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Dare To Be Different

The Internet is a huge world full of information of all kinds. We can learn anything we want from it.We can buy products and services of all types. We can shop from the comfort of our own homes. Many people read their daily news online rather than in the newspaper. Students can find facts about anything their research paper requires.That’s what the Internet is all about – information. It’s not called “The Information Highway” for nothing. What a world we live in today, huh?The Internet is also filled with netrepreneurs who want to build a business from home, but don’t always know where to start. They see people making money and know they can do it, too, but don’t know what product or service to offer their customers. They want something different or unusual.Then dare to be different! There’s nothing wrong with that.We don’t all have to write the next “best marketing ebook ever.” After all, how many of those can we read? They become repetitious after awhile.We don’t all know computer programming, so we can’t create the “latest and greatest marketing tools” that are sure to earn us millions.Find something that interests *you*, something you’re familiar with, something you’re an expert on. That’s the type of product or service you should offer.It doesn’t matter if you might only be one of three websites that offer it. Actually, it would be better, wouldn’t it? There would be less competition.Follow your heart and you’ll find your niche. Don’t be afraid to venture into something different than what everyone else is doing. It’s your dream, your business, your expertise. Just do it!

Making Your Money Work For You – And Not The Other Way Around!

Most people spend their entire lives working hard for someone else. What most people do not realize is that there is a better way. How about if instead of you working every day for your money, your money worked for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?This is the concept known as passive income. Passive income is just what the name implies. It is income that comes to you with no actual labor expended on your part.Once you understand the concept of passive income, you are well on your way to financial freedom. Of course, there are many ways to generate passive income and achieve your ultimate goal of financial freedom.You can use various real estate investment properties to purchase rental properties. The income you generate on these properties is a type of passive income. Likewise, the income generated on stocks, bonds and other investments can be classified as passive income.However, the best way to generate passive income, day in and day out, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is to start your own internet business. Using proven strategies, you will be amazed at the huge amount of passive income just waiting for you on the internet.The internet is truly your key to financial freedom, and it show you how to achieve the financial freedom you deserve. No one ever got rich working for someone else. Start on the road to financial freedom today.

Your Home Office – Stay Put or Move Out

Is it really your time to take that a leap and move from your home office to a commercial property?To help you answer this question, let’s take a step backwards for a moment and answer two other questions. Why do you want to move? Why is this move necessary?The first question is — why do you want to move? Sit down, grab some paper, and make a list. Put down as many reasons as you can think of. Put your list aside for a day or two and revisit it a few more times. You obviously have some of your reasons already or you would not be thinking about the possibility of a move.The second question is — why is this move necessary? For each reason, jot down a few notes on why each reason is valid. Let’s look at some of the more common reasons and discuss your rational behind each.Do you get a lot of clients coming to your home? Most of us do not have the luxury of a separate entrance for our office that keeps the clients from tramping through our messy house and down the hallway to our office that was once that spare bedroom.Can you arrange to use a meeting area at a shared office complex for a half day per week as a permanent off-site location in order to have a special time each week to meet with clients? It might even be better for some of your clients if they do not have to trek into the wilderness of suburbia each time they need to meet with you. You might even become more productive by limiting meetings to one or two specific days each week. Should you make the trip once in a while to visit your client instead?Is your reason that a commercial location would provide better visibility and this would lead to more clients? Perhaps? I just love questions that can be answered with “it all depends”. Outside of a retail store where out of sight is truly out of mind, most of your customers likely come from advertising and word of mouth anyway. When was the last time you hired a plumber to fix something? Did you drive done to the local mall and visit the plumber store or did you look in the phone book?Do you have employees coming to your home every day? If so, your probably already are in violation of most residential zoning regulations and need to move your business out. If employees come on a less frequent basis and do not cause a problem for your neighbors, then stay home.Do you feel the need to socialize more with humans that are not at the other end of a phone or via e-mail? That is a whole other issue. People are social animals by nature and need the company of others. Maybe working at home is not for you but more likely you need to get out more. Join some business associations or special interest groups where you can meet with other people on a regular basis. Your local chamber of commerce likely has some monthly programs. How about groups like Toastmasters? Find some non-work interests. Take a course. Just get out of the office for a while each week.Is the cost necessary? I recently read an interesting statistic. What it said “approximately” was that if you keep your car for ten years rather than trading into a new car every few year, you will end up with $500,000 more in the bank when you retire, even after accounting for the increased maintenance costs of the older car. This is a bit of an analogy to our home office but the reason most of us work is so that someday we can stop working. The less we spend on our day to day costs of running an office and the more we can sock away, the more savings we end up with and sooner we hit our goal to stop working.What else did you come up with? Look at your reasons. Look at your justifications for each reason. Does moving still make sense now? If so, start planning. If not, sit back, relax a bit, and think about the simple pleasures of being able to work where you live.Copyright © 2000 Brad Trupp

