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A Computer Business Opportunity Provides a Huge Profit Potential!

The Computer Business Opportunity field, home based businesses, and Internet businesses have all gotten some negative feedback in the past. Even five years ago, people were being scammed and separated from their money by early “work from home businesses” who were out to make a quick buck selling off an idea or cheesy product. Now, however, there are more and more legitimate jobs in the computer business opportunity field than ever. Scams are still out there, so be careful what you get into.Outsourcing and work from home opportunities are becoming a common way of life in many corporate circles. For example, virtual office assistants will do typing, transcription, memos and other necessary office administration duties, straight from home. This is often called telecommuting. Documents and files can be emailed, phone calls are minimal, and with the newer PDA’s messaging can be instant. For the home worker, the benefits of such a position are invaluable – better pay, fewer hours away from home, no worrying over the rising cost of gasoline, no traffic jams twice a day, and no costly wardrobe.In the computer business opportunity field the home based computer worker will have a few extra responsibilities that are usually taken care of by a regular employer. Working from home means you are responsible for your own taxes, insurance, and saving for retirement. These are all very easily taken care of with a little research. The benefits of managing your own home based computer business will far out weigh the extra attention you will have to give to your own payroll.For the company that is outsourcing, the benefits are just as great. With no office space to rent, no employees to manage, no benefits packages to administer, no vacations to pay or wasted time with office politics and drama. Corporations of all sizes stand to benefit from outsourcing to someone in the computer business opportunity field. The competition for such positions is great enough that you will often find companies outsourcing simply to get better quality of work for a better price.There are dozens of other opportunities in the computer business opportunity field that do not require terrific office skills. The sales industry is also outsourcing a great deal of its market as well. Anyone with sales experience can work as a salesperson, consultant, or open their own product line from the ease of their home. This often can pay better than the commissions some companies pay. With the rising cost of expenses, even working part time for your self on the computer can be very profitable to earn extra money.Computer consulting business opportunities abound on the Internet. If your have design or web content experience, you are in a field rich with home based business opportunities. Freelancing and contract work are often more popular these days due to the high cost of maintaining qualified people in these specialized fields. Web site design is a competitive but lucrative computer business opportunity due to the dramatic increase in Internet usage by small businesses to promote their products and services.Of course, there are other profitable endeavors such as survey taking, affiliate programs, writing copy for advertising, graphic design, computer repair business, and many more fields. With all the jobs out there, you should not have trouble translating your current skills into a profitable home based computer business. The Computer Business Opportunity field is the way of the future!

The Truth About Stuffing Envelopes And Home Assembly Programs

Two of the oldest scams around appear to be as popular as ever. I’m referring to stuffing envelopes and home assembly programs. Let’s talk about stuffing envelopes first.Ads for envelope stuffing “opportunities” seem to be everywhere–from your mailbox to your newspaper to your e-mail box. Promoters usually advertise that, for a “small” fee, they will set you up to earn big money by stuffing envelopes at home. And they claim that they will pay you a dollar or more for each envelope stuffed, resulting in hundreds or thousands of dollars for you each week.Now I want you to think about something very carefully. Why would any legitimate company, pay you a dollar or more for each envelope you stuff, when they can use high-tech mailing equipment that can stuff thousands of envelopes at a time for only pennies apiece?The answer is, THEY DON’T PAY YOU! Here’s how the scam works: After you send in your money, you will receive a letter telling you to place the same “envelope-stuffing ad that you originally responded to, in newspapers or magazines, or to send the ad to friends and relatives. The only way you’ll ever earn any money is if other people fall for the scam like you did, respond to your ad and pay the fee.Home assembly scams work pretty much the same way as envelope stuffing scams. This scam requires you to invest money in instructions and materials and many hours of your time to produce items such as baby booties, toy clowns, and plastic signs for a company that has promised to buy them.Once you have purchased the supplies and have done the work, the company often decides not to pay you because your work does not meet certain “standards.” You are then left with merchandise that is difficult or impossible to sell.If you have spent money and time on a work-at-home program and now believe the program may not be legitimate, contact the company and ask for a refund. Let company representatives know that you plan to notify officials about your experience. If you can’t resolve the dispute with the company, file a complaint with the following organizations:The Federal Trade Commission works for the consumer to prevent fraud and deception. Call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) or log on to: http://www.ftc.govAlso contact:* Your state’s Attorney General’s Office.* Your local consumer protection offices.* Your local Better Business Bureau.* Your local postmaster. The U.S. Postal Service investigates fraudulent mail practices.* The advertising manager of the publication that ran the ad. The manager may be interested to learn about the problems you’ve had with the company.

