be a realistic goal for the average person to achieve by marketing online?Let’s think about your present income.I know… you’d like to make more, everybody would…But you can SEE by way of your employment, you making X number of dollars per month. That’s not too hard to visualize. You don’t need someone to tell you how to make $50,0000 per year if you are already making it. So it is a given. You can make $50,000 per year, and you are used to making it.If you choose another field to work in, you can still make $50,000 per year.There are ways to increase this so you can make more, but for now let’s look at an example of two different sales people I know who sell the exact same thing.She was used to making $1200 per month. So when she quit her job and started working for herseld, she made $1100 per month.He was used to making $3700 per month. So when he quit his job and started working for himself (the exact same thing) he wasn’t happy unless he was making $4100 per month.Yes, yes… we could go into psychological reasoning, but I’m not a psychologist. This is the norm for REAL people. Yes you can learn to overcome this mental barrier, but you’re not going to do it when you’re first out of the gate. Learn to replace your current income, before moving on to a higher income bracket.This… isn’t soooo hard to do. Like eating an elephant! One bite at a time.Here is the thing most people have a problem with…What are you doing right now to make $50,000 per year?Work?Right! What do you suppose you’re going to have to do to earn the same amount of money working for yourself?Acck! …and they said it would be easy. It is… all you have to do is save $100,000 per year;-)People you will never hear about are using the web to live their dreams. They aren’t rich, they aren’t famous, and you don’t know them and will never hear about them.Glenn quit his teaching job last year. He replaced his income by playing in 5 different musical bands plus has employees that setup in small clubs and do Karaoke gigs for him. He doesn’t have a website. He uses a mailing list to keep the folks who hire him informed of his openings and specials. This keeps his name fresh on their minds.A Carpenter and teacher (married couple) quit their jobs to rent cottages. Using traditional advertising and Internet marketing they had their cottages full by the second year. Internet marketing was responsible for 35-40% of the bookings they received that year.Harry runs a local directory for the county. He has businesses paying him to be listed on his website.These are all people who were SERIOUS about wanting to replace their incomes, and they did, using a combination of offline, and online marketing. This is a sensible approach to using the Internet. Sure, most the stories you hear, are about how people have made fortunes. It is newsworthy, and of course the exception to the rule. We get bombarded with similar stories so much so that IF you hear John Smith finally replaced his income from a job he hated for 17 years, no one listens; no one cares. I bet John does though.

What is a Business Opportunity?

People throw the term business opportunity around pretty loosely these days. Before the internet took off, a business opportunity was a franchise like McDonalds or Wendys. Or maybe a vending machine route or insurance sales position in your local area.Mainly what people considered business opportunities was that you had to be an entrepreneur with investment capital to take advantage of an opportunity. So a business opportunity was something only someone with money to invest could take advantage of. You had to have money to make money.Nowadays, people by the thousands make money on eBay and through millions of websites selling everything from wigs, to toys, to cars, houses, and electronics. A business opportunity exists for every man woman and child on the planet who has the drive to learn how the internet works and just how many different ways there are to make money.Some business opportunities on the net require an investment of thousands of dollars. Others require only that you have a website and hosting for it. $24 a month can set you up with an affiliate business opportunity right now. I even have a free website I give people, loaded with products and customized so that you get commissions for every sale made on your site.You don’t have to know HTML. You don’t have to know how to get a merchant account. And most of all, to get started, you don’t even have to have your own products. By far the most people making money online are doing it as affiliates who refer people to products, services, and information for commissions.This is what I do, and I love it! I don’t have to take care of customers, stock products, do any shipping, or anything else that comes with owning your own products. Yet I make great money at it.Now that’s a business opportunity! Gone are the days when you had to have a lot of money to invest in starting a business. You still can, if you want to. But to me it’s crazy that people spend tens of thousands of dollars on their local business, hiring staff, managing them, keeping stock and inventory, dealing with rude customers. I don’t mess with ANY of that stuff and make more money than most people who DO!A business opportunity is worthless if it is not taken. Most people just keep their jobs because they don’t trust that they have any other choices. People who take action on a great business opportunity are people who are self-motivated and action-oriented.You should be able to work long hours in the beginning and you should be willing to do what it takes to learn what business is all about on the web.If you do, you can become self-employed and even extremely rich. It’s not for everyone, but from now on you know that business opportunities abound on the internet and one is even just a click away from you right this moment!