How to Avoid Getting Disastrously Dot-conned Online

…It is estimated that citizens in the U.S. alone are losing as much as $1,000,000 DAILY to Nigerian scammers! As someone doing your business on the Internet, this article will show you how to stay protected online from the newer variations and twists of the scams that can defraud even the most scam-conscious individuals…As an Internet user, have you received a letter, fax or e-mail asking you to help a Nigerian {or any other citizen who you previously don’t know} with a bank transaction – and offering you a chance to share millions of dollars?This is a typical Nigerian Scam which has been around for decades, but now it seems to have reached epidemic proportions with the use of the Internet.While some people recognize that this scheme, also known as the -419 Advanced Fee Scam,- sounds too good to be true, unfortunately thousands of other people, daily, keep being victimized by this fraud.It is not really their fault because daily these scammers keep coming up with newer twists and variations to the scams to defraud even the most scam conscious individuals.Many people engaged in doing business on the Internet are increasingly becoming victims of this notorious scam despite all the warnings about scams in general.*************How The Scam Works***************In the Nigerian scam, scam artists entice their victims into believing they have been singled out from the masses to share in multi-million dollar windfall profits.Typically, a company or individual receives an unsolicited letter, fax or email from a Nigerian claiming to be a senior civil servant.In the email, the Nigerian informs the recipient that he is seeking a reputable foreign company or individual into whose account he can deposit funds ranging from $10 to $60 million, which the Nigerian government supposedly overpaid on a procurement contract.In return, the recipient gets to keep a share of the millions.There are dozens of different variations of this email originating from several countries, all involving a plea for help and a promise to share the riches.But NOTE this clearly-It doesn’t matter what the story is…It doesn’t matter what country is mentioned…It doesn’t matter how true it looks….So far as you don’t know the person before and he or she is offering you such an ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ of gaining millions of dollars within a short time for doing absolutely nothing…Forget it…… every single one is just a scam!Laws passed in Nigeria outlaw the notorious Nigerian advanced-fee fraud letters. Victims of these scams have also included Nigerians… to show that not all Nigerians are involved in the scams.In short, these scams started in Nigeria and has led to thousands of Nigerians losing their entire fortunes to these scammers. Many have been known to commit suicide for losing all they own.Yes, even Nigerians themselves are victims!The scams are perpertuated by just a few bad eggs from among the millions of honest Nigerians worldwide.Such honest Nigerians have suffered in 2 ways from their few bad eggs in their midst.One- by losing millions to the scammers themselves, Two- by being blacklisted by other people worldwide.It is therefore important not to look at ‘Nigerians’ as the problem, but to look at the ‘scammers’ as the problem.*******The use of the Internet for the scams********Since April 1998, U.S. Postal Inspectors have seized and destroyed over 4 million Nigerian advance-fee fraud mails, resulting in an 80 percent decrease in the number of related complaints received by the Postal Service, law enforcement agencies, and consumer groups.But with the Internet, these scam artists are now using emails to trap unsuspecting people, especially those with email addresses and websites…… People doing their businesses on the Internet are more at danger of falling for these scams. These con artists do not target a single company or individual, but rather send out mass mailings, e-mails or faxes to as many people as possible.Even Nigerians receive dozens of such emails on a daily basis… many still fall for the tricks.The goal of the scammer is to delude the target into thinking he or she is being included in a very lucrative, although questionable, arrangement.*********Some Characteristics of the Scam***********
An urgent email from an alleged Nigerian government official offers to transfer millions of dollars in “over- invoiced contract funds” into the victim’s bank account.