Work At Home Assembly Jobs Use Your Skills To Your Advantage

Work at home assembly can be a fun and profitable endeavor. Most of the companies offer such positions use the skills that you have acquired previously. Some will even teach you how to assemble their products with step-by-step guides and easy-to-follow directions. Many will send you the required parts at little or no cost. You will not have to do the selling, simply send the finished product back to them.Work at home assembly is part of the growing movement of work at home jobs. It is estimated that over 20 million people perform some type of work at home job, either full-time or part-time. Working at home definitely has advantages over outside employment. For parents of pre-school children, staying at home saves the expense of day care and other forms of babysitting. Parents of school-aged children can be home when they come home from school. Also, those with medically disabled members in their family can take care of their loved ones while working at the same time.Work at home assembly of products is part of the growing market in hand made items. Many companies that offer hand made items can’t supply enough workers to fill orders. Assemblers can make the products right out of their homes and usually for less cost than hiring workers. Also, machines can’t duplicate hand made work.Here are a few examples of work at home assembly products.o Picture frameso Doll house furnitureo Christmas tree ornamentso Hair barrettes and bowso Baby bibsWork at home assembly usually requires no investment of tools on your part. Most of the tools to make their products are ones most people already own.Tools such as a hot glue gun, screwdrivers, hammers, and a pair of scissors are all that is needed. Connectors such as nuts and bolts are provided along with at the other necessary parts. All you have to do is assemble the finished product.

Why Creating Profits are better than Earning Wages

Let me ask you a question.Of all the friends and family in your life, have you ever known any of them to become rich while earning a wage? Now there’s a chance you might be thinking of someone in sales who’s making six figures a year. But when it comes to sales, that’s a slightly different animal and I’ll tell you why in a moment.Wages, while they can pay for most of your expenses, have one drawback. They are always a fixed amount. Worse yet, the deductions that come off your check keep increasing while your wage stays the same. And if you do happen to ever get a raise, you could fall into a new tax bracket and actually take home less than before. It’s happened to a lot of people and isn’t very funny.Profits on the otherhand, offer more than a wage could ever hope to give you. The reason is simple. There’s no limit to how much profit you can make. That’s why wages can only earn you a living but profits will make you a fortune. It’s the reason why people in commissioned sales positions are different – they’re not restricted to a fixed wage. There’s no limit to how much they can make.The ways you can create profits for yourself are limitless. You can start part time doing anything you like. It can be training, consulting or tutoring. You could have a landscape business in the summer or shovel snow in the winter. A hobby such as painting, writing, computers or cooking can also earn you profits. It really doesn’t matter what it is as long as you enjoy doing it.How hard is it to make profits? It’s easier than you might think. For example, wouldn’t you like to learn:* How a 13 year old is making over $60,000 a year with her own company?* How a 15 & 18 year old get 10,000 hits a day selling chocolate from their website?* How an 8 year old launched a furniture business and made enough on profits to buy a substantial stock portfolio and a small cattle herd?It seems incredible but these are real kids, with real business, making real money that you can verify.Now think about it. You’re an adult. You’re a lot smarter than these kids. Yet they’re probably all making more money than you even while going to school everyday.The only difference is that you’re earning wages and they’re creating Profit.So if 13 years old kids can make over $60,000 a year in their own business, don’t you think you could too?