Creating Your Company

My story is fairly common. My husband and I met and married in university. We both worked in the high tech field. After about five years of working, I entered an Executive MBA program. At work, I was moving into increasingly challenging management positions. Everything seemed to be going according to plan.Suddenly, I was in my 30s and we decided that children were going to be part of our future. While pregnant, I had every intention of continuing my career. In fact, there was a great infant day care program in my office building. But plans and reality are not always the same thing.My daughter didn’t adjust well to day care, was constantly sick, and I was only managing to be at work about 3 days a week. Fortunately, they were downsizing and offered me a good buy-out package. Now I was a full-time Mom. I love being at home with my daughter but I had worked long and hard to acquire skills that were quietly slipping away.We have our own consulting company, and I seriously considered part-time contracts. However, most contracts would involve meetings in town, possibly some travel, and frequent sitters for my kids. That approach just didn’t fit with the life style we wanted for our family.I spent over a year researching different possible home-based businesses, and trying to determine what would be right for us. After looking at many options, and actually writing 3 business plans, I had a fairly detailed criteria for the characteristics of any business we would consider.1) The business had to be financially viable, and viable doesn’t just mean break even. As a consultant, I could earn a high hourly wage. Any business would have to have the potential of generating a good income for the amount of time it would take me away from my kids.2) The business had to fit our lifestyle. I like spending a lot of time with my children, and hoped to find a way for them to be involved in our family business. Also, if the kids are sick, I am the primary care-giver. Any business would have to allow for very flexible scheduling.3) The business had to be something I could believe in. There are lots of good causes that could benefit from having an additional volunteer. I had no interest in trying to sell a product I didn’t believe in. Basically, the product had to be something I would want used in my home.Any business would have to meet those three criteria for me to even consider it. In addition, we had some under-utilized resources. Ideally, any business would take advantage of some of those resources.Anyone thinking about starting their own business should come up with their own criteria. Do you need a reason to get out of the house and meet people? Have you always wanted to pursue a dream? Decide what is important to you, before pick a business.Now that I knew what I was looking for, I just needed to find the right business. The smartest thing we did was taking the time to work out a detailed business plan. This step alone saved us from making a $200,000 mistake. I am still surprised at the amount of planning and research it took before I realized that two possible businesses were not right for us.It was discouraging to put so much effort into researching a business and then basically throw it all way. About the only worse would have been starting those businesses with less planning and realizing the mistake when it was too late.Were we being to picky? Should I put my hopes and goals on hold while the kids were young? There didn’t seem to be a solution.At this point in time, two unrelated events happened that crystallized the idea for our company. The first event was watching my daughter’s eyes light up when she got a package in the mail. The second event was listening to a small business owner describe how she came up with her business idea. She was frustrated over not being able to purchase some specialty products for her own family without driving for at least 30 minutes. She realized that there was an unmet need she could turn into a business. The lights went on and the concept for Creative Kids at Home crystallized.Children love getting mail. It makes them feel special. Someone cares enough to send them a package. Then there is the surprise of not knowing what is in the package. I liked the idea of creating a product that would be fun for kids. My daughter and I love doing crafts together. Craft packages could be sent through the mail, and kids would like having something they made themselves.So we started again on a new business plan and this time, everything fell into place. We opened Creative Kids at Home in 1999. It has taken time and lots of work, but it has been worth it.We’ve expanded our product line from the initial idea of the craft subscription (six packages sent throughout the year) to include a science subscription and special holiday packages for Christmas and summer vacations. We’ve gotten great reviews from the Toy Testing Council and been featured in national parenting magazines.Most importantly, we’ve learned that it really was worth taking the time to thoroughly investigate and plan a business before you create a new company. The research pays off for years to come.