The victim is asked to provide blank company letterhead, bank account information, and telephone and fax numbers.

The confidentiality of the transactions is emphasized.

Numerous documents with official looking stamps, seals, and logos appear to suggest the authenticity of the proposal.

Up-front or advance fees are requested for various taxes, attorney fees, transaction fees, or black porn bribes.

Travel to overseas locations mobile porn is encouraged to complete the transaction.

Imposters posing as real occupants or officials may use offices in legitimate government buildings in Nigeria to meet with the potential victims.

A problem with the transaction is staged, and the victim is urged to provide a large sum of money to save the venture.

It is easy to fall victim to this scam. Sometimes, it is impossible to tell a legitimate deal from an outright scam, especially if you do not seek outside help.*********How to protect yourself************
Learn how to avoid the bad deals by educating yourself and following some basic, common sense principles as outlined in ebooks like http://www.nigerianscambuster.com

Always keep your private information private. Do not give your financial account numbers to strangers or companies with which you are not familiar. A scam artist can use this information to steal money from you just as easily as mugging you at gunpoint or in a darkened alley.

Avoid being the next victim – if you receive an offer in the mail or via fax that sounds too good to be true – throw it away!

If you get an email offer – delete it …DO NOT RESPOND!
Don’t be of the opinion that the name ‘Nigeria’ must be mentioned before you are convinced it is a Nigerian Scam. These days, the sophisticated ones no longer mention the name- Nigeria. Also, other local criminals from other countries are now using the same tactics to dupe their own people.

Learn all you can about the scam so as to avoid falling for the newer variations and twists of the scams.

Better still, visit http://www.nigerianscambuster.com so that you will be entitled to the bi-monthly newsletter which will keep you continually updated on the latest moves and tricks of these Nigerian scammers in particular and other Internet related scams in general.Remember, it is a wild wild west out there… scammers are having a field day at YOUR expense.Don’t let them!

Part 3 of 5 – How “Pipe Dreams” Can Become Realities!