The Perfect Home Based Business: Freelance Writing

There are a number of different ways to make some extra money from home. Based on what you see on numerous web sites, you can earn money by stuffing envelopes, creating web sites or joining a multi level marketing program.And perhaps some people do make some money that way. But after over twenty years as a freelance writer, I can’t imagine a better way to work from home and earn a decent income.Here are my top 4 reasons why I think freelance writing is the perfect home based business…1. It costs you almost nothing to get started.If you are reading this, you already have a computer and an internet connection. And that’s pretty much all you need. Maybe some sheets of paper and envelopes from time to time.With freelance writing you can start earning right away and you don’t need to invest in any additional software or equipment. Your brain and a keyboard are all you need.If you have some background in commercial writing or copywriting, you really can get started right away. If not, you might want to invest in a good writing course to give you the skills and knowledge to do great work.2. You can adapt your work to your circumstances.Freelance writing is something you can do full-time or part-time.It is open to everyone, whether you are single and have all the time in the world, or have children and can only work for two or three hours after they go to bed, or while they are at school.Your age doesn’t matter, however young or old you are.Where you live doesn’t matter, whether you’re in a big city or out in the country somewhere.3. You can get started without giving up your day job.You don’t have to give up your job to get started. Plenty of professional commercial writers earn their salary and then do a little ‘moonlighting’ on the side. But even if you are employed in an unrelated profession, you can still do some writing when you’re not at work.4. A good economy or a bad economy. They are both good for freelance writers.When the economy is roaring, there is always plenty of work for good freelance writers. Companies have more writing work than they can handle with their own staff.But here is the magical part: even when the economy goes bad, and companies are laying off employees by the thousands, it’s still a good time for freelance writers. The more employees that companies let go, the more dependent they become on outsourcing their writing needs to freelancers.When times are bad, this is a wonderful position to be in. Nobody can fire you, and there is always some work out there.Concluding thoughts.If there is a better way to work from home and make good money, I haven’t come across it. Even if you don’t have any commercial writing experience right now, you can still learn and still start earning some extra money.

Residual Income – What It Is and Why You Need It

As you surf the net, you will come across a wide variety of business opportunities. Invariably, each one will claim to have the best compensation plan available and many will claim to offer “residual income”. However, a cursory examination of many of these pay plans will reveal that, although there may be a very real earning opportunity, it cannot truly be described as residual income.What exactly is residual income anyway? Simply put, residual income can be defined as any payment system where you receive regular, ongoing payments as a result of a single sale. The frequency of the payments may vary – they could be weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. – but they are regular and ongoing with no further selling activity once the initial sale has been made.Some potential residual income opportunities are listed below:
Telephone calls and line mobile porn rental
Mobile phone supply, line milf porn rental and calls.
Electricity supply.
Gas supply.
Web hosting supply.
Autoresponder supply (monthly rental).
Any software which is supplied based on a rental basis.
Property rental.
These are just a few examples, there are plenty more. Any product or service which is provided on a lease or rental agreement has the potential to provide you with residual income. Ideally, your customer will automatically renew each week/month without any requirement for action (effort) by either your or your customer.There may also be some scope for residual income with disposable or consumable products. In this case, the mechanics of the reorder process have a critical bearing upon your earning capabilities. For true residual income, the reorder process should be automatic as described above. This is not simply a matter of semantics or a pedantic definition. There are several reasons why you should target genuine residual income.Many people who set up their own small home business do so with the express intent of eventually replacing their salary. Due to the regular nature of the payments, residual income is ideal for this. In fact, it’s considerably better than having a salary as you continue to get paid for work that was done in the past.With genuine residual income, the automated reorder process means that you don’t have to spend time servicing and supporting your existing customers. You can focus your energies on finding new customers and/or recruiting new distributors/affiliates, thereby continually growing your business at the fastest possible rate.If your customer needs to take some action to reorder then, even with a consumable product that needs to be replenished periodically, there is a “break point” in the process. The customer may decide to economise and do without the product that month, they may decide to use one of your (many) competitors or they might just simply forget to order.With an automated reorder system on the other hand, your customer needs to make a positive effort not to reorder. It’s a well known fact that customers who pay for products and services by subscription are much more loyal and less likely to cancel. Even if they do decide to opt out they tend to delay this for longer than they would otherwise.Think about it for a moment. Have you ever kept a subscription running for longer than you intended, or do you know someone else who has? Perhaps you might even have some small but regular subscription running right now that you’ve completely forgotten about.That, of course, is the reason why many companies will give you a reduction in the standard rate if you set up a subscription agreement. Reader’s digest know the value of this. So do telephone companies, electricity companies, internet service providers and software providers around the world. Now you know about it too – take advantage if you possibly can.Finally – and let’s not kid ourselves here – many people don’t like selling. There are ways round this and it’s possible to minimise the discomfort some people feel – but it’s still there at some level for many of us.Picture the scene. You’ve just made a sale, you feel great and you’re already thinking about how you’re going to spend you hard earned money. Then it hits you – you’ve got to do it all again this afternoon, tomorrow, next week. Takes the gloss off a bit – right?Now think about a slightly different scenario. You’ve just made a sale. Your new customer has signed a repeat subscription agreement and you are going to benefit for months, if not years to come. Is that a better home movie? I think it is.There are other benefits of residual income but, for the sake of brevity, I hope that those already discussed above provide sufficient compulsion for you to actively seek out at least one residual income stream.To summarise, genuine residual income will help you maximise the returns on your efforts and build a solid, reliable and predictable income from your home business. You need it.