God Feeds The Birds Of The Air, But He Doesn’t Drop It Into Their Nests

It has been said that God feeds the birds of the air, but He doesn’t drop it into their nests. The food is out there in amazing and unfathomable abundance, but they have to go out and get it. They have to go look for it, recognize it as food when they see it, capture it, and eat it. They have to be able to know what is good to eat and what isn’t. Bugs and seeds are nutritious and good to eat. Dryer lint and broken glass are not. Some of that knowledge is pre-programmed instinct. Some of it is learned. The bird works long and hard for its food, often spending most of its day doing little or nothing else. If the bird is a parent, usually a mom, then it must also bring food back to the nest for the children. Even though it might appear that the children just sit and wait for the food to be dropped into their mouths, closer investigation reveals the intense competition for the food. The baby with the biggest mouth and the loudest chirp gets mom’s attention and therefore the food. In some species, the oldest and biggest literally shoves the youngest and smallest out of the nest, thereby removing that source of competition forever. Those who work the hardest survive; those who kick back don’t.So it is in the world of internet marketing. The opportunities are out there in amazing and unfathomable abundance, but you have to go out and get them. No one is going to drop riches into your lap (or laptop!). No matter how much you might want to believe it, you cannot sign up for some “join free” program and then just sit back, do nothing, and watch the money pile up in your bank account! Think about it for a minute. If everyone joined for free and then did nothing, where is the money going to come from?There are many legitimate programs and opportunities out there, and many of them invite you to join up for free. That’s good, because it would not be ethical to take your money in order for you to find out what they are about. So don’t be put off by the “join free” offer; just don’t expect miracles if that’s all you do! In the world of internet marketing, you need to be able to recognize hype and worthless fuzz from legitimate solid opportunities. Some of this will require common sense on your part. Some knowledge will have to be acquired by reading and reading and more reading. Birds need to avoid predators such as poisonous snakes, bigger birds, “foxes in the henhouse,” etc. You need to learn to avoid internet predators whose only goal is to move money from your bank account to theirs without giving you anything useful in exchange.When anyone starts up a business, there are costs involved. These might include such things as rent, utilities, inventory, personnel, etc. With traditional “brick and mortar” business, the cost can be overwhelmingly prohibitive. Some of these can be reduced or eliminated if you are the only person involved and you work out of your garage, off your kitchen table, or whatever. However you still are investing time, effort, and if you are making and/or selling something, you invest in inventory. If your business involves a service rather than a product, there may still be inventory and personnel involved. Think maid service or day care, for example. No matter what, there is always your time and effort. It takes that four letter word, W-O-R-K.When you start up an internet business, you usually work from your own home on your own computer. So far, so good; no additional costs here. However, you still must advertise and/or market whatever business you are in. Amazingly enough, even though nearly every “brick and mortar” business has a website, there are people who sign up to join an internet business opportunity who balk when it comes to having their own website to market their business. Perhaps they think the cost is prohibitive, or they think they have to understand html or something. But registering a domain name (you know, http://www.whatever.com or .net or .biz or…) can be done for $5-10 per year (not month) and there is plenty of software available that will allow you to design a web site without knowing anything about any of the computer languages. There are hosting plans that put your site on the internet for $30/month or less. Some even pay you for recruiting others so that you wind up with your site being hosted for free!So if you are serious about starting an internet business and claiming your share of the abundance that’s available, leave your nest a.k.a. comfort zone, invest your time, your effort, and your money wisely, and let’s get started!

New Marketing Techniques, Growing Economy Jumpstarts Giftware And Collectibles Profits