DO YOU HAVE THE POTENTIAL?Within you is the power to accomplish anything you want. But it will not happen if you are not tuned into your true desires. Don’t fool yourself into compromising for less than a complete goal. If you want to be an artist, you may not be the world’s most famous artist, but if you have that inclination, you will be an artist. If you want to succeed in business, you may not be another financier/mega-millionaire, but you will succeed in your endeavors.Most people need accomplishment feedback. After all, what’s so great about achieving something if nobody cares? And it’s important to receive that recognition and feel that love.Set goals that you can achieve. Divide them into little tidbits that you can accomplish every day, every month, every year. Set your goals for success.Then reap the rewards constantly – each step of the way. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, then move on. Start immediately to accomplish the goals you have set. In fact, give yourself a task that you can finish by tomorrow. Think of yourself as a success in your endeavors. Dwell on the idea that you are compelled to accomplish your goals, and live and breathe them until you have them.Can you see yourself a year from now, having achieved a few goals? Can you make the decision and commitment to become successful in your desires? Then you have the potential to accomplish anything you want.THE POWER OF SELF-IMAGEVisualizing yourself as a success in your field of endeavor is the inside tip in accomplishing anything you want. If you can specifically imagine being the person you want to become, you will attain that reality.Forgive yourself. Just as you would another person, tell yourself that it’s okay for all those mistakes, or the should-haves that keep popping up in your mind. Don’t dwell on the past and get blocked by events from long ago.Let go of fears and anxieties. Although it certainly is easier said than done, learn to change negative thoughts into a positive action. Are you afraid of poverty – that you’ll never make ends meet, or never buy that house, or be destitute once you stop working? Then turn that into the positive goal of financial security.Do people make you anxious? Maybe you feel inferior, not as good as others. Everybody has feelings of inadequacy. Just turn them around into positive goals. You may be paralyzed by the thoughts that you are unattractive. It is your thoughts that make it a reality. Change your modes of behavior and you will make friends. In most cases, it is your own negative thoughts that cause you to stay stuck in whatever place you’re in. Keep moving. Take the risks. You may need to change your job, or move to another city. You might take up a sport or hobby. Become active in your life – participate. And you will grow into the image you see for yourself.SUCCESS IN BUSINESSPerhaps the most sought-after goal in our present society is success in business. Whether you want to be promoted into high paying management positions, or wish to start your own independent enterprise, knowledge of the business world is important.As you plan a course of action towards accomplishing your goal, keep in mind the small goals that put you closer to the end. And be prepared to change often. You may need to change companies, or take the opportunities in other departments as those positions open.Create an aura of success around you. People who are successful dress that way. Even if you’re not in a high-income bracket, act as though you have already achieved – without being egotistical or overspending.Develop an expertise in an area. Don’t keep special information to yourself, but be quick to learn all there is about your position and the tasks surrounding getting that job done. Capitalize on your strengths, and let others help you develop your weaknesses into assets.Get to know the people in the company and the people in the industry. Read all the trade journals and magazines relating to your company. Make appointments with people who are successful in your field and learn from them.You need to have a total commitment to succeed in business. Most people who make it to the executive boardroom put in long hours, often at the sacrifice of everything else. Regardless of the physical effort involved, you must mentally be engrossed in your business and the company enterprises.In order to help yourself develop fully, you might seek a mentor, someone who will offer you time and teach you the ropes. This person usually is someone who believes in your ability, someone who you can develop a mutually beneficial business relationship with.Some people become friendly with all their co-workers and find that is a way to advance. But don’t try to be extroverted if it’s not real to you. Most people who successfully run their own businesses are individuals who like to work alone.As you increase your activities and accomplishments, you increase your potential to reach higher. The more you achieve, the more confidence you develop to achieve more. You don’t have to be the same as everyone else and fit like a vegetable in a patch. Be unique, different. Capitalize on your own self-image. Don’t fall victim to self-consciousness. And trust your intuition. Hunches and inner feelings usually are the best route to travel, regardless of what seems to be the logical choice.Make decisions quickly and with firmness. A true leader will handle these responsibilities efficiently. That’s what makes you different and why you’ll rise to the top. Be persistent in attaining your goals, but be open and sincere.If you are having personal difficulties with any co-workers, try to know more about these people from a personal angle. Be interested in them and their accomplishments and goals. You might be able to turn opposition into friendship.Above all, use your integrity. If the goal is not worthy of your inner desires, it will be hard to attain. If your methods are not sincere, you will receive opposition. If your actions are not honest, you will suffer the consequences. Turn all negative qualities into positive aspects – then watch yourself achieve.Part 3 of 5 – How “Pipe Dreams” Can Become Realities!© 2004, Jon Kogan, All Rights Reserved.Jon KoganEDITOR – Home Business Breakthroughs Ezine[http://www.zivomarketing.com]Helping People Help ThemselvesF-R-E-E Home Business Breakthroughs Email Newslettermailto:subscribe@zivomarketing.comWould you like to make money online, but don’t know where to start?…You are not alone and here’s a solution just for you: [http://www.zivomarketing.com/guide]