A Great Way To Start An Online Business

You want to start an online business,but you realize that you don’t have a product,a web site, or prior experience. You now ask yourself, where do I start? Start with affiliate programs.What is an affiliate program?An affiliate program is a program set up by a company that sells products or services. When you introduce new customers to the company you receive a cut of the profits,in other words a commission of the sales made.Some companies pay you for sending them leads.Others pay only when the visitor that you send them makes a purchase.How to join an affliate programMost of the time all you have to do is provide your contact information and agree to the company’s terms and conditions. Some companies will charge you a small fee to get started.If the company charges a fee to get started, make sure that they provide a toll free number so that you can speak to a live person for support and questions.5 Things to look for1. Find out how much the company pays their affiliates. It can be a flat rate or a percentage. If they are paying you a percentage then you may want to look at the price of their products to figure out how much you will make per sale.2. It is important to know how many levels or tiers the affiliate programs provide. Some programs are two tiers, three tiers,and some will go up to ten tiers. This simply means that if you refer another affiliate to the program you will earn a commission on the sales that they make.You want to go with a company that has at least a two tier program because this will allow you to earn residual income.3. Does the program provide you with your own web site;or a link for you to send visitors to? Many companies will provide you with a replica of their web site with your own sub-domain. When someone makes a purchase through your web site,the company knows who to send the commission to.If the company does not provide you with a web site they will provide you with your own link for you to send visitors to. These are the most common ways for the company to keep track of who sends them the visitor.4. Does the company pay you a commission on the future purchases of your referrals? Many companies will pay you for all the future purchases that your referrals make. If your referral purchased a subscription, you want to go with a company that pays you a commission for the monthly payments that your referrals make.5. The fifth thing to look for in an affiliate program is if they provide you with content. You want to join a company that provides you with banners,emails and text for you to add on to your web site.If you don’t have your own web site, you may want to join a company that provides you with tips and advice on how to promote their products or services.The advantagesStarting an online business with affiliate programs has many great advantages. You will never have to worry about buying or shipping products or dealing with any of the customer service since you are not selling your own product.Affiliate programs give most individuals plenty of time to concentrate on promoting the products that they are selling. If you do your research and marketing;and find an affiliate program that pays well,you will be very successful.

Start a Home Based Pet Business

A pet business opportunity may be for you if you like animals and are looking to own your own business. People everywhere have pets and there are so many aspects for business opportunities available that you can easily choose something you’re comfortable with.Pets are universal. Odds are, you have one or maybe more pets in your own home. For most people, their pets are a part of their family and are treated accordingly. Pet stores, boutiques, groomers, sitters, bakeries and specialty shops are booming businesses in this day and age. Many of these pet business opportunities could easily translate into a home based or small business for the willing entrepreneur.Pet sitting for example, is a pet business opportunity that can be done as a home based business. Many people who live in both rural and city environments look every year for someone to care for pets when they are away on vacation or business trips. People who live in apartment complexes look for someone to walk their dog everyday.Pet sitting can be started with a low investment. Getting your name and business known will be a large part of your expenses. Advertising in local publications is a good way to start and never under estimate the power of the web. More and more often people are turning to the Internet for local products and services. In some locations, you will have to be bonded, and it is a good idea to provide solid references and prior experience to your potential clients.On a larger scale, pet stores are cropping up everywhere you look. Although you will have a much larger overhead with a pet business opportunity of this kind, you may find the benefits more rewarding. Having a stable location and a potentially bigger advertising budget will aid in the attraction of customers.There are also many animal business opportunities that can be done online. Owning a virtual pet supply store for example, will cut back on your overhead if you are interested in opening a pet store without having to rent or buy a facility. Also, on the web, you can provide information regarding the different pets and different pet care that is required. This is a good way to enlist the trust of your clients.An unusual pet business opportunity that has become quite common is the animal boutique. People all over the world have dressed up their pooches and kitties in outfits ranging from prom dresses to biker vests. Don’t forget the reptiles and rodents that sport fancy collars and harnesses. This would be a specialized example of a pet store that can be done in the general public or online as well!Another prime example of a pet business opportunity that would translate easily from the public to the web would be the animal bakery. The public spends thousands of dollars every year on special treats and cookies for their beloved pets of all breeds. This would be a fun and satisfying endeavor for the chef or nutritionist too!Pet grooming is another alternative pet business opportunity that is widely popular today. Depending on what type of establishment you plan to start will depend on the educational investment you need to make. If you just want to bathe animals, you will not need much education on the different breeds. However, if you are looking to provide a more comprehensive business to a wide variety of breeds, you will need more information and possibly some professional training.Of course with any business, be it home based or out in the general public, you will need to research your legal requirements, such as taxes and licenses. Most cities and counties will have restrictions and applicable laws pertaining to pet businesses, so do your homework.If you are looking for a career change and already have pet experience, then the market is primed for you to enter into a pet business opportunity of your own. Even the novice pet owner can walk a dog. Animals are a permanent part of our culture and existence. There will always be a need for those with pet experience – even if that experience does not include buying sunglasses for your iguana!