Today changing market conditions and evolving consumer habits have converged to make home-based selling businesses a realistic opportunity with real profit potential.This is especially true in the world of collectibles and giftware. In years past, collectors–who are among the most discerning shoppers–had few avenues for conveniently finding and then purchasing the items they were seeking. They would have to visit specialty shops and expensive boutiques. They often waited for the right specialty event or show, and then would drive many miles to attend so they could look for that exceptional piece. With Internet retail sites, online auctions, and a growing body of home-based entrepreneurs, these shoppers now are able to take advantage of many new resources.For those considering home-based businesses, there are many avenues. There are franchises, partnerships and other business relationships that involve other people. Many of these require an investment in someone else’s business, and unfortunately, many of them turn out to be scams. For those looking to sell collectibles and giftware from home, the only investment that is made is in that person’s own business. The start-up costs depend on how much inventory the entrepreneur can afford to have at first.With our economy poised for what some economists are calling a potentially unprecedented recovery, those searching for high-quality collectibles and giftware will have more money to spend on those items they cherish, and they will be looking for convenient and inexpensive ways to collect them. Selection, price and superior customer service will differentiate the successful entrepreneurs in this area.Collectibles and giftware are sold by home-based entrepreneurs using several marketing programs: retail sites on the Internet, online auctions such as eBay and others, swaps and flea markets, mail-order, catalogs and in-home parties. Some people sell collectibles and giftware for supplemental income, and some make a business of it. Either way, selling collectibles and giftware is a proven way to immediately improve cash flow. Collectibles and giftware are also often sold or auctioned to raise funds for nonprofit organizations.Entrepreneurs often get into the business of selling collectibles and giftware in stages by setting up a small Internet retail site, or attending flea markets on the weekend, or putting a few items up occasionally at an online auction site. Because the profit margin in selling these items can be great, in many cases these people soon “quit their day jobs” to sell collectibles and giftware full time.D.Sponsler of California has been selling collectibles and giftware for more than 20 years to supplement her income. “In the flea markets, people who do this always have a love of it,” she said. “They’re always in search of the Holy Grail, and they’re selling all of their little treasures on the way to their search for the Holy Grail. That’s the way I look at it. It’s like being on a treasure hunt all of the time, whether you’re buying or selling, and it’s fun.” She also has another goal in mind soon for her sales. She plans to “gear up for retirement” by selling collectibles and giftware to build a nest egg.Collectibles and giftware shoppers generally know what they’re looking for and they now have many more options for finding what they want. Entrepreneurs who want to succeed need to do four things:Stand out from the crowd by selling the types of collectibles giftware that people are buying.Offer some exclusive items that cannot be found anywhere else or that cannot be found easily.Be a resource for your customers.Keep prices low.Home-based sellers of collectibles and giftware need to keep on top of what their customers are buying so they can stand out by selling popular items. Tastes and trends in collectibles change over time, so these entrepreneurs need to do their homework, using research tools such as the Internet and keeping a close eye on the competition.Offering exclusive or hard-to-find items is another way to stand out in the collectibles and giftware world. Entrepreneurs should keep in mind that collectibles encompass a mind-boggling number of items, since the term refers to anything that people might collect. Often, specializing in a certain type of item can be profitable if there is a large enough demand and there are few sources for the item.Even with all of the technological tools at their disposal today, collectors still have trouble finding an item that they desire. Some collectors may not be Internet-savvy, or may not be familiar with sources in their areas. The more adept that home-based sellers of collectibles and giftware become at finding specific items for customers, the more they will be relied on as a resource, and the more customer loyalty they will develop.Even if an entrepreneur does provide all of this added value to the customer, prices should be kept low. Customer loyalty can quickly turn if they realize that the items of a certain seller are obviously overpriced. The profit margin for collectibles and giftware is generally high, so prices can be kept low while the profit margin can remain relatively high for the seller. Keeping prices low will help the collectibles and giftware seller attract many more customers.One of the best aspects of selling collectibles and giftware is that it is a year-round business, unlike the huge seasonal highs and lows seen in other retail areas. At the same time, the Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day shopping seasons always bring a big boost to the collectibles and giftware business.Selling collectibles and giftware can be a rewarding home-based business in which the entrepreneurs are truly their own bosses. Because of the changing habits of collectors and the impending economic upturn, selling collectibles and giftware is cartoon porn perhaps one of the brightest opportunities in the world of home-based businesses today.

5 Home Office Essentials

Once you’ve settled into the idea of running a business from home you need to make a choice. What type of office setup do you need? It’s beyond the scope of this article to detail each and every item required for the perfect home office. Instead we will focus on hints and tips for creating a more ideal home working environment.DeskThose newspaper ads always prompted you to “start a business from your kitchen table”. While this works well in newspaper adverts it’s not nearly as practical in real life. A good home office desk is a basic requirement and should be quite basic. Avoid desks with keyboard trays and nooks and crannies spread all over it – this just gives you more places to lose things. The ideal home office desk will have a large, flat working area, at least one deep drawer for files and preferably be L-shaped to allow for a more ergonomic home working environment.ChairAnybody running an online or other business from home is going to spend a considerable amount of time sitting down. It’s absolutely critical that you have a good office chair. Many people make the mistake of using a kitchen or spare household chair as the chair for their home office. This is a bad idea because using an insufficient chair can and will lead to lower back and shoulder pain and also looks unprofessional. The ideal home office chair has the following features:
Adjustable backrest