Work from Home

So you want to work from home. First you need to determine your expenses. You’ll have household expenses, insurance, car, loans, food, clothes, and luxuries such as vacations and hobbies. On the positive side, you can look at how much you’re saving if you work from home. You can save on childcare(if you have children), car expenses such as gas and upkeep, office clothes and other personal appearance items, lunches, eating out for business or because you’re too tired to cook, and other expenses that you incur in the work world.If you really want to work at home, you can cut back on certain things to make up for temporary lost income until you get your business going. Get books from the library instead of buying them. If you’re home, you have more time to look for bargains and do your own repairs and cleaning instead of hiring other people to do them. You can look for sales in the newspaper and cut coupons. If you go into working at home with a realistic idea of your financial situation, you can make it work(pun intended).If the idea of working alone scares you or you’re just an extroverted person, you can team up with another person or people in a business. For example, stay-at-home mothers could team up. Think about who you want to work from home with. You have to think about if their personalities mesh with you. Do you have similar work ethics? There has to be trust. How would the partner react to setbacks? Do they solve the problems or do they get emotional? Also make sure there will be fun in the relationship.Now you’ve decided you want to work from home, and you’re either working alone or with others. Now you have to decide if you need a business name if there’s no company already involved.Some products scream out to be named more than others. A freelance writer wouldn’t need a business name as much as someone who sold food. The name should be relevant to your business, apart from the competition, easy to remember, pronounce, and spell.Your name should grab your ideal customers. To get ideas, you can surf the milf porn Internet, ask those around you for suggestions, and read materials in the field. Be careful not to choose a name close to a competitor or any company. These names are trademarked and can’t be used by others. Look up your name idea on the Internet to see if it’s taken by anyone else.If you’re going to have a website, you’d want your business name and website address to be the same. You can go to the county clerk’s office and see if there’s another business with your name idea. With matters of finances, employees, and business title settled, your home business should be a go.

Networking Cliches and How to Avoid Them

It’s been a long time since shoulder-padded yuppies “worked the room” with their slick business cards. And we’re all glad that those days are over. Today networking is a much more relaxed and informal way of meeting new contacts and friends, learning about what makes other people tick and investigating to see if you’ve got common ground, whether that is a business referral or the name of a fantastic osteopath who “fixes shoulders”.Today conversation at a networking event is just as likely to be about the latest bestseller or celebrity scandal as it is about work. It’s about connecting as people and finding out if you would like to do business with each other. And if not business, then you may be just as likely to offer business advice or the name of a good printer who can make your brochures look divine.To some extent the pressure is off. But there are still people out there who just aren’t comfortable with networking, yet. Or those who make it uncomfortable for others.We’ve put together a list of some of the common faces you may see at a networking group. In fact, you may even be a little like one or two of them. But, just like any good networking host, our aim is to help, so we’ve also pointed out ways to avoid succumbing to the common mistakes. Hopefully they will help you enjoy and make the most out of your networking.Nervous NewbieThis poor lad is out for the first time, having read that networking is the thing to do. He has a plastic carton of brand new business cards palmed in one hand and a nerve-strengthening drink in the other. He’s not quite sure how to join in so hangs around nervously on the edge of a group that seems to be having a thoroughly good conversation. Unfortunately, he’s just out of earshot so he doesn’t know what it’s about and misses the signals, laughing about three seconds after everyone else.Advice for cartoon porn NewbiesThere’s nothing wrong with being nervous. In fact walking up to a two or three people and announcing that it’s your first time here and would they mind if you come and say hello is a great (and honest) way to break the ice. Keep the business cards handy – one pocket for yours and one for those you collect. Finally, watch the booze!Party PeopleParty people look like they are having fun. Darn it, they are having fun. They’re laughing with their mates, getting stuck into the nibbles (they’re the first to the table) and lean forward to have conversations so obscure that no one else knows what they’re on about. But watch a party person closely and you’ll see that they hardly move from the same spot all night and they rarely talk to anyone new. What’s the point? They could be out having a fantastic meal together and avoiding the lukewarm wine and dry canapés!Advice for party people:Spending time with your friends isn’t a bad thing. If it gets you out of the office it’s a great motivator. But make the effort to mix. Tell your mates that you’re off for half an hour to meet some new people and that you’ll see them later. You’ll get both your networking and socialising done at the same time.Tunnel Vision Talkers.A tunnel vision talker has never heard of the idea that networking is an exchange. Instead a tunnel vision talker moves straight from “hello my name is” to sales patter, regardless of whether you’ve expressed an interest or not. They don’t seem to notice the subtle signs that people aren’t interested (eyes glazing over, snoring, people downing their drinks in one so that they’ve got an excuse to go to the bar) and sadly never quite understand why their networking attempts never result in any success.Advice for Tunnel Vision Talkers.Forget all the trendy talk about elevator pitches and 60 second summaries – just for the moment – and practice listening to others and asking about what they do. Learn some body language – watch other people having conversations and notice the subtle signs that show when they are interested, and when they are not. Do it right and you’ll be such a great listener that people will become genuinely interested in what you do.Moaning MembersEvery group has one of these. It’s the person who always complains (loudly) about coming along (“I’m not convinced it’s worth the fee/I never get any business or contacts out of this/ I feel networking is just a waste of time) and then they wonder why everyone tries their best to avoid standing next to them. Sometimes moaning members come across other moaning members and the whole thing turns into a bit of a moaning clique.Advice for Moaning MembersWe all have our reasons to moan, especially when business is going through a bit of a quiet phase, but whining will do nothing for your credibility or popularity rating. Stick a smile on your face and get on with it. Or stay at home until you’re in a better mood.If you share any traits with any of our stars we’ve hopefully given you a few ideas that will polish and hone your networking. And, if you ever spot our Nervous Newbie at a future event do go over and break the ice.