How to Choose a Profitable Online Business

How to start an online business and which way is the fastest and easiest? One answer to consider is: Join an affiliate program. An affiliate program is a good start for your online business. So, what is an affiliate program and can we really make any money with them? Being an affiliate means that you sell someone else’s product and earn a commission when you do so. When you become an affiliate you are associating with the product or service you will be selling. Being an affiliate is simply a fancy Internet way of saying that you are going to be a commissioned salesperson. The advantages of the affiliate programs: – Other Company takes care of all the administrative problems- Other company take care of the credit card charges,theshipping, the inventory- Other company take care of the customer’s complain- You do not need to hire extra people- You do not need to create the products- You do not need to take time to set up website- You do not need to get a merchant account- You do not need to learn how to write the sale copy- and Much more benefit… Then what you will do is: – You just need to refer people to your affiliate links oran affiliate website and you get a nice hearty check everymonthly – Earn a percentage for every sale which you generate. Even earnyour residual income with good affiliate program. When you don’t have your own product or service to sell online,being an affiliate definitely is a great choice and fastest way to make money online. So what’s the secrets to choose a good affiliate program? 1. Quality Make a checklist of everything you want, find one or two good affiliate programs which meet your criteria. Then go for working with them. Ask yourself this question: is the product or service you are affiliating with something you would bring to your best friend? If not, you may want to keep looking. Remember that it will be your reputation on the line. The affiliate website must be able to turn visitors into buyers. If they do not convert visitors into sales, even you send them hundreds of visitors, you still will not make any money. If you are committed to quality, and only offer your people quality resources, your affiliate commissions alone can quite literally pay for the lifestyle of your dreams. 2. History Choose the affiliate program that is successful at what they do and have a proven history. Do not be excited to go to those affiliate in the pre-launch mood and you think you are the beginner, so you can earn tons of money? Wrong! It is risky sincere there is no proven history for that product in it’s market. Promote only those programs that have a good history and a good system ready to support you. 3. Preference Make sure the product being offered matches you. If you do not like the products, how can you promote it? You need to feel comfortable to promote the products. 4. Compensation Plan Check out the company’s compensation plan carefully. Find out whether you earn backend commissions. This means you get paid when someone you refer buys a second product. This is vitally important. People often buy two, three or more products from one site. You should earn commissions for every product they buy. Also find out whether you can earn renewal commissions? If you send someone to a site where they pay a monthly or quarterly fee, do you get paid every time or just once? You should get paid every time since it is your effort. 5. Support Most people don’t know, or have the time, to write ads and create banners or graphics. You should expect the program you join to provide these tools as well as some training on how to sell their products. If you cartoon porn cannot receive a response within 48 hours, you need consider no longer promoting that. If they do not support you effectively, how can they help you to make money successfully with their program? If you take the time to gather all this information before you jump into an affiliate program, you’ll find some good Affiliate Programs. Now let’s talk about what you should do for your your affiliate business? 6. Focus Focus on what you know at first. Once you learn how to promote it on the Internet successfully, then move on to different products. Never jump around, being distracted by other called “fancy” programs. You will waste a lot of money if you jump around too much. It is called an “MLM junkie” which are not recommended. 7. Persistency and Patience This is essential for your success. Rome is not built in one day. Look long term. Don’t give up too soon. It is true that you can make very good money with affiliate programs. But it is not automatic without putting effort.You must understand and master the process of marketing. And it’s not always quick. Just keep in mind that it may take a while to see a profit. You have to promote the program. One of the suggestions is that you’d better to have your own website for your business. You can find the affordable website builders from the business resource center at http://www.best-internet-businesses.com Many people on the net are making excellent incomes with affiliate programs. They just walked extra miles ahead of you. You can succeed too. There is no overnight success, and there is no magic method. If you do not have persistent patience, it is hard to succeed. Trust yourself. With the right program and right marketing tools, eventually you will earn a powerful income. You can be successful, you can be a winner, and you can accomplish your dream! Just do it, be it and go for it! With persistent patience you can create wealth regardless of your weakness. You can fight doubt with determination, and fight confusion with concentration. Never quit too soon before success! If you stick to above suggestions, you will be on the way for success on the net! Note: Feel free to publish it with the resource box and content unchanged