Swivel base

Adjustable armrest

Deep milf porn cushioned seat

A great home office chair can be purchased for as little as $60 brand new. The moral of the story is – don’t skimp on your home office chair.EnvironmentThere are 3 key factors to having a suitable home working environment. Noise, Light and Heat.Noise – excessive noise (above say 45 decibels or a really loud office fan) is counter productive to your work. You’ll have trouble focusing on anything or thinking clearly for more than a few minutes. Your home office space needs to be as quiet as you need it to be. So avoid using laundry rooms or other areas with excessively noisy equipment.Light – the light in your home office needs to be controlled. Too bright and it will produce glare on computer screens and documents. Too dim and it will cause eyestrain. Natural light is ideal because it gives diffuse (soft) light. To achieve diffuse lighting at nighttime set up your desk lamp off to one side of your desk. Adjust it until you have enough light to read conformtably.Heat – this is simple. Your work space should be neither too hot nor too cold. Any extremes of temperature in your home office will lead to decreased work performance. Room temperature is 37 degrees celsius so aim for something in that region.DecorationThere’s no need for your home office to be sterile and boring. Plants are one healthy addition. The colour green has a positive affect on our way of thinking and the fact that plants will filter out the toxins in the air around you is another plus.Also consider using some motivational posters in your home office. This might seem a bit cheesy but if you choose a message that inspires you personally it can be very effective.Last but not least consider having your mission statement printed out, framed and on your desk in front of you. Your mission statement is the reason you started your home business – make sure you are reminded of this every single day.Computer equipmentThis is where you need to be very honest with yourself because of the potential expense involved. A home office does not need an all singing all dancing computer and printer. You need functionality and not tons of features.Buy what you need for your business. Do not buy what you want for yourself.When buying your home office computer take these tips into consideration:
Mid-range processor power.

512MB of RAM.

20GB+ hard disk.

Advanced 3D graphical capabilities are not essential.

CDR or DVDR backup (must have).

Avoid extended warranties – sales people make large commissions from offering these.

Generic brands use the same components as and are therefore equally as reliable as the big name brands.

Consider buying a refurbished system if you’re on a tight budget.

Check with friends who have purchased computers recently. What problems did they encounter when buying their PC? Who did they buy from? What was the aftersales service like?

Printer – you don’t need a top of the range color laserjet printer for your home office do you? I didn’t think so.Questions you should ask yourself when buying a printer:
Do you need color printing capabilities?

How many pages per minute do you actually need to print?

What is the cost per page for color and black printing?

How much does replacement ink cost?

How many pages of black text can you get from each cartridge?

How much desktop space will the printer require?

Are updated drivers for this model readily available?

How To Start A Home Based Gift Basket Business

Many of us dream of working from home, spending more quality black porn time with our families. I decided to do just that. Yes i was afraid of failing, not being able to handle the pressures of running a business, and looking after my family at the same time. So i began my search for the right business to start, GIFT BASKETS! I use to give them for gifts to family members, so I thought why not make money while doing something I loved.STARTUPAs with any new business,you will have to make a number of decisions. What types of baskets will you offer? If you are working from home do you have enough space for creating your baskets?What is your target market? And most of all how will you reach them? If you plan to start on a shoestring budget, start slow and work from home. running your business from home will allow you to save on overhead expenses.Income PotentialYour income potential depends on how hard you work and market your business. Industry insiders estimate potential revenues to range from 10,000 annually working part time from home.Your Gift BasketsYou can either offer a wide selection of gift baskets, or focus on a smaller market. Some of the common gift baskets being offered include the following:Gourmet/Food Gift Baskets. These are the most popular gift baskets businesses give to their clients, friends and family.Bath And Body Gift Baskets. These are very popular! Ingredients of these baskets include toiletries like scented soaps, fragrances, olis, lotions, and aromatherapy products. These are just a few selections of gift baskets offered, the list goes on.InventoryYou inventory level should alway grow as your sales grow. Start small, keeping inventory at a relistic level. You can purchase inventory for your gift baskets either wholesale or retail. I would advise buying at wholesale price, because you may buy in quantities.