Perserverance For Home Business Success

What is required to be successful in your home business? Before we can answer, you must understand what “success” means and what common characteristics successful people have. If you are reading this article, you probably want to be successful and possess a strong sense of perseverance which will pay off in achieving your dreams. The truth is that only a small percentage of people will ever achieve their full potential, and those who do are the ones who persevere toward their goals.Success isn’t something you chase. It’s something you have to put forth the effort for constantly. Then maybe it’ll come when you least expect it. Most people don’t understand that. — Michael JordanSuccess is generally looked upon as achieving favorable results and gaining wealth and/or fame, but you must realize that success is different for each individual. For some, a yearly income of a few thousand dollars would be a success, but for another individual it may be several hundred thousand dollars. Whatever your definition of success is, there are several personal characteristics that are common denominators among successful people.Goals are an important factor in realizing success. Without goals that are realistic, how can you know when your success level has been reached? Successful people set goals for their home business, and perseverance of these goals pays off. Goals should be specific, realistic, measurable, time related and attainable. Your goals can be changed as often as necessary until you reach your ultimate goal, and it will happen if you persevere. Completing your tasks one at a time and then moving on makes the task easier and you can see immediate results.If you want your home business to be successful, the following facts, tips and words of encouragement can help you achieve your dreams if you try hard and understand that “perseverance pays off” when starting your home business.1. Here are some facts about a well-known man who realized that perseverance pays off by overcoming the odds and finally achieving his goals: Beginning at age 31 up until age 60, this man failed in business twice, was defeated in legislative races twice, survived the death of a sweetheart, suffered a nervous breakdown, lost three congressional races, lost two senatorial races, one vice presidential race and was finally elected President of the United States at age 60. That man was Abraham Lincoln. His fighting spirit epitomizes the word perseverance!”If all else fails perserverance prevails”–UnknownThe first step toward attaining success is understanding how to persevere and acquire some of the traits that successful people share.2. Passion – Successful people have a driving force that pushes them forward and sets them apart. They have a desire and energy that drives them to reach their potential, which is an inherent part of their personality. This particular trait can be learned and acquired if you weren’t born with it. They keep their goals in mind 24 hours a day. The passion within these individuals is deeply rooted and will sustain them through the hard times so they can reach their objectives. Failure is not an option.3. Belief – Most successful people will tell you that you can succeed if you think you can and are willing to work toward that success, but to do so you must have realistic goals and believe in yourself. Even in the face of adversity, you must persevere and continually strive to accomplish each task on your way to success.4. Strategy – A good strategy, or game plan, can make or break you. You should have a workable strategy that will give your projects direction and that point you to success. Designing a good strategy will help you achieve your objectives and overcome all obstacles along the way.5. Energy – Without the vitality, enthusiasm and perseverance to be a mover and shaker, it will be very hard for your home business to succeed. Success is a by-product of mental, physical and spiritual energy that urges us on toward achieving our goal. You can if you think you can!”There are but two roads that lead to an important goal and to the doing of great things: strength and perseverance. Strength is the lot of but a few privileged men; but austere perseverance, harsh and continuous, may be employed by the smallest of us and rarely fails of its purpose, for its silent power grows irresistibly greater with time.” — GoetheCopyright © Ian Canaway(Feel free to use this article online and in your email newsletters as long as you leave it intact and do not alter it in anyway. The by-line and resource box must remain in the article.)

How To Stay Motivated When Business Is Slow

Let’s say you get sick of the rat race, and decide to start your own business. You do your research and set up the business. now the only problem is that orders are not coming as quick as you would like, and you begin to wonder if you made the right choice. You begin to have doubts. here’s what I have found that can help you through the tough times when you have what social scientist refer to as “critical days.”STAY FOCUSED…..Several years ago I was affiliated with a network marketing company. The company name isn’t important, however, what they taught, is. I would go to the meetings, and listen to the them “preach the gospel.” One thing that I learned was that if a person’s fear of failure is greater than their desire to succeed, then they will fail.Think about why you decided to start your own business in the first place. Maybe you felt overworked and underpaid. Maybe you felt unappreciated and just had enough. Maybe you just want to be rich. Whatever the reason, it was strong enough for you to make a decision. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize.WATCH THE COMPANY YOU KEEP…..I also learned that there are several people known as “dream destroyers” that can kill your enthusiasm and take your dreams away from you. When I was younger, my parents gave me 1000 reasons why I shouldn’t get involved in a business. They told me everything that could go wrong.What they should have done was tell me what could go right as well. People are scared of the unknown and when they see you doing things that they themselves can’t, or are not doing, they try to dissuade you.Look at the people around you. If they are not living the lifestyle that you would like to live,then they are no authority. PERIOD! If your uncle comes to you and tells you that he knew someone once who tried something like that 20 years ago, don’t let it get to you, remember that YOU are in charge of your destiny!!!DREAM-BUILDING and VISUALIZATION…..My sponsor is a wise man. This is part of why we are still friends today, even though our business relationship is over. He taught me that in order to really stay focused , we sometime have to find something that we want and “hold out the carrot in front of us”. For me, that carrot was car. Mercedes 500 S-CLASS. What he had me do was use my mind and visualize the car I wanted, the exact color, the model, the interior, the stereo system, everything. He would then take me to the car dealer and show me exactly what I had visualized.”Sit in it,” he would say. While I sat in this car and drooled all over myself, he went and talked to the dealer.He came back and with a straight face, handed me the keys and told me not to drive so fast.I almost had a heart attack. I mean I was 20 years old behind the wheel of a $100,000 car, I almost fainted. We drove it on the highway for about an hour.I got it up to 90MPH. Then he said “Time to go back”. Dream-build, It’s a really great motivator.GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT……Without a doubt, patience is on of the most difficult things for any Entrepreneur to learn. We want it when we want it, and that’s it. Even though we have heard that most businesses take five to six years to turn a profit,we think that shouldn’t apply to us. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your business. Be patient. Let your eyes be equal to your stomach.I find that the older I get, the easier it is to be patient. Take George Clooney. George Clooney was on well over twelve T.V. shows before he got E.R. Whoever said that patience is a virtue was right.

Your Window Washing Business Can Be A Boon Or A Bust – It’s All Up To Your Marketing!

In the window washing business, it’s all about marketing. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that in order to be successful in this business, you need to be an expert with a squeegee. I’m sure there were window washers out there who could run circles around me when it came to knowing all these different squeegee techniques, but…I had many more customers. And that’s what matters!So today we’re going to talk about getting customers!Business owners (not just window washers) who get into business, think that a simple yellow page ad or a sign in front of their business will generate “buzz” and make ‘em successful. Um…notquite.The problem here is these new business owners get so excited about their business that they think everyone else will be just as excited. The reality is quite different.I was guilty of this also when I was younger. If I opened up a business that I just knew was a great business, I had visions of people just flocking in the doors or calling me non-stop.I laugh about this now, but here’s a funny story relating to exactly what I’m talking about.Many years ago, I flew up to Denver, Colorado and bought a mobile oil change van. Before I left on my trip, I secured a business phone number with the phone company so I could tell the folks in Colorado what my business number was and they could letter the van with this information (along with company name, etc).Anyway, to make a long story a little longer, I got to Colorado, received some training, and drove back to Florida all excited about my business. Man, I just knew that this was it. I meaneveryone needs an oil change, right?I literally had visions that as soon as I crossed the Georgia/Florida border, people would see my phone number on the van and run to their phone to call me for an oil change.As a matter of fact, right when I got in my hometown I stopped at a gas station to use the payphone and check out all the messages on my answering machine. I really expected about a dozen calls. Imagine my surprise when there were zero calls. What a bummer!Now let’s transfer the above information and relate it to the window washing business.Everyone needs an oil change and I still had to take a very proactive direct marketing approach bringing my message directly to the public. The yellow pages and my signage on the van didn’t cut the mustard.But what makes marketing in the window cleaning business even a little harder is that everyone does not need their windows cleaned. As a matter of fact, windows are generally at the bottom of a person’s “to do” or “to get done” list.So you have to be a whole lot more proactive, focused, AND smarter when advertising and marketing to window washing prospects.A good example of this is when I first got started in the window washing business. I had 1,000 flyers placed in a general publication newspaper. I received no calls. None!The reason is very simple, although I didn’t know it at the time…and that reason is because I was trying to advertise my services to too broad of a market.The target market of prospects that window washers need to approach are the upper income folks-business owners, doctors, lawyers, executives, etc. And retirees also make great window washing prospects.The regular Ma and Pa six-packs of the world need not apply. Those types of people (with rare exceptions) traditionally won’t pay for a professional to clean their windows. They need a high school kid with a bucket and a squeegee.When I realized this, I then hired a graphic designer to design some postcards, flyers, and ads. We had to test, redesign, and test some more before hitting on the correct formula, but once wedid, I then proceeded to target the people who would buy my services, and voila! The phone started ringing and customers were lining up for my services.There are numerous other ways to market, and I talk about them all within my manual How to Start Your Own Residential Window Washing Business, but one more technique is to align yourself with other service business owners like carpet cleaners, pressure washers, blind cleaners, etc.I’d be in a customer’s house and the homeowner would ask me if I knew of a good carpet cleaner. And visa versa…the carpet cleaner would get asked if they knew of a good window washer. Wesupported each other. I literally had my own private army of people and businesses promoting my window washing services for me.So…whatever you do, don’t just get a magnetic sign, place a little yellow page ad in the phone book, or perhaps run a little 3 or 4 line ad in the local Pennysaver, and wait for the phone toring. You’ll be extremely disappointed if you do.Knowing your target market and attacking that market with a proactive approach using multiple marketing techniques will get you a large number of customers and directly affect your income in a positive way.So…what are you waiting for? Go get ‘em.Regards,