Top 10 Distinctions Between Building a Business and Creating Your Own Job

Many professionals and Small Office/Home Office owners don’t understand the distinction between building a business verses creating a job for themselves. While either route can be satisfying and fulfilling, it is important to choose the path you prefer. The “rules” and priorities are very different for each, as are the long-term results down the road. Many professionals believe they are creating one type of enterprise, but are actually creating the other. This can result in frustration and unexpected (and unpleasant) surprises when planning for retirement or other significant events.While the following distinctions are only tendencies and most business people use a mix of all these traits, this list may help:1. A business can be sold; your job ends when you retire. In creating a business you are creating an enterprise that has assets and a “life” of it’s own. Other people can buy it, run it, build it black porn up or merge it into their own enterprise. When you create a job for yourself, the enterprise is largely dependent on your being there ever day. You are the primary asset, and when you leave, the business has little inherent value.2. A Business markets its inventory; a Job markets your skills. A business has an inventory of something…books, tapes, a staff of consultants, something that can be counted and managed. A job markets your skills and your personality. You are the primary inventory or product that is sold.3. A Business has a relationship with it’s banker; a Job has a relationship with it’s clients. In building a business, you will typically need a line of credit, a merchant credit card account and other services from your bank. You’ll get to know you business banker on a first name basis. Creating a Job requires superb personal relationships with individual customers and clients. You probably know your clients better than your banker.4. Businesses develop formal accounting standards; Jobs are run out of a checkbook. In developing a business, other people (your banker?) will want to see accounting records and expect them to use standard accounting principles. In building a job, you want your paperwork to be minimal, simple, and invisible so it never interferes with your ability to serve your clients.5. Businesses develop policies and procedures; Jobs have standards and boundaries. As a business evolves it becomes more complex, requiring policies about personnel, vacations, retirement plans and so forth. A Job is largely about YOU. You have personal standards and boundaries that help you run your life, and your work is a reflection of that.6. A Business is likely to have a 5 year Plan; A job is more likely to have Goals. A Business Plan is likely to include a formal market analysis, demographics, product develop statements and marketing programs. A Job is more likely to have a goal of increasing income, a full practice, or writing a book in the coming year.7. A Business is more likely to be incorporated; a Job is more likely to be sole proprietorship. As a legal entity, a business is likely to have filed legal papers, set up a legal headquarters, and have a Board of Directors. Jobs are much more likely to be owned and operated by a single individual or a couple of partners, sometimes very informally.8. A Business is more likely about strategy; a Job is more likely about passion. People who enjoy creating a business tend to be analytical, calculating and precise in their decision process. People who prefer creating their own job tend to enjoy the freedom, the individuality, and have a love or vision about the work they can do as an individual. The different approaches are often obvious after even a brief conversation with the owners.9. A Business tends to require more financial investment; A Job may require little cash, but may require that you invest your whole heart. Creating an enterprise that will continue as a profitable business typically requires some initial cash investment. Creating a job may only require a phone number, a checking account and perhaps a fax machine.10. Businesses have vacation pay, Jobs don’t. This is the “acid test” in many cases. Businesses establish policies and have financial reserves for health insurance, vacations and retirement. Most small business operations that are actually more like Jobs have no formal provision for these things. If the owner goes on vacation, the income stops. Health insurance and retirement are the personal responsibility of the owner/operator.Knowing where you come out on these distinctions, and where you would like to be, can clarify many other business decisions. Do you want to hire employees? Should you incorporate? Can the business legally buy your car for you? These decisions can often be made more easily once you understand the distinctions between building a business verse creating a job you